Trust Me

"Citizens of the ark. Reaping day has come again. The day where we send 24 of our juvinile delinquents down to Earth to fight to the death until a soul victor remains. This victor will be pardoned of all their crimes and be free to live among the rest of us for as long as they shall live. The lucky 24 who are sent down will be faced with the challenges not only poised by eachother. But by the Earth itself, and its inhabitants that have made it impossible for us to go down ourselves."


4. Chapter 4

Before anyone had time to react, Murphy had pounced on his next target, dragging him down to the floor before slashing at him with the knife. Whilst everyone else was running screaming from the bloodbath unfolding in front of them, Clarke couldn't seem to move her feet from the spot they were grounded in. She stared at the dead bodies with an open mouth, it wasn't the blood that scared her, but the thought that that would be her soon was almost to much for her concience to bare. Suddenly a hand wrapped tightly around her bicep.

“Clarke we have to go! Now!” The person yelled, tugging at her arm. Reluctantly Clarke allowed herself to be pulled stumbling away from the crime scene, the person in front of her who pulled her away had long black hair that fell almost to his shoulders, like her he was wearing a dark blue flight jacket and he ran with a sense of urgency about him.

Clarke followed him willingly, tripping over fallen branches and dodging trees for at least 10 minutes before suddenly, they stopped. Sweat dripping down their foreheads and binding their clothes to their bodies. As she felt herself go weak at the knees and dizzy with fatigue, the boy she was following was quick to pull himself up a tree whilst Clarke took this opportunity to sit down on a fallen tree to catch her breath and open her bag hoping to god there was water in there. Tipping the contents of the bag onto the floor, Clarke watched as a strong rope, a small dagger, a thin blanket and a small flask of something fell to the floor. Reaching for the flask, Clarke unscrewed the cap and raised it to her mouth before sharply pulling it away. The stong smell of Vodka entered her nostrils causing her to pull away from its odour. Sighing, Clarke was forced to take a small sip to quench her thirst before pulling a sour face and shoving everything back in the pack.

“Heads up!” The boy from the tree yelled before two round objects fell to the ground. Clarke jumped as the boy followed suit, landing on the grass with a thud. This was the first time she had seen him from the front. His dark green eyes contrasted his black hair which framed his face in a side parting, his tan skin glistened with sweat from all the running they just did.
“You're Finn Collins” Clarke asked in realisation. She hadn't seen Finn in a long time, and even then they were far from friends. He was always the kid in the back of the class that made everyone laugh, even when the ark was in hard times.

Flash Back
Clarke gave up. She couldn't do it anymore. She let her head slam down against the desk like everyone else's in the class. Clarke always wanted to learn and was never bored, but since the water supply got contaminated, it had been almost two days since anyone had drunken anything, and the effects were getting to everyone. The teacher stood at the board, her eyes closing as she weakly talked about the history of human kind.

I win” a voice scoffed next to her. Clarke rolled her head to the side to see a boy sitting upright in his chair with his arms folded.

What?” Clarke croaked.

I'm the only one who hasn't collapsed to the desk yet, therefore I win” The boy laughed weakly. Clarke cracked a smile, quickly losing the energy to maintain it.
“Hey” The boy said. “What did the sink say to the pot of boiling water?” Clarke looked at him blankly “you will be mist” the boy finished, laughing tiredly. Clarke held her smile this time, appreciating the fact that in such negative situations, some people manage to find a positive.

End of Flash back

“yeah, and your Clarke Griffin. You were in my class before, well you know” he said tossing her an apple. Clarke laughed nervously before rolling the apple around in her hands. It wasn't until Finn had taken a large bite of his and sat next to her that he realised she hadn't touched hers.

“Its not poisonousness you know” he grinned with his mouth full.
“I know” Clarke sighed “We've never had Earth grown food before. Besides after all the radiation down here who knows what could have contaminated this”

“Well you can either eat it or starve to death. You're choice” Finn said before flinging the core of his apple further into the forest. “Anyway what were you in for?” he sniffed, trying to break the silence with conversation.

“Keeping a secret” Clarke smiled slyly before finishing off her apple and throwing it to join his. “Well, my dad's secret. He got floated, my mum got off free and I ended up rotting in a cell until today. What about you?”

“Um, going on an illegal spacewalk” Finn shifted, averting his eyes. “Stupid really, I don't even like space. The whole idea of something going wrong and you're just left floating in an abyss of nothingness, well its enough to keep anyone up.”

Clarke wanted to press further but Finn managed to change the subject before she could.
“Its getting late, we should probably head off” Finn muttered, picking up his pack and wrapping it around his shoulders.

Clarke followed in silence, keeping her eyes fixed to the heals of his boots. Why would someone who hated space so much go on a space walk? And why would they want to do it so badly they were willing to do it illegally and risk arrest and death for it?

The pair continued walking until they reached a small lake, Clarke went to switch the alcohol in her container with the water, before realising that the water would have to be purified first.

Whats in your pack?” She said as they settled by the bank. Swinging it over his shoulder, Finn rummaged around and started to pull things out.
“Um, a spare jacket, some medicine, an empty water canister, and whatever the hell this is” The object was quite small, with a thick black rectangle at the base, and connected to the other end was a clear pen-shaped rod. Clarke raised her eyebrows as she compared her bag to his, and she thought she picked the short straw.

Thanks a lot guys” Finn scoffed at the sky. “maybe I'll heal someone to death”
“Oh my god Finn!” Clarke yelled as she pulled the unidentified object out of his hand. “This is a UV purifier!” She paused as Finn gave her a lost stare. Sighing, she continued.
stick the clear, pen like bit of it into the water, wait for the light on the side of the pen to turn green, and then stir the pen around in the water until the light turns off. The UV rays kill any bacteria living in the water so that your water becomes safe to drink, I mean it doesn’t filter out the now deceased bacteria, but despite their continued presence in your water, they are not dangerous anymore! We can drink water!

Before he had time to react, Clarke grabbed the canister from his bag and rushed to the lakeside, filling the bottle with water, she impatiently held the devise inside, waiting for the light to turn off. The second it did, she raised the bottle to her lips and downed it in one go. Finn approached her and grabbed the bottle ready to repeat the procedure. Once her hands were free, Clarke ran back and pulled the flask of Vodka from her bag and brought it down to the river to empty, however the second she unscrewed the cap, Finns hand grabbed her wrist before she could pour the first drop into the water.

What are you doing!” She yelled. “We have to keep moving and we don't know where the next water source will be! We need to save as much water now as we can”

Despite her struggles, Finn kept the grip on her forearm and stared her dead in the eye.
“We don't know how hard this is going to get” He whispered. “and when it becomes to much to bare, water isn't going to get our mind off of things.” He waited for Clarke to give a small nod before slowly releasing his grip, and refilling the water bottle.

Neither of them said another word that night, they lay side by side and fell asleep to the sound of eachothers rumbling stomaches. Clarke often forgot where she was, or what she was here to do. The whole situation was so surreal that it didnt have time to sink in, she didnt know if she was going to die, she didnt know when she was going to die. But she did know that from now on every time she closed her eyes, she would see that first boy drop to the ground, blood running from his open neck. It may have been her first witness to murder, but it for sure wouldnt be her last.

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