Trust Me

"Citizens of the ark. Reaping day has come again. The day where we send 24 of our juvinile delinquents down to Earth to fight to the death until a soul victor remains. This victor will be pardoned of all their crimes and be free to live among the rest of us for as long as they shall live. The lucky 24 who are sent down will be faced with the challenges not only poised by eachother. But by the Earth itself, and its inhabitants that have made it impossible for us to go down ourselves."


3. Chapter 3

 “Okay! Okay” The guard yelled, doing everything he could to fulfil his duty in protecting the chancellor. “You can go”.

Bellamy grinned as he slowly unwrapped his arm from around Jaha's neck and pushed him forwards before walking to stand next to his sister. Clarke was speechless as she watched any chance of her surviving the next few weeks disappeared in front of her. Being on the ground with that....psychopath would surely result in a brutal and bloody death. Within a few seconds the hall was evacuated and 24 guards stepped on stage, taking each delinquent by the arm. Clarke flinched slightly at the sudden touch. Having been in solitary confinement for the past year, human contact had become alien to her, and apparently to a lot of the other delinquents.

“Save it for the ground sweetheart” her guard smirked, tightening his grip on her upper arm. “You'll have plenty of time to fight and struggle on Earth”

Clarke gave in to his grasp and allowed herself to be pulled down a corridor leading of the hall that she had never seen before. The corridor was narrow with 12 doors on either side. Judging by the width of the gap between each wall none of the rooms behind them were very large. The walls seemed to be made of rusting steal, the corners turned orange with age, apart from the wall at the end of the corridor. That wall was black with a large, heavy looking handle on it. Clarke wanted to investigate further but before she knew it she was shoved into one of the rooms, the door closing sharply behind her.

“Get dressed” The guard ordered through the paper thin wall before smirking through the window on the door. “Or I'll have to do it for you”

Clarke felt her cheeks burn red with embarrassment as she realised what he meant. Making sure to keep her back to the door at all times, she walked across to the small stool that sat opposite her. The room couldn't be any bigger than an ordinary dressing room, except there were no mirrors, and the only outfit hanging up had been chosen for her. Next to the outfit was a small black rucksack that seemed to hold some sort of appliances or aid for the ground, but Clarke really wanted to get dressed before that guard came back. Reaching out, Clarke took a proper look at the clothes, studying them before pulling them off the hanger. The clothes were thin, all she had for warmth was a grey long sleeved shirt, a flight jacket and some black trousers (basically what she wore in episode 1). They weren't much, but it had been a darn long time since she had seen anything nicer than her grey prison issued trousers and top.

Clarke had barely fastened the last buckle on her combat boots before the door was flung open and that creep of a guard walked back in.

“Stand” he grumbled pulling out a truncheon like object from his belt, Clarke was about to ask what it was for, but her answer was quickly answered as he quickly swiped it over her body before muttering into his walkie that she had 'no concealed weapons'.

The guard took her by the arm once again, pulling her out of the door, leaving her little time to grab the bag that may determine if she lives or dies. Once they were back in the corridor, Clarke noticed that they were walking straight towards that heavy door at the end. Was it the drop ship that would send her and the others to Earth? Clarke was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she barely realised that she was about to crash into another tribute exiting their room.

“Hey Watch it!” The boy yelled lunging forwards. Luckily the guard that was assisting him managed to grab him before he could reach her.
“Don't even think about it John, not after your stunt in the dressing room” His guard spat. On further inspection Clarke noticed the large array of knifes in the his arms. “Murphy tried to pull these on me when I scanned him” The guard muttered to the other. Hesitantly Clarke made awkward eye contact with Murphy, he had the same smile on his face that Bellamy had once he murdered that kid during the reaping. Gulping, Clarke dropped her gaze to the floor, wishing the guards could wrap up their conversation quicker.

Once they finished, Clarke and Murphy were walked down the rest of the corridor until they were finally at the large door. One of the guards entered in a code, causing a hiss of smoke to emerge before the door eased open. The guards let go of their arms and pushed them slightly forwards.
“Good luck. Hope to see you again” They said with stoney expressions on their face. Both Clarke and Murphy knew it wasn't sincere.


Rolling her eyes, Clarke headed through the pitch black walkway that followed the door, not planning to be alone with Murphy any longer than she had to. Slowly, the silence was broken by human voices up ahead, picking up her pace, Clarke turned a corner to see all the other tribute buckled into seats on the walls, on the floors, in rows around the edge- pretty much everywhere you could fit a chair.


Her heart dropped as she saw the only seats left were two together. She quickly walked over to one and waited for Murphy to take the other. She began strapping herself in, making the belts so tight she felt them digging into her skin. Clarke had been so caught up in the events that unfolded in the last half an hour, that she didn't see her fingers shaking, or feel how fast her heart was beating. Suddenly she couldn't breathe. The panic of being sent to her death hit her as she began silently hyperventilating and her eyes threatened to spill tears.

“Hey don't cry. I can calm you down” The voice she was dreading whispered next to her. Before she knew it Murphy placed his hand on her thigh. “How about a bit of fun before we get to Earth?”
A bang echoed through out the drop ship as Clarke felt the repercussions of someone kicking at the back of Murphy's chair.


“Back off!” The voice boomed that Clarke knew could only belong to Wells. Murphy spun around in his chair and attempted to stare Wells down.
“Hey your dad may be the chancellor, but don't think that you have any power over me. You're here to die just like the rest of us- them” Murphy spat before spinning back in his chair. However he tried to keep as much distance between himself and Clarke as possible, so whatever Wells was trying to achieve from that worked. Trying to distance herself from the situation, Clarke turned the other way to see the girl next to her crying softly. She went to try and comfort her, before a large jolt threw her back into her seat.

Screams echoed throughout the drop ship as the dated object tried to de hinge itself from the ark for the first time in over a century. The creaking and wiring was unbearable as the ship jerked violently from side to side, someone across the ship threw up from all the motion, and this was before they had begun plummeting towards Earth.


The ship began vibrating before suddenly, it broke free. The fall was awful, as the drop ship approached the atmosphere it started spinning in so many directions no one knew what was up. The heat from the rockets crept into the ship causing the tension to rise even higher if that was possible. Clarke knew they were sent there to fight to the death, but what if they all die before they even make it to the ground. It was clear when they reached the atmosphere because the ship suddenly stopped spinning with such force that people were thrown out of their chairs and against the wall with deadly force. Clarke tried to scream out but her head was thrown back against her seat with such force that unconsciousness was quick to silence her.


At some point later Clarke blinked her eyes open. Her head pounded and everyone around her seemed to have a twin, but the ship wasn't moving. But nor were they. Once her eyes adjusted to the dark, it took her awhile to establish that the others weren't dead, just also unconscious. At least most of them. With shaky fingers, Clarke fiddled with her straps before freeing herself from the seat and stumbling blindly towards the door. Placing her hand against the cold steal, she didn't find any form of handle or button. Throwing her fists against it in fury, Clarke let her arms fall to the side in frustration. Murmurs began to erupt from the silent ship as others began to regain consciousness. Someone stumbled next to her reaching next to the door. Suddenly full of anger at herself Clarke watched as they pulled a lever causing the door to begin to hiss. Slowly it fell open, hitting the ground with a thud. Gasping, Clarke and the others took shaky steps forwards down the door, and towards their new home.


Trees. The trees stood towering above her like skyscrapers, above them grew a rainbow of leaves, most of which had begun to turn the autumnal colours of gold, red and orange, reflecting the sun, and stencilling patterns on the ground as some rays snuck through the gaps. Others made cushioned beds at the trees base, observing the world around them as they slowly crisped. A few trees however stood proud with green leaves clinging to the branches, refusing to let go, fighting death itself to stay there. Above her the sky was a deep blue scattered with faint clouds that she could see moving from one side of the sky to the other. Silence fell over the delinquents for a while, all of them just observing a world that they didn't know existed.


But they were quickly bought back to reality when a girl named Roma pulled her pack off her back and brought out a dagger.


“Wait” One boy said, Clarke couldn't quite remember him, but she thought his name was Atom?. “Do we really need to fight?” Atom continued before pointing to the sky “They cant hurt us now? Why don't we just live down here, repopulate, it would be awesome” he smiled, turning to the girl next to him who Clarke could only presume was his girlfriend of sorts. The others shifted in their boots, none of them wanted to die, but were nervous of the repercussions of agreeing. Trying to make up her own mind, Clarke barely heard the ear piercing scream that came from the other side of the group. Turning her head sharply, she saw Atom lying still on the floor, his neck wide open, painting the green grass red. The scream came from the girl he was talking to, now she was slumped over his body, her white jacket was stained with a circle of red blood, but unlike Atom she wasn't quite dead. At least not yet.

“Sorry mate” Murphy smirked, twirling his blood stained knife in his hand. “I came here to win”

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