Lost In Time

A story of a young Woman who has just started a new job in a Newspaper agency. Everything seems to be going perfectly - until in a twisted turn of events she suddenly finds her self locked in her own world where no one can be found. She seems to be trapped in a different dimension, with no time changes as it is day all of the time.
Will she find a way out? Or will she be trapped. Forever.


3. The Flood

After her little talk with her boss she was on her way. When she got there the whole place was in water, all of the cars. Houses. Everything. All around people were placing sandbags around the borders of town, there were children less than the age of 12 loading heavy sandbags off trucks for women and men to put down.

'Well she thought if children can help then I can.'

So without stopping to hesitate she went down to help.


A Few Hours Later...


Clover fell into bed for she was so tired from helping out.

'Those poor, poor people they have to do it everyday. I have no idea.'

The next morning she woke up and  started getting ready. Later on she started filming it was so different to the streets of New York. After writing about it for a bit she noticed a strange house on top of the hill.

"What's that?" She asked.

"Oh, just the house on top of the hill we call it, it had some kind of story to it but we forgot." Someone Replied.

"Oh." Said Clover.

She was determined to go there and find out a bit about it.

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