Lost In Time

A story of a young Woman who has just started a new job in a Newspaper agency. Everything seems to be going perfectly - until in a twisted turn of events she suddenly finds her self locked in her own world where no one can be found. She seems to be trapped in a different dimension, with no time changes as it is day all of the time.
Will she find a way out? Or will she be trapped. Forever.


4. Houses Of Time

Later on that day after she had finished climbing the hill, Clover noticed something strange there was a light coming from inside the house even though the towns people said no one lived there, and as you walked towards the house everything seemed to become...darker - You could say. All the plants seemed to shrivel away and die off, all of the light reflecting off the windows just seemed to make it look even more dead because it darkened everything around it.

"We should go." Said one of the camera crew nervously.

But Clover was to curious to turn back now.

By the time she had got to the door she was starting too feel unsure about it because of the weird aura around it that seemed to take every single happy thought and ounce of control over your body.

Clover touched the doorknob and a strange voice came into her head, it said,

'Go away....leave now...'

it sent shivers down her spine but something had over taken her mind it was too late already she couldn't stop her self and she opened the door...

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