Lost In Time

A story of a young Woman who has just started a new job in a Newspaper agency. Everything seems to be going perfectly - until in a twisted turn of events she suddenly finds her self locked in her own world where no one can be found. She seems to be trapped in a different dimension, with no time changes as it is day all of the time.
Will she find a way out? Or will she be trapped. Forever.


6. All is not lost.

She wandered around in the dark for what seemed like hours, but when she checked her watch it was glowing in some kind of  grey colour, but still the same time 12:15. That was time she had left the reality of life and entered this parallel universe.


Clover was soon to find some type of hole in the darkness of what felt like a wall.
"Well...," She thought," If I'm blind now I'll be blind later so I may as well take a chance and see where this leads."

As she crawled through the black she noticed a light!!!



Could this be a way out???

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