Lost In Time

A story of a young Woman who has just started a new job in a Newspaper agency. Everything seems to be going perfectly - until in a twisted turn of events she suddenly finds her self locked in her own world where no one can be found. She seems to be trapped in a different dimension, with no time changes as it is day all of the time.
Will she find a way out? Or will she be trapped. Forever.


1. A breath of Fresh Air.

Awoken to the sound of her alarm clock, Clover Adams woke up. Today was her first job interview. She was determined nothing would ruin it, ever since Clover was little she was a winner what ever she wanted she got, no matter what. She wouldn't give up and if she lost she would take it into her stride and make it something better rather than worse. Everyone knew her as the golden girl; she was good, clever, kind, funny, pretty, sporty and most importantly a winner! She held her head high everywhere she went and walked around knowing she was aloud to be there and no matter how many dirty looks or comments she heard she would keep on doing it. She wouldn't let all of those low lived people who had corrupt society and lead young girls into despair get to her, as far as she was concerned they could 'shove it up their ass' cause she didn't care.

She wanted this job and nothing could stop her from getting it. So as she walked towards the big skyscraper building which in a few minutes could be called her work place, she thought about what her life could have been if she wasn't the way she was hopefully her reports could save lives and change the world in some way.

A few minutes later the same woman was standing outside of the building she had wanted to work in since she was 12 and took a deep breath and walked in.

During the interview the interviewer asked her a few questions then they sat in silence for a while, then she set her out.

A week later a letter came in the post, Clover was shaking so badly she could barely open it but when she did she found a pleasant surprise. She had been ACCEPTED! Later that month she would be able to start her job it said, so she couldn't wait.

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