Fear of Falling to Pieces

michael clifford may seem to the world and the rest of the band that he is fine, but when one day Rena walks in on him doing the unexpected she knows something is up...something they have in common....
will she be able to save him?...
will she end up telling the rest of the boys?
will it be them together?


2. reunited.

Michael's P.O.V.

She is amazing, with the most beautiful reddish brown hair just to her shoulder with blue ends, about 5'6" with the most sparkling blue eyes, and to top it all off, her style was just like mine black jeans, white baseball tee with nirvana on it, black converse, and snapback to pull it all together.  

"just go and talk to her already, mate." Ashton said clearly noticing that I was staring.

"ok, ok, I will, but..what do I say?"

"just be yourself and the rest should workout."

"ok, here goes nothing."

I make my way over to her and the closer I get the more anxious I am about what I will end up saying, Ive never been too good with words.

there she is right here, in arms reach, here I go...

'Hey, how's your game going?"

"not too good considering I've only popped one balloon so far." she said

"well, I could help you if you want, I'm pretty good." I should probably ask her for her name soon

"so, since you're helping me its only right I know your name."she asked

"It's Michael, Michael clifford, and you are?"

"I'm Rena, Rena black.”

“Wait, Rena, didn't we used to go to the same school!”

“Mikey, is that you?!?”

“Yes, it’s me!!!” we instantly brought each other into a hug, and i turned to the others and motioned for them to come over.

“Hey, guys this is Rena, Rena black, do you guys remember her she used to go to our school.

“lemme think, Rena black,hmmm…” they all said in unison, and then Luke’s and Calum’s eyes lit up while I realized Ash never met her.

“REEENNNAAAA, it’s you, its been so long” they all embraced her in a hug

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Rena this is Ashton Irwin, Ashton this is Rena Black, she’s our best friend from elementary to high school, but then we had to leave for the band.”

“wait whats the band called?” she asked all too curiously 

“5 Seconds Of Summer, also known as 5sos.” her eyes were lit up like flashlights

“you guys are so good, I went to your guys first gig!”

“wait really, thats so cool even though we absolutely sucked.”we all were so shocked by that comment, we have never heard someone say that, let alone met someone who has been to our gig out of the what 12 people that were there.


Rena’s P.O.V

I can’t believe they haven't ever met anyone that went to their first gig, or think that they were good at the gig, besides the fact that they did a couple Adele covers, they were really good especially their song from the ep Somewhere New.

“You guys did not suck you were far from it, besides a couple Adele covers you guys did.” I told them and we all couldn't help but laugh.

“yeah, that wasn't our best decision.” Luke said, making us all laugh again.

“Well, even though you guys just started I knew you would be something great,” they seemed very doubtful of the words coming from my mouth.

“What, it’s true, I really saw the potential!”

“Wait, you’re being serious, you, Rena Black, thought we were good at the gig?” Luke said while simultaneously shaking me by the shoulders.


Michael’s P.O.V

This girl is amazing, how could anyone meet her and not like her, I’ve never admitted this but right before we left I wanted to tell her that I love her, and I never got the chance cause I got choked up in the moment and by then she was already gone….and I never stopped since…..and still do.


I love her…. I am in love with Rena Black.

and I'm gonna tell her, I have to, I just need to find the right time.

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