Fear of Falling to Pieces

michael clifford may seem to the world and the rest of the band that he is fine, but when one day Rena walks in on him doing the unexpected she knows something is up...something they have in common....
will she be able to save him?...
will she end up telling the rest of the boys?
will it be them together?


3. I love you too.


Rena’s P.O.V

I know this sounds weird but Michael seems a little off right now, I know it has been a while since we have seen each other since he left for London, but I thought maybe he would be a little more comfortable around me….I’ll just ask him now.

“hey, Mikey?”



“are you, okay ever since we’ve been away from the rest of the boys you seemed a little off.”I asked seeing him messing with his bracelets on his arms.


“Well, I’ve wanted to tell you this for so long, and I’ve been so nervous ever since I saw you today cause everything came flooding back, the feelings that have when I’m around you, they never seemed to go away, but I always tried to push them into the back of my mind cause I thought I’d never see you again-“


“just say it already” I said knowing what he was going to say, at least I hope I know, and I feel the same way..


“I love you Rena Black” he said leaning in closer and closer by the seconds.


“I love you too Michael Clifford.”by that time our lips were practically touching and I couldn't hold it in anymore


“kiss me already Mikey” and in that moment our lips connected and the sparks along with the being away from each other for so long made the kiss all the better.


we eventually pulled apart and we both couldn’t help but smile leaving only our foreheads touching staring into each others eyes, this is what  I’ve wanted for so long.


Michael’s P.O.V

I actually did it, I didn’t chicken out, I really did it and I’m so happy that I did.

“Will you go on a date with me Rena?” 


“Yes, I will go out with you Mikey,”


“How about you stay with us on the bus tonight, and catch up with all the boys, could you do that?”


“Of course, I’ll just need to get some stuff from my apartment and tell my roommate I’ll be gone for the night.”


“ok, sounds good (feels good ;)), want me to take you to get it?”


“Yeah, let me just give you the address.”


“ok,let’s go tell the boys what’s happening, which is a lot.”


“that’s probably a good idea.”


Luke’s P.O.V

I wonder what’s taking so long.. WAIT MAYBE HE FINALLY GOT THE BALLS TO TELL HER HOW HE FEELS. I really hope that’s what went down, I guess I’ll found out soon cause here they come…

“hey you two, what’s up?’


“Do you guys mind if she stays with us on the bus tonight, so she’ll be there for our date tomorrow?” 

“yes, I knew that was gonna happen!” they all looked at me weird, “what I was really hoping he finally told her how he felt, after what happened before we left I wasn't sure if he would,”


“well, I did and I couldn't be happier, so do you guys mind?”


“Of course not, why would we” cal said


“Me and Rena just need to stop by her apartment so she can get-“I cut him by saying”Oooo, Can I come too?”


“I guess so, I don’t really mind.”


“Yay, Lets go!”


Rena’s P.O.V.

We just about made it to my apartment when Luke asked..

“Do you have a roommate Rena?”


“yes, actually I do, you wanna meet her?”


“yeah, why not.”


“you’re gonna love her she is like my best friend from college and loves your music,”


“OO, I always love meeting people who have good taste in music.”


“she definitely does, Green Day, Blink-182, Good Charlotte , P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, etc.”


“and her name is Brianna, but you can call her Bri.”


"Cool name, can't wait to meet her"he say and I saw a sparkle in his eye when I looked back at him.


....20 minutes later at the apartment..

"well, here we are, home sweet home." I gestured into my apartment as I opened the door.

"wow, nice place you got here."Michael said making his way through


"yeah, real nice, wheres Bri at?" Luke asked eagerly.


"she should be around here somewhere, BRI I HAVE SOME PEOPLE HERE I WANT YOU TO MEET!"


"who do you want me to me-" she stopped in her tracks noticeably staring at Luke, I've always told her I knew them but she never believed me 

"I didn't think you ACTUALLY knew 5sos"


"yeah she does, we went to the same school and were best friends for 5 or 6 years and then we left for tour with one direction and we promised that we would find each other somehow, and now we did and I have the best GIRLFRIEND in the world." Mikey said with a gleam in his eye and when he said girlfriend he looked me in the eye and by the end he gave me a peck on the lips.

Bri seemed shocked by the sight."What, when did that happen?"

"just today, we saw each other and Michael and I both wanted to tell each other that we love each other ever since Mikey left for tour he just chickened out and here we are."


"Aww,  that story is so cute, I wish i had that."


"you can if you just wait for the right guy, he's closer than you think." Luke said hinting at her that he likes her and I think she picked up on it...I guess we'll see what happens..


Author's note

So sorry it;s taken me so long to post this i've just been so busy with school

and art but now im on spring break so i'll be posting more.


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