Always Present

Ryan Taylor was like us. Human. She had all the characteristics of a human. Feelings, a heart, blood flowing through her body. Until one day, where she was in a horrible plane crash. She was very lucky to be the only one to survive such a horrid crash. She was in a coma for almost 3 years, after she had woken up she started seeing things. She wasn't a sweet innocent angel anymore. It started out with depression, smoking , anger issues, but after that she just went crazy. She was recently placed in a school for mentally insane kids. Somehow she feels like she has seen the odd group of people before. She just can't wrap her finger around it. Will she find out? What will she discover throughtout the school year?


2. You think I'm crazy?

I have learned that my mom is HORRIBLE with directions! She literally has been going circles for the last 15 mins!


"Mom, use the GPS!" I say pulling out my phone and typing the address in. 


"This is hilarious, very fun to watch." he says before laughing. 


I roll my eyes as the GPS starts to spit out directions. We soon arrive at the school that seems to look like a prison with its large gate and barbwire.


"What is this place..?" I mumble watching the gates seperate to let us in.

"It's place for mentally insane kids. This is the best school for you to go to right now." Mom says as she gives me a quick glance and then looks back up to the path leading to the parking lot.

"YOU THINK IM CRAZY?" I yell looking at her as tears start to form in my eyes.


"Sweetie, calm down please." Mom says as she stops the car, and puts it in park.


"Its whatever, lets just go inside and get this shit over with." I mumble opening the door and stepping out.


The car engine turns off and the trunk opens. "Why are you opening up the trunk?" I say turning around seeing suitcases being pulled out.


"You have got to be kidding me! This is a boarding school!?" I yell a bit.


She nods not making eye contact with me. "Help me with these please." She grabs a suitcase and makes her way up to the front door of the school.




"Shut the fuck up." I groan as I grab the two suitcases left behind and follow closely behind her.


The doors open slowly, and there she stands.


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