Always Present

Ryan Taylor was like us. Human. She had all the characteristics of a human. Feelings, a heart, blood flowing through her body. Until one day, where she was in a horrible plane crash. She was very lucky to be the only one to survive such a horrid crash. She was in a coma for almost 3 years, after she had woken up she started seeing things. She wasn't a sweet innocent angel anymore. It started out with depression, smoking , anger issues, but after that she just went crazy. She was recently placed in a school for mentally insane kids. Somehow she feels like she has seen the odd group of people before. She just can't wrap her finger around it. Will she find out? What will she discover throughtout the school year?


1. New beginning

Waking up to the sound of rain was soothing. I stretch and roll of the bed. "Well , Well, Morning sunshine" I'd hear a voice say, knowing the voice was from my head.


"What do you want why can't you leave me alone?" I groaned walking to the bathroom as I take my hair out of the messy pony tail it was in.


"You know I can't do that princess, I'm here to protect you baby, no need to be scared," he says softly.


"I'm not scared of anything and I don't need protection,"I say with a little annoyance in my voice.


"Now can I shower without you bugging me?" I say ask I strip off my clothes and turn on the water.


Hooking my phone up to the stereo, I'd put spotify on and step into the shower. 'Mama' by My Chemical Romance would blasts throughout the bathroom as I wash my hair.


"Mama we all go to hell," he would start to sing along.


Stopping the shower I get out and wrap the towel around my body. Walling out of the bathroom the song would change.


"My songs knooooww what you diiid in the darrrrrkkkk!" He'd sing once more.


"Listen if you don't leave me the fuck alone I swear I will kill myself, I'm tired of hearing your voice." I step into the closet and grab jeans and a t-shirt.


Finally topping the look off with a beanie, smiling for the peace and quiet I finally got.


"You know no one likes bitches, especially RUDE ONES!" He'd say scoffing.


"Well no one likes annoying ass people like you! JUST GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" I yell back, hitting my forehead with my hands.


Walking downstairs I grab a poptart and wait for my mom to get dressed. Now hopping onto the sofa, I'd turn on the Tv, and put American Horror Story on the TV.


"Turn this shit off if you want to see something scary just listen to me" He says giggling.




"Sweety I was just saying lets go... you're going to miss the first day of school." Mom says with fear in her voice.


I sigh heavily and turn the TV off. "You know I'm not so scary." I mumble looking at mom. She looks back at me and then hops into the drivers seat.


I open the door to passengers seat and sit down. The engine rumbles as we back out of the drive way going down the busy street.


'Here goes nothing.' I think to myself.

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