Tomorrow-The Day That never comes

When the next day never comes but a war is taking place in the future how are you supposed to end it?
Recruited to the organisation F.A.I.T, Harriet (Harri) becomes part of the team who uses the advanced technology to plug in to the future to uncover the truth behind the war and to find a way stop it before it has even begun.
The confusion she finds clogging her mind when she wakes instantly causes a stir amongst the leaders but is soon pushed aside.
Harri's inquisitively soon gets her into trouble she is not aware of. Constantly pushing boundaries and breaking the rules she ends up getting further than they ever have before.
But it's not all good news. Harri discovers much more than she set out to uncover and things go from bad to worse as secrets are uncovered.
'It's no longer a secret if everyone knows'


3. Chapter Two

I woke up in a room. It wasn't real; everything had a hazy blur and I felt disconnected from myself. I looked up at the white ceiling. Then I got the sensation that I was moving. The ceiling and the lights scrolled past me.
            "The surgery won't take long. The scaring will be minimal and it will only ache for a couple of days, and trust me it's worth it. Once the memory chip is implanted and activated you will know everything there is to know about F.A.I.T" It was that woman again only it felt like this was the first time she had spoken to me but the second time I had heard her voice.
            "You'll be fine" I felt a hand squeeze mine and then a face appeared above me. Her white smile and her black hair pulled back in a bun was the last thing I saw before my eye lids became too heavy and fighting the black pit of unconsciousness was too much effort. I fell into it like it was a warm and welcoming bed.
            As I woke once more I thought this time would be the last time. A high pitched beeping came from behind me and as I sat up to see what was making the unsettling sound I felt the skin on my forehead tugging and I found I could not lift my head far from where it rested. Instead I opted for lifting my hand to my head to discover what held me back and felt a tugging on the arm. Thankfully I was able to lift my head and arm enough to see the thick tube was connected to my arm via a needle and droplets of blue liquid clung to the sides, resisting to fall any further down the tube and into my body.
            "You wanted to go straight back in, right?" A dark skinned woman with black curly hair and a beautiful white smile walked up and stood next to me. She held a saline bag full of blue liquid and lifted it to replace the empty one connect to the tube in my arm.
            "See you soon" She flashed her smile at me again before the world began to slip away and became another scene, another chapter of a book.
            I was back where I lived, standing in the street, taking in what was left of my home. There was barely anyone around and those who were barely stopped long enough to see what was in front of them, barely missing each other as they passed. Buildings had corners missing, bricks had crumbled down, windows boarded up. It was strange how something familiar could look so different. Like a painting that you looked at everyday then someone came along and painted subtle changes; an extra cloud, a face in a window, someone's clothes a different colour, small things that you wouldn't notice if you hadn't seen the painting so many times. The place was different, it was run down, battered, tired.
            A loud blaring sound blasted through the air and evaporated the silence that hovered. The few people that were outside ran. They left whatever it was they were doing and just ran. I thought for a second I had gone back in time. It was like someone was showing me a clip of what it must have been like during World War Two; the air raid sirens sending everyone running for cover. That's what everyone was doing now, I saw it on their faces as they raced past. They were all running for cover before the heavens opened and an unexpected forecast arrived. It was the first time I had seen this scene, the first time I had heard the sirens and I just stood still. It wasn't real and I knew that, some part of me knew that. I stood in the same spot and just watched as everyone else knew better than that.
            "Excuse me..." I began speaking to a woman by she didn't even glance in my direction as she hurried past.
            "What's going on?" I tried again as another body fleeted passed. Again they didn't take any notice of my presence. It was as though I wasn't even there.
            People barely noticed me as they ran straight past but I didn't count it to be odd as earlier they had barely noticed each other but then I felt someone pass through my body. He had come from behind me so I hadn't seen him coming, not that that would have been a benefit to me as it was like I wasn't even there. A sensation that I would much rather not experience again. It was like swimming through water only I was the water and he had swam through me.
            The wind picked up with such dramatic force. My hair was tied back but the loose strands went wild in the wind. Dust and dirt took off and spun about in the air like a panicked swarm of bees. I held my arm up to shield my face from what was thrown through the air. The wind had started so suddenly and it was so strong. Then I heard it. A deep whirling sound filled the air like it was all around and a quite hum got louder. I looked up and through my half closed eyes I could see a large black helicopter like aircraft vehicle approaching. It was pushing down through the air, forcing it to run away in a complete madness.
            The bottom parted in the middle to reveal a square shaped whole, it wasn't huge but it was big enough for what came out. A dark object was lowered down via a rope or wire of some sort, soon followed by another, then another. As the first one neared the ground the object became a figure; there were people coming out of the aircraft. They were dropping down and once they were free of the wire that had lowered them to the ground the wire went back where it had come from while its delivery was free to go where it pleased. More continued to drop from the sky like raindrops. It was an attack for which the warning had been too late, sparing the wonderers of the street only seconds to merely get as far away as they could.
While the attack must have long been planned a defence must have been on standby ready for such an event. Two teams, two sides of a war, one good one bad but which was which depended on who you were.
            The first gunshot was a trigger for all chaos to break out. Those people left in the street screamed as they ran faster, the defence did more than just defend, a battle broke out right there in front of me. The gunfire was like rain against a window; loud, constant, right near you but never actually hitting you.
            "Hey, come on" The sudden voice beside me  made me jump. I whipped my head sharp to the right to see a guy standing next to me with a grin on his face. He began running towards the commotion. Had he just appeared besides me or had I been too intrigued by the outrageous attack to notice my companion?
            "What are you waiting for? Come on!" He span around and briefly ran backwards while shouting to me. He flashed a grin of excitement and that's when it froze. Everything just stopped. The boy and his grin was all that remained as everything else fizzled out and pixel by pixel became a blue background. Silver letters appeared underneath the screenshot reading: 'Alex Johnson-partner'
            Up for only a few seconds before he was replaced by another face and another name. She was a woman with olive skin and wavy black hair that hung beautifully but probably had only been brushed through. She wore a white blouse and a dark grey blazer from what I could see of the cropped photo. 'L-vice president of F.A.I.T' all I got was an initial. Then another face replaced hers this time a man. His once brown hair was now mostly grey and his stubble was dotted brown and grey. 'H-president of F.A.I.T'  after that several more faces and names popped up, the next one replacing the one before. Some names had roles underneath while others simply just said their name or a letter, an initial. When the flick book of faces and names was over four letters and four corresponding words came up: F.A.I.T Future Assistance Intelligence Team. That's who I was with, that is why I was here. F.A.I.T was the organisation that wanted me to help them with the war, the war that was happening in the future. My future.
            The letters dispersed like shattered glass, the shards coming towards me. I could see them growing closer at such a speed. My eyes shot open before they got too close. I sat bolt upright and my breathing was heavy and loud. My eyes darted around the room then rested on the whiteboard I couldn't make sense of before. Now the missing pieces had been given to me.
            Day 2, meant how many days I had been in here lying in the bed in the room. Group: D3. The D meant I was in the 4th batch of people to come in while the 3 meant I was the third person in that group.

            It was the memory chip that allowed me to know information I had not known before  The scar on my neck was a result of the memory chip they had inserted, that F.A.I.T had inserted so that it would feed me all this information about them and what was going on. Why? I knew all of it, everything that was going on in the future, what F.A.I.T was doing, who everyone was I just didn't know why I knew. I was a part of their team but why? It wasn't that I didn't understand it because I did, I just didn't know the why or the how only the what. It was all something that I shouldn't have understood but I did.
            The door opened and light from the corridor flooded in. The woman with black curly hair entered. I shuffled back before pushing myself up off the ground to stand up.
            "Hello, Harriet" She crossed the room in only a few steps but as she walk one way around the bed a ran around the other way and headed straight for the open door. The air in the bright corridor was much cooler and I found it easier to breath as I found myself gasping for air. Everything I had seen whizzed round in my mind driving me crazy. How was any of it possible?
            I shoved myself up against the white wall, the coolness of it seeping through the thin gown that hung so loosely from my body. I threw my head back and rested it on the wall also, then shut my eyes. That was a mistake. I couldn't see what was coming. A sudden sharp prick in the side of my neck made me open my eyes. The prick lasted only a few seconds as the beholder squeezed the contests of the syringe into my neck. The picture in front of me blurred then I began swaying from side to side before tipping completely and rotating 90 degrees. I felt myself hit the floor. Then I disappeared into darkness once again, it was a like an old friend that I hadn't seen in ages then bumped into them once then every day since.

I woke up and found myself in the same room I had woken up in earlier. L was sat next to me and when she saw I was awake she shifted in her seat, spinning so she turned her body to face me.
            "It's nice to see you awake" She greeted me with.
            "Hopefully this time I stay awake" I said sitting myself up as I spoke.
            "I apologise about D, he tends to..." She began but I finished.
            "Stab people with needles when they start to freak out" I suggested an ending to her sentence that fitted perfectly to me.
            "He shouldn't have done that I was simply going to explain the situation to you but..."
            "He doesn't feels comfortable unless he is carrying a weapon to knock out anybody who gets in his way" Again I finished her sentence. "You can tell him I don't hold a grudge but I will be avoiding him in corridors"
            "The reason that he did what he did was because there was a malfunction with your memory chip and we need to get that fixed as soon as possible. I was entering your room to tell you about the issue when you ran out so he..."
            "Stabbed me with a needle"
            "Yes but he was just putting you under so we could carry out the procedure to correct the problem with your memory chip" L assured me that he didn't mean to hurt me and I believed her after all if he did surely he would have stabbed with something much worse than a needle.
            It was strange how comfortable I felt around L, like I had known her for ages even though this was the first time we had spoken. It was the memory chip that did that I guessed.
            "I've explained what I came here to say so you get dressed and then the day begins" L said before she got up from the chair and walked out. Once again I was left in the room by myself. She had told me to get dressed but unfortunately I hadn't thought to pack a bag so I scanned the room until my eyes fell on the neat pile of black clothes at the end of the bed. They had been meticulously folded so that the four letters of the logo were face up. They had very kindly given me a uniform.
            I got up and walked over the top end of the bed then I glanced behind me at the two way glass. I hoped there was no one in that room but I got dressed away, after all anything was better than the gown that was more like bed sheet.

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