Tomorrow-The Day That never comes

When the next day never comes but a war is taking place in the future how are you supposed to end it?
Recruited to the organisation F.A.I.T, Harriet (Harri) becomes part of the team who uses the advanced technology to plug in to the future to uncover the truth behind the war and to find a way stop it before it has even begun.
The confusion she finds clogging her mind when she wakes instantly causes a stir amongst the leaders but is soon pushed aside.
Harri's inquisitively soon gets her into trouble she is not aware of. Constantly pushing boundaries and breaking the rules she ends up getting further than they ever have before.
But it's not all good news. Harri discovers much more than she set out to uncover and things go from bad to worse as secrets are uncovered.
'It's no longer a secret if everyone knows'


7. Chapter Six

With a strange sudden full force I was pulled back into my body. It happened quickly but the sensation of landing back into my empty shell of a body was dramatic. I felt complete like I hadn't in the other world. The waking up was not a gradual transition and a gasp escaped me as I woke up. My head lifted as I desperately tried to suck in all the air I could but I did not feel the struggle I had last time. I knew where I was so there was no need to panic, I didn't try and rip the tubes from my arms. I did still want them desperately removed as they were uncomfortable. 

            "Need a hand" I heard Alex's voice before I could see him. He strolled into my view then began carefully removing the tubes and wires from my skin. I felt his warm, gentle touch on my skin. He took time to carefully remove them, not wanting to hurt me. I glanced up at his face and his gaze flicked down and met mine. 

            "At least this time you made it to the end of the session" He pointed out the error of the previous plug in. 

            "L is on her way up here, I don't think she will be happy that you two went outside your section" A came over and gave us a heads up about the telling off we were about to get. 

            "I told you we shouldn't have followed the clean up team" Alex wasn't angry neither was he worried rather he said it in a 'I told you so' tone. 

            "I stick by my decision and just blame it all in me no one can get that annoyed at the new girl" I said as I stood up. 

            "You say blame it on you as though it wasn't your fault, but it was, so it won't be a matter of blaming you simply telling the truth" Alex responded. 

            "It's nice to know my partner has my back" 

            L walked into the room, Alex and I stood side by side, arms behind my back. We were the two school kids who had broken one of the rules and she was the head teacher here to give us a slap on the wrist before sending us back to class. 

            "I have been informed that the two of you were not in your correct section during the plug in" L said. It wasn't a question so I had no answer but she stood waiting for one. 

            "Yes but..." Alex began. 

            "But I just thought that a fresh pair of eyes might see something different and Alex had no choice but to follow me" I continued for him. 

            "Although I did want to go and see something else" Alex admitted taking some of the blame from my shoulders. 

            "We have rules for a reason but I understand that it was your first time and you must have been excited. That doesn't not, however, mean that I want to see this happening again" L told us. 

            "Yes ma'am" I nodded. 

            "Harri did have a good idea though, about a new way to approach an ending" Alex mentioned what I had spoke to him about in the plug in but I didn't think that was a good move, whilst being told off about breaking the rules hardly seemed a good time to bring up my idea to break more rules. 

            "Walk with me" L said as she turned and walked out of the room. Me and Alex looked at each other, exchanging a glance of not knowing what was coming up. 


            "So you think we aren't trying to find who is behind everything?" H responded when L encouraged me to spill the beans on my 'new' theory. She had walked us to the main room and asked me to tell my idea to herself and H at the same time. 

            "It was just a thought, I just started thinking about going straight to the main problem" I suddenly left like an idiot for even thinking of an idea, but I had no recollection of it being investigated. It hadn't been stored in the vast space that supplied our memory chips with the information. 

            "Every little thing we do all adds up to the bigger every picture, all pieces of the puzzle. We are trying to find who wants this war, who started this war, who is making the DREADs but we are assuming it is an organisation so it won't be so simple to infiltrate them" H explained, he wasn't yelling or shouting, he wasn't angry he was simply explaining. Something I thought he would never have to do given the memory chip. 

            "Then why don't we know about it?" I questioned. 

            "We don't even have all the pieces of the puzzle further yet from knowing where they go" He continued the puzzle metaphor. 

            "Trust us there is no need to question anything, we are working for a solution together" L chipped in. 

            "I didn't mean to question anything, it just wasn't here" I tapped the scar on my neck. 

            "Of course, why don't you go to your dorm and get ready for tomorrow's plug in" L suggested. We headed out and walked towards the dorm rooms. 

            "Turns out your unique idea wasn't so unique" Alex mocked. 

            "It's not like you knew any better" I elbowed him in the side. 

            "I wasn't the one getting over excited with the whole idea" 

            "Shut up" 

            "Good come back" 

            "Well I didn't see you coming up with any ideas at all" My response was probably a little late but I still had a point. 

            "So I didn't have any stupid ideas that are actually already being worked on" Alex replied. 

            "At least I had an idea, now if you don't mind I have had a busy day so let's just get to the dorm rooms" 

            "Of course your highness" Alex took a dramatic but unnecessary bow. 

            "Thank you kind sir" I joked with him. 

            The dorms housed 8 with simple metal frame beds, head end against the walls, lined in rows of four each opposite another. A clean, well organised, nice looking room yet dull in its simplicity. No space for any personal belongings which was just as well because if there had been I wouldn't have filled it. I didn't have anything personal, it hadn't dawned on me until now the lacking of any personal affects. Only now as I glanced around the room and saw no difference from one persons area to another did I realise that nobody had anything that made their space their space. I hadn't clothes of my own, having woken up in a revealing gown and had been given an outfit to change into. The outfit that I wore now, the only outfit that I needed. That's why I had no clothes that I had worn before, none of my own. I didn't need anything else. I had a uniform as did everyone else. We didn't need to make this place home as it wouldn't achieve anything, I didn't want to make it home either. This place wasn't home although it was the place I was living and for how long this would be the place I would be living in for I didn't know. F.A.I.T wasn't meant to be home, it was a place of work. 

            "This is us" Alex stopped at the end two beds on the left hand side. On mine there was a neatly folded pile of clothes. Fresh clothes, clean clothes, new clothes. Another outfit for me to wear. Now I had one for during the day and one for sleeping. 

            "I hope it's more comfy than it looks" I said taking the folded clothes off the bed. It didn't look uncomfortable in a worn down sense but rather too hard and cold in a high tech sense. I saw a small draw next to the head of my bed and walked over to it. I dropped the pyjamas back on the bed and bent to open the draw. Objects inside rattled with the emptiness of the draw as I opened it. A toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and a wash kit was what lay inside, more than I thought. The wash gear caught my eye and the thought of a shower was an extremely inviting one. 

            The warm water poured down my body, washing away the day and I instantly felt much cleaner than I had since the moment I woke up. The droplets of water bouncing off the tiled floor making the sound of rain against a window. A soothing sound that blocked out everything else around me and I was thankful for the quiet. I was glad to be alone like I hadn't been all day and I dragged out the shower as long as I could just for more time to myself. 

            "Harriet Ford" A girl not far off my age said as I approached my bed. 

            "Yes?" I said momentarily struck by how she knew my name. She said it like I was some well known figure of importance and I had no clue who she was. It wasn't too long before I realised that she too would have a memory chip with my face and name stored on it. I searched around in my own mind, looking for her face and a name to go with it. 
            "You were missing from the aircraft earlier in the plug in due to a forced wake up" I noted the folded pyjamas on her bed, which was next to mine, and saw she was new here too. 
            "I didn't realise..." Loren! Her name was Loren. My own mind seemed to interrupt itself. "News travelled so fast around here" I said as I put the wash things back in my draw. I was hating the mistake I had made in the plug in more and more. Everyone was bringing it up when I met them. 
            "I think that had something to do with the memory chips" she chuckled. 
            "I didn't realise they put personal cock ups into the system" 
            "They didn't, news also travels fast by word of mouth, although I was in the aircraft to see it" Loren pointed out that she had been one of the first had witnesses. 
            "Great, so I'm the gossip of F.A.I.T and it's only my first day" I plonked myself down on the bed. 
            "Don't worry about it, like all gossip people will have forgotten about it when something new happens" She was trying to be reassuring. 
            "Then you better hurry up and do something stupid" I said and I was only half joking. 

            "The way I see it, you got your first death and forced wake up done and over with. I still have that to come" Loren said. 

            "If it ever happens" 

            "It will happen, it will happen to everyone if it hasn't already because it's a war zone" She pointed out. I stayed silent not knowing what to say.

            "What was it like?" She sat down on her bed opposite me. 

            "It's sort of hard to explain. I expected to feel the pain take over my body it didn't and I suddenly disappeared like the ground swallowed me up. Waking up in the real world was hard, strange. It felt like someone had just pulled me out of a dream hard, more like they had yanked me from a dream. I felt sick and I felt like I wasn't able to take in air fast enough" I told her everything. 

            "Sounds like I have something to look forward to then" Loren was trying to make a joke of it but I could see she was scared to experience a forced wake up after my detailed description. 

            "I would say we have a lot to look forward to here at F.A.I.T" I replied. 

            "Actually making friends this time are we?" Alex came bouncing over, his hair a tousled mess where he too had just come from the bathrooms and got ready for bed. I knew he was referring to the encounter earlier in the canteen so I screwed my face up at him.

            "What I'm just saying it's nice to see you getting along with other people" He kept going. His words were innocent to anyone else but I knew what he was really saying. He got into his bed and turned out the light on the wall behind him.  


            "Harri" I interrupted Loren. 

            "Harri" she corrected. "This is my partner" She gestured to the girl who had just joined us and was living in the space next the Loren. Miagh. This time the name came to me much faster. I was getting better at regurgitating the information the memory chip was feeding me. 

            "Hello" I greeted yet another new but familiar face. 

            "Hi, it s nice to finally meet Alex's partner" She extended her hand for a hand shake which threw me off a little as it seemed an overly formal way to greet someone that you already knew about. I accepted her invitation for a hand shake out of politeness anyway. 

            "Although it feels like we already have" I joked. It was nice talking to new people but all I really wanted to do was get under the covers, rest my head on the pillow and shut my eyes.

            "I better get some sleep, got to be fully awake if I want to not die tomorrow" I put an end to the conversation before it had even begun. 

            "Goodnight and we will see you tomorrow, we work the same section" Loren said accepting my subtle plea for a way out of talking. 

            "Night" I responded before turning off my own light and laying back. 

            It didn't take long for everyone else to follow suit and the room was soon in darkness as everyone rested for tomorrow and while all I had wanted to do was fall asleep I found myself not being able to do so. I lay with my eyes open staring up at the ceiling, which offered no entertainment. It was my first day at F.A.I.T but it felt like I had been here for weeks. I knew everyone, I knew everything, I had already been in the plug in twice. This was going to be life until we, F.A.I.T found a way to make time move on but first a solution to the war had to be found. I continued staring at the ceiling I had already become overly familiar with in this bed I now called mine and just ran it all over in my head. The idea, the concept of what I was doing was insane but everyone took it in their stride and I guess I had to as well but only because I felt a desire to fit in, as we always do. I could have laid all night thinking it over but I decided it best to try and take what I had been given and carry on like everyone else around here. I shut my eyes and waited for sleep to wash over me. 

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