Tomorrow-The Day That never comes

When the next day never comes but a war is taking place in the future how are you supposed to end it?
Recruited to the organisation F.A.I.T, Harriet (Harri) becomes part of the team who uses the advanced technology to plug in to the future to uncover the truth behind the war and to find a way stop it before it has even begun.
The confusion she finds clogging her mind when she wakes instantly causes a stir amongst the leaders but is soon pushed aside.
Harri's inquisitively soon gets her into trouble she is not aware of. Constantly pushing boundaries and breaking the rules she ends up getting further than they ever have before.
But it's not all good news. Harri discovers much more than she set out to uncover and things go from bad to worse as secrets are uncovered.
'It's no longer a secret if everyone knows'


12. Chapter Eleven

The next day we weren't rushed up and immediately thrown into the future. There was time for breakfast so we went to the cafeteria before the plug in. I sat quietly, keeping myself to myself. Soon I would be plugged in and it would all begin again. It was strange that although we were the only people who knew time had stopped and everyone else was living the same day again that we too were living on repeat. The details were different but the main structure was the same. Wake up, eat, plug in, wake up, eat, possibly plug in again. There wasn't much difference from day to day. It almost seemed worse to know you were living the same day with slight differences than to not know you were living the exact same day over and over. 

            "Do you ever stop talking?" Alex said sarcastically to point out the fact I hadn't said a word to him today. 

            "Maybe I just don't feel like talking this morning" I replied. 

            "Well you better start getting chatty because we are about to plug in and we are supposed to be a team" Alex said as he shoved the last bit of breakfast into his mouth. 

            "Come on" He said standing up and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. I hadn't eaten everything on my plate but I had finished so I got up and joined Alex to the plug in. 

            We plugged in as normal and appeared in the same spot as we always did as though we were avatars in a game and each time we played we began in the same place. It had only been a day since I had seen the place and I could see that there had been yet more destruction. The smell of a fire long gone and put out still remained in the air, more debris lay in the streets which were more empty in the way of people than previously. 

            The now familiar sound of the aircraft approaching filled the silence that hung in this dead town but it wasn't above us like it usually was. This sound came from a near distance. It wasn't our aircraft that was arriving. Not our lift but another attack. I thought nothing of it, having already gotten used to the daily attacks, until the explosions started to happen. They had not happened yet, this was the first time. I looked up now alert, eyes wide as I searched for their origin. It didn't take long for the smoke to start rising from the flames created from the attack. A smoke signal that alerted me to the situation but it also sent people fleeing and caused them to spin into a spiral of chaos. Suddenly the streets were alive. People were keen to see with their eager eyes what their ears had already picked up on. Everyone that stood in the streets, including those of us from F.A.I.T, were staring in the direction of the explosions. 

            "Isn't that from the direction of Collington school?" A young guy said who stood to my left. I started walking forward and slightly to the left which was a failed attempt to get better view. It was too far away to see exactly where it was taking place but the guy was right, the smoke was rising from the direction of Collington school and if that's where to smoke was coming from them it's were the explosion happened. Collington school was the school my sister went to. 

            I found myself running. In a matter of seconds I had decided to head in that direction and then taken off. I heard my heart beating in my ears, the shock of each footstep thudding on the ground travelling through my body, all the noise around me condensed into a buzzing. 

            "Harri!" Alex was yelling after me but I just kept running with one destination in mind, one destination in sight. Was he following me? Probably, he had every moment up until now so why would he stop? I never asked him to follow but he always did and as much as it was sometimes annoying I appreciated that he had my back. 

            I knew I was getting closer when the chaos increased. The amount of people that rushed towards me and ran away from what I was heading to increased. I cared not for the strange sensation that came with running through anyone who otherwise would have got in my way.   The smell of smoke was heavy in my nostrils and I felt the heat of the fire brush against my skin. I was there. I came to a halt as the aftermath of the aircraft coming over as right in front of me. The yellow and orange flames flickering out of control as they consumed the buildings. Rubble from the hit lay scattered on the floor, those buildings that weren't overrun by fire were missing half of their structure. 

            The main hit wasn't the school but it had been caught in the attack. The roof was almost gone completely, walls crumbled, windows smashed. Most people were fleeing the scene but some were playing the part of hero before the real rescue team arrived. I wasn't stood still for long merely the few seconds it took for me to take it all in. I almost immediately took off again and headed straight for what remained of the school. 

            Soon DREADs were around and the screaming grew, as did the running and with that the number of people who walked through me. As I adjusted to the invisibility super power that came with the plug in I forgot that I would have to look out for the DREADs. They weren't real, they weren't living so we could touch them and feel them. One appeared in front of me and there wasn't much time to react once I realised I couldn't run through them. I ploughed straight into it. The tough metal chest coming into contact with me hard. The breath got knocked out of me and I was thrown to the side as my own weight was nothing in comparison to that of the DREAD's. I wasn't sure whether it had seen me or whether it had even registered our collision but it carried on walking without giving me a second glance which I took as I good sign. 

            I ran with the those few heroes who still dared head towards the danger rather than away. Getting into the school building was easier for me than those who were real. While I did feel the heat of the flames they weren't a barrier. I felt my hand glaze through fire as I ran further into the building and it felt as though it should have hurt. The heat I felt, the burning sensation made me snatch my hand back but I didn't feel the pain I should have. I climbed over rubble getting frustrated when chunks of concrete crumbled under the weight of another causing my foot to slip. 

            Classroom 4b. My sisters class room. That was my destination. Although I had spent four years of my own life in the school it looked so different. The natural change a school undertakes with the passing years with the addition of an attack made it hard to locate the classroom. The pain filled screams of children was a distraction I could have done without. Once further inside the building the floor almost returned to normal and it was much easier to walk. I didn't want to run in fear of missing the classroom but I walked at a fast pace determined to get there as soon as possible. 

            4b. I found it. I stopped. Fear grabbed hold of me and forced me to stand in one spot, held me so I couldn't move. I was scared of what I would see when I walked through the door way. Did I really want to know what lay in the classroom? Is it a good idea to find out what this future held for me? Yes. I had to. Even if my worst fears were confirmed it hadn't happened yet and this would give me the knowledge to change it when it did. I swallowed the fear that bubbled away inside me and took hesitant steps forward.

            It wasn't the worst I had seen whilst climbing through the broken building but inside was a shattered classroom. Broken windows, cracks in the walls, crumbled ceiling. Scared faces hidden amongst the debris, bright eyes like spotlights in the dark, dull, grey room, terrified and painful screams and cries calling out. Not all eyes were open, not all voices were screaming. Searching frantically with my own eyes for the face of my sister. 

            "Caitlin!" I yelled when I spotted her. I took off to grab her and was over to her in the matter of seconds. She had dust sprinkled over her like she has been playing out in the snow, chunks of concrete and other building materials lay around and on her but she didn't seem to be hurt. I reached for her arm but my hand went straight through it. I tried again. Still I couldn't take a hold of her. I tried again and again and again. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Tears began flowing down my face, they were cool in comparison to my warm cheeks. 

            "It's going to be ok, I promise" I tried stroking the stray hair that hung over her face away but it was another failed attempt to touch my sister. There was no way for me to remove her from the building but I could remove what buried her legs, relieve her of some of the pain she must have felt. I moved my hand to start the removing but I felt a firm grip on my wrist. 

            "What are you doing?!" Alex practically screamed in my ear. 

            "Let go of me!" I shouted back, trying to get my arm free of his grip. 

            "You can't help her" I couldn't believe what he was telling me. 

            "She's my sister, Alex!" The tears continued to flood down my face. 

            "But you still can't help her"

            "I may not be able to get her out of here but I can help set her free and all the others" I argued. I couldn't understand why he didn't want me to help.

            "You can't move anything. Move something and they will see it but they won't see who is moving it" He finally explained. 

            "I can't just leave her" I said although I knew he was right. 

            "Harri, this hasn't happened yet. We are working to stop this happening and now you have a personal reason to find a way to stop all this" 

            "Ok" I admitted defeat. 

            "Now we have to get out of here" He finally let go of me and started to turn around and head out. 

            "What? No, I'm not leaving her" I didn't get up. 

            "What you want to stay in here and wait for someone to come in and pull her out along with everybody else?" He said it as though it was a stupid idea.

            "Yes" I replied. 

            "And what if you fade out before help comes and we have wasted time standing around here not being about to do anything to help. The best thing to help your sister right now is to get out of here and continue searching" 

            "I can't. We have plenty time to search, in fact we have all the time in the world because time isn't moving on where we are but it is here and I have to stay and find out what happens. I have to see her to safety" I argued. 

            "10 minutes" Alex gave me the life line I wanted not that I would have gone with him if he had decided to move on. 

            Another explosion went off in the distance and the impact rocked the already unstable building. More dust floated down like snow, settling on hopeless children, loose bricks fell, the unstable piles of stone shook and fell like small landslides. It was uncertain how long this building was going to last. Through the crying came coughs as they breathed the dusted in. It was also uncertain how long some of these children were going to last. 

            Fortunately help came within the allotted 10 minutes Alex had give us and I watched, helpless as they pulled the children out, dead or alive. I watched the rescuers perform the job I couldn't: freeing my little sister. I followed them until out of the building. They went one way but their exit was blocked by a new fire that I'm sure wasn't there before. It was harder to walk out of a school than it should have been but step by step they made it out. I was desperate to move faster but I had to slow down to walk at their pace not wanting to go ahead of my sister. 

            Caitlin was taken over to the ambulance to be checked over the second we all got out. I scanned the audience of panicked faces and found my mum in the crowd, by her side stood my other sister Kate and in her arm she held my youngest sister Sophie. Relief washed over their faces as they saw Caitlin being brought from the wreckage. Mum started running towards me, towards her. Worry still in my mother's eyes as she didn't know the state of Caitlin's condition. 

            "She's ok" I told her pointlessly. She couldn't hear me, she couldn't see me. She didn't know I was here. She walked right through me and it was the worse feeling, knowing I couldn't tell her everything was going to be ok. All I could do was watch. 

            "Thank god you are ok, sweetie" My mum was crying as she reached out her arms to embrace my sister. I had never been so envious. "I thought you were..." She stopped to take a breath. "I couldn't lose another one of you" 


            "Don't say that!" Kate shouted. I had never heard her shout that way at mum before. "Harri is only missing presumed dead, she isn't actually dead so talk about her like she isn't ever coming back!" 


            "Kate, you know I didn't mean it like that" Mum defended herself.

            "Then don't say it" Kate was crying too but not for the reuniting with her younger sister but for the loss of her older sister. 

            Missing presumed dead. Not here. Not in the future. I didn't have a future. 

            I ran my fingers through my hair and dug my nails into my scalp and I began wondering pointlessly. Finding out that in a few weeks time I was to be no more wasn't exactly the news I wanted to hear. Maybe being recruited to F.A.I.T would change the outcome. I could only hope. 

            "Harri? Are you ok?" Alex asked. He obviously hadn't heard it all. 

            "I'll tell you when we wake up" I said I began to feel myself fading away. 

            "It's not time to go back yet, there is plenty of time to tell me here" Alex insisted. 

            "Then why do I feel myself slipping away?" I questioned. 


            "I can feel that tingling feeling creeping through my body, the one you get just before you start waking up" I told him.

            "Someone must be waking you up" He said. 

            "I'll see you when you wake up then" I said just before I began fading. 

            This wake up was worse than the last one, the naturally timed wake up, but not as bad and the first one. I woke up coughing for air. A stood there a bowl full of the blue liquid that transferred us, my bag had been drained which had woke me up sooner than I was supposed to. 

            "What were you thinking?" L was there too standing in front of me. Although she was angry she offered her hand to me once all the tubes had been removed to help me up. I took the offer gracefully not want to annoy her any more. 

            "What do you mean?" I played dumb hoping she was talking about something else. 

            "You know what I mean. We saw your dot head towards Collington school, the school we know your sister attends" L explained what I hoped she didn't know. 

            "I had to see what was happening" I told her. 

            "You have done nothing but break rules since you have got here and it's dangerous to go after your family because you could always end up bumping into yourself and that's never going to end well" L continued to moan at me. 

            "I'm missing presumed dead" I blurted. I was staring her hard in the eye. 

            "You're what?" A stepped over and came into my view. 

            "I found out that in the future I am missing presumed dead, as in not around anymore" I explained glancing over at her. 

            "How did you find that out?" L asked me. 

            "I heard my family talking about it, about me, about how I was missing presumed dead" I told them. "So I may have broken one of the rules but as far as I can see I found out something pretty important, something pretty big, something that could in fact help us" 

            "How did you figure that out?" L asked. 

            "That green liquid" I began as I pointed to it. "It's never been use before but now it can. I can go in properly and talk to people and find out more than any of us ever could do being invisible" It was all becoming clear in my head as I spoke the words like I was just spewing the ideas as they came to me. 

            "You just said you were dead" L countered. 

            "Presumed dead only technically missing so I would have to make some miracle return but I'm sure they would be too happy to see me to bother ask questions about my disappearance" I said. 

            "How do you suppose to explain to them where you go when you have to wake up and come back into reality?" L threw questions at me. 

            "I don't know yet but I'm sure we can figure something out right? Say that I have been working for The Order that's why I was down as missing and that's why I still can't stay" I suggested. 

            "It's got to be worth a try, L" A was leaning towards my idea. 

            "I don't know. It sounds like a plan in theory but putting that theory into action it's dangerous, risky and stupid" L summed up. 

            "Don't we need that to find what we are looking for?" I turned her negative into a positive in my favour. 

            "I really don't know about this. I will speak to H but in the mean time stay out of trouble and obey the rules" She warned me. I nodded and she began walking away. 

            "L" I called after her before she left. "I am sorry for messing everything up, just got to get used to it all I guess" This time it was she who nodded in response. 

            "We might actually finally get to use the green, we might actually start finding something" A said when L had left. 

            "So you think it's a good idea?" I asked. 

            "I think it's an idea. It's certainly different and new" A said. 

            "So you do think it's a good idea?" I composed the question in such a way to urge her to admit it. 

            "I am not saying it's a good idea or a bad idea" A refused to say which side she was on. 

            "I'm going to take that as a yes" I said winding her up. 

            "You take that as I am unsure" She said. 

            "Sure" I turned to walk away but a dramatic gasp from behind me made to change my mind. I looked over my shoulder to see Alex wake with the same sudden force I had when I went through the forced wake up. 

            "That's twice I died for you, Ford" He said through his attempts to breathe. 

            "Well I am flattered that you would perform such a sacrifice for me and twice I am honoured" I joked. 

            "Don't forget it" 

            "I won't" 

            "So talk to me" Alex said as he approached my side and we started walking. 

            "So it turns out I'm MPD" I told him. 

            "MPD?" He questioned the way I shortened to initials. 

            "Missing presumed dead" I explained. 

            "What?!" Alex was shocked. 

            "Tell me about it! Finding out you aren't around in the future is hardly the morning news you wish to hear" I said. 

            "You weren't kidding" Alex sounded even more surprised. 

            "No I wasn't. I'm trying to convince L to let me use the green so I can go in fully and therefore find out more but she's unsure at the moment" I told him. 

            "That would be such a good thing! You could talk to people like we never could" At least Alex sounded excited. 

            "That's what I said but she said it could be dangerous and blah, blah, blah and is going to discuss it with H" I complained. 

            "I'm sure they will see that the benefits out way the possible problems" Alex assured me.

            "They better"

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