Tomorrow-The Day That never comes

When the next day never comes but a war is taking place in the future how are you supposed to end it?
Recruited to the organisation F.A.I.T, Harriet (Harri) becomes part of the team who uses the advanced technology to plug in to the future to uncover the truth behind the war and to find a way stop it before it has even begun.
The confusion she finds clogging her mind when she wakes instantly causes a stir amongst the leaders but is soon pushed aside.
Harri's inquisitively soon gets her into trouble she is not aware of. Constantly pushing boundaries and breaking the rules she ends up getting further than they ever have before.
But it's not all good news. Harri discovers much more than she set out to uncover and things go from bad to worse as secrets are uncovered.
'It's no longer a secret if everyone knows'


1. Prologue

As I was gradually dragged from the comforting depth of unconsciousness I was not fully aware of my surroundings. My head was heavy and my body ached, it didn't ache in pain just with tiredness. The only pain was in the side of my neck.
            As I became more aware of the real world that surrounded me I slowly opened my eyes struggling to lift my heavy eye lids. I saw nothing but white squares perfectly inline, an equal distance from the next only broken up by the long, rectangular, yellowed lights. A ceiling. I was lying down.
            "How are you feeling?" It was a woman who spoke. Her voice was soft and friendly but it was not familiar and I couldn't see her either. I felt her hand touch mine for a second. "Send her to room 4" The same woman spoke again.
            The ceiling started to move and my eyes started to get heavier. The tiled ceiling blinked in and out a few times before it disappeared completely and I was engulfed by unconsciousness once more. 

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