Lilac Sky (Sequel To: High Up)


2. Two - To Forget About The Stupid Little Things

"Well, he was found completely unconscious on the floor of his kitchen and his oxygen tank was out in the hallway... He is supposed to wear it all the time, Mr.Fichbach." The doctor explained what had happened to Jack, Mark assumed that he'd gotten the massive bruise that spread from his forehead down his nose and around both of his eyes and that must have been why he had amnesia.

"I know, we haven't been living together for about a month now... But we've made up and I am staying with him again and I promise to keep a close eye on him." Mark told the man, "And how long will his amnesia last?"

"We don't know, he hit his head pretty hard... He may never remember most things but he will regain some for sure." The doctor nodded, confidant in his answer.

"Okay, thank you so much, doctor, when does, Jack have to come back?" Mark asked for the thousandth time.

"In two weeks." The doctor said sternly.

"I was just making sure." Mark thanked the man again before going to see if Jack was ready to go.

"Hey, babe. Ready?" Mark smiled, seeing the love of his life seated on the edge of the bed, his breathing slightly heavy.

"Yeah." He sighed, going to pull himself up tiredly, swaying as he began to move towards the other male.

"You alright? I can carry that for-"

"I'm fine, Mark. I can do it me-self." He sounded just like a stubborn child.

"Whatever you say." Mark muttered, letting Jack lean up, pressing himself against Mark's body and snaking his arms around the half American's waist. Jack's lips were placed against Mark's softly, the same spark that Mark remembered clearly was still there but, for some reason, it felt wrong.


                “Next time on Game Grumps!” Danny cheered in his always happy voice.

“Maybe Danny will learn how to fucking play.” They both laughed childishly. Dan proceeded to stop recording, letting out a yawn as he stood, stretching his arms over his head, letting out a soft moan.

“Shit, man, I’m so tired. I’ve been sleeping horribly lately and I have no idea why though.” Daniel groaned, Arin stood and followed Dan as he made his way to the door.

“Damn, that sucks. Have you tried taking sleeping pills or something?” Arin suggested, getting a shake of his friends bushy haired head.

“Nah, I’ve been really stressed out lately, I’m not sure as of why but, I’m all good.” Shrugged Dan, glancing over at his friend.

“Are you alright?” Arin asked skeptically, worrying about his best friend.

“Yeah, um… Let’s go get pizza or something.” Danny tried to avoid the subject all together.

“Whatever you say…” Arin wasn’t believing that for a second but, obviously Dan didn’t want to talk about it so he wouldn’t push the matter.


Daniel grabbed another slice from the box, still somehow kicking Arin’s ass at Mariokart, ‘We should play this on Game Grumps so I’ll actually be able to win a game for once.” The two laughed for a moment at Dan’s stupid comment.

“We should! We can record some tomorrow if you want?” Arin offered.

“Alright! I get to kick your ass for once!” Cheered Danny and Arin smiled at the male beside him.

“I’d like to see you try.” The younger boy smirked as he stared into Danny’s chestnut eyes, narrowing his own russet ones. Dan froze, he couldn’t move, his heart raced and a pink tint spread across his face.

“Uh-um… Y-Yeah… Er-Erm?” Stammered Daniel as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, turning to face the T.V. again in attempt to get his breathing and pulse back to normal.

“Danny? You alright, bro?” Asked Arin, seeing how visibly upset the taller male was, this worried him.

“Ye-Yeah… Yeah, um… I was just… Th-Thinking.” He shook his head, his long curls bouncing around his face.

“Dan…Are you sure?” Arin pressed, he could not stand to see his friend this worked up.

“No…” He sighed after a moment, “I just have a lot on my mind lately… I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me.” Dan half smiled, “I promise.”

“If you want to talk about it I’m here for you.” Arin offered his support, placing a hand on Danny’s, which was rested on his knee. Dan jerked away suddenly in shock and panic, his hand tingling from the contact.

“Uhh… I-I…” Dan gasped, wide-eyed, “I’m sorry, A-Arin, I-I… I’m” Dan shook his head, tugging his fingers through his long hair anxiously, having a fully blown panic attack.

“Danny?” Arin spoke, eyebrows furrowed together, his worry turned to anguish in an instant. He noticed how odd Dan had been acting all day, all Arin wanted to know was what had him so distraught.

“I-I’m sorry, Arin… I should g-go. I need some-some rest… To… Um… To clear my mind.” Dan stood quickly from the couch, mumbling another ‘I’m sorry’ before dashing out the door, leaving Arin to himself.


Phil leaned his head against Dan's shoulder, drifting in and out of sleep as him and his lover watched movie after movie.

“Phil, babe.” Daniel ruffled his hair gently.

“Shh…” yawned Phil, pressing his hand against Dan’s face.

“Time for bed, loser.” He giggles but Phil is already sleeping again, though Dan couldn’t help but smile at the cute boy next to him. Dan slid from Phil’s grip, once he’d gotten to his feet he gently slipped his arms beneath the boy and carefully lifted him and pulled the boy close to him.

Dan carried Phil slowly down the hallway to their shared bedroom, placing him down on the bed with care, kissing his forehead tenderly and he proceeded to strip down to just his boxers, doing the same for sleepy Phil before clamoring into bed beside his beau. Dan of course grabbed his laptop from the floor next to the bed, going on Tumblr. The couple still hadn’t come out to their fans yet so Dan had to be careful about what he posted and reblogged.

Phil rolled over in his sleep, wrapping his arms around his love, Dan subconsciously draped an arm over his boyfriend, glancing down at him with a smile. Dan moved his hand up to stroke Phil’s dyed black hair. God was he whipped. Dan would do literally anything for that small boy, he loved him more than he should’ve loved anybody. Phil made him so happy.

The now tired boy shut his laptop, placing it back where it was before, quickly grabbing his phone. Dan leaned against Phil, taking a picture of his sleeping companion and himself and shut the device off and dropped it next to him on the bed and rolled over, facing Phil. Daniel buried his face into his lover’s chest, falling into a peaceful sleep.

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