Lilac Sky (Sequel To: High Up)


12. Twelve - Mmm Whatcha' Say

Ryan was on his way home from the store, having gotten a few movies, some candy and popcorn for him and Felix to share while having their annual 'date night'.  By date night, they meant eat junk food until someone gets sick and cuddle while watching shitty movies until two in the morning. That was their favorite kind of date night.

Ryan hated being out this late in the evening. He felt as though he was being watched and that freaked him out.

Always so paranoid.

Well at least that's what Felix always said...

He'd always tell Ryan that and smile and chuckle lowly... 

Ryan really loved that...

He felt himself tense as he heard heavy footsteps right behind him. The young male quickly glanced back, only seeing the figure of a woman dressed all in black, her clothes tight against her body. She had on these boots that were huge, the stilettos so tall she was basically towering over Ryan in them. The heel was pointed in a way that made Ryan very uncomfortable.

It was fine.

Ryan had to keep reassuring himself.

Always to paranoid.

He shook his head at himself, smiling at the sound of his fiancé's voice echoing in his head...

Suddenly, his breath hitched in his throat as he was grabbed from behind, a hand firmly grasped over his mouth to stop him from making noise.

"Give me all your valuables and nobody get's hurt." A soft, yet threatening voice breathed into his ear. 

Slowly Ryan reached for his wallet, handing it to the woman carefully, his hand shaking slightly. Her eyes fell upon the ring that adorn his finger. A smirk played at her lips, hers eyes narrowing as he pointed towards the gold and sliver, diamond dusted engagement ring that Felix had given him.

"Hand over the ring." The woman spoke.

"I-I can't give you that, you can have anything else, just not this ring." Ryan protested against her, feeling something being shoved into his side roughly.

"Hand it over." She growled into his ear lowly, making Ryan shiver.

"N-No, I won't." Ryan refused, "I can't."

"If you don't fucking give me that ring right now, I can't promise that you won't get hurt... Now this is the last time I'm saying it, give me the ring." The woman shoved the item, which Ryan had now established was a gun, even harder into his side.

"I can't give it to you, you can have anything else on me, just not-" Ryan all of a sudden, felt his breath being swept away, falling towards the street below, grabbing at the girls shoulder in attempt to catch himself, his eyes catching hers. 

He knew this woman...

Her eyes were once something he'd look into for hours on end. She was someone he'd once held and called his own, someone he'd speak of a future with, a future that never became reality.


He felt nothing.

He was numb.

Soon he realized he was laying on the ground, he was in so much pain and in such shock that he couldn't move. His eyes followed the figure of his blurry ex-lover as he bent down to take his ring. Ryan used every ounce of power in him to clench his fist, making it impossible for her to grab it.

"Once isn't enough, huh?" She shook her head and stood above him again, firing two more deafening shots into the silent evening.

The last thing that Ryan felt was the ice cold touch of her hand as he took his ring.

The only thing he had been fighting for.  


Another night away, another morning in a bed that was not his own.

Though, this time, he knew exactly where he was... It had been years since he'd seen this bedroom. This was the room of his old friend, Signe Hansen. 

They had slept together?

Mark yawned, feeling the arms that were wrapped around his bare torso, hug onto him tighter. The long hair of the girl, who was fast asleep on top of him, cascaded over his muscular chest. 

The girl lifted her head groggily from where it had been rested against Mark's shoulder, "Hello." She yawned, smiling at Mark sleepily.

She was gorgeous.

"Morning..." Mark rubbed lazily at his eyes, "You're uh, Signe, right?"

"Yes, but... Well, I-I'm sorry, I've completely forgotten your name..." She blushed, hiding her face in her pillow.

"Um, well, it's me, Mark Fischbach." He just hoped he didn't sound like an idiot and she actually would remember him.

"Mark!" She beamed, causing Mark to smile, "It's really you! I wondered where you went! It's been like what...? Three years? Four?" 

"Yeah! It's been ages!" Mark replied, "You've gotten really, really beautiful..." Mark commented, entranced in her beauty. 

He was definitely not gay, bi maybe, but not gay.

Not with someone like her around.

"Thank you, Mark, you've gotten quite handsome yourself." Sign smiled brighter.

"Would you maybe wanna go out for breakfast?"


Arin awoke, his eyes blurry from sleep and something else he couldn't quite place. His head was fuzzy and he couldn't figure out where he was, unable to remember what had happened before he'd passed out.

Arin's head dropped to the side. He could faintly make out the silhouette of another person and a soft thumping sound coming from that direction.

Where was he?

He felt as though he was stuck in a half asleep state, unable to move. Panic set in and he began to have an anxiety attack, this was only the second one he'd ever had. Arin had forgotten the petrifying feeling of dread and fear that once ran through his body. He felt like he was drowning, he couldn't fight back, his body paralyzed in a way he'd never experienced before. He noticed the silhouette turn to look his way and began to move closer.

As the person approached him his heart pounded, adrenaline rushing through his veins, making him grow even more tense.

"Arin." The voice above him spoke, it was a woman's voice from what he could tell, though it sounded far away, underwater-like.

The young male tried his hardest to speak, though he just couldn't, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't do it.

"I'm assuming the drugs haven't worn off yet, you'll be able to move soon. Don't worry." Her voice was soft, yet menacing. As his vision started to return to normal, he could tell he knew this woman, there was something about her. "So, what should I do first...?" She smiled evilly as she took a whip and a curling rod in her hands.

"Who... Who are you...? Wha-What do you want me for?" Arin's voice came out low and hoarse, shaking slightly from his panicked state.

"You'll figure out who I am in due time and I want you because I know that I can break you, Arin," She grinned to herself.

"How do you know my-my name?" Arin growled.

"You'll figure that out as well," She spoke as she walked around him, deciding on the whip because that would draw blood and the curling rod wouldn't. "Are you a kinky little boy, Arin?" She smirked but he didn't answer her. He didn't trust this, not one bit.

"Answer me when I speak to you!" She snapped and cracked the whip against his exposed stomach, instantly Arin's body tensed and he groaned in pain, wanting to yell out but he couldn't, he knew she would hurt him more.

"No, no, I'm not kinky," He moaned out.

"Sounds like you're enjoying this." Again the whip was snapped against his skin.

"No..." He breathed heavily. This was not helping him calm down at all, if anything this was bringing him closer to having a heart attack than anything. He felt like water was surrounding him, like, you know when you lay on your back and float in the water? When the water surrounds your face and your heart skips a beat? That's how he felt in that moment. Arin could've sworn that he was drowning, he struggled, trying to pull himself free of the woman's trap that held him strapped down to the cold metal table.

"Stop moving!" She shouted, hitting him again.

"I-I can't breathe!" He panted, praying she would show mercy.

"Who said you could speak!" She hit him again, and again. Over and over the cracking of the whip against him, soon enough the sound was constant and in the background, behind his thoughts that were screaming, telling him he had to run, he had to get free. He was drowning, he couldn't get free.

His mind though was only worried about one thing...

What about Danny?


Arin laid on the metal bed, his chest and stomach covered in blood from his lashings. His breathing still heavy, his panic attack still there, just not as violent as before.

He was now fully aware of what was happening, finally conscious and able to think. His eyes and head no longer blurred. His kidnapper was nowhere to be seen, she'd disappeared about half an hour earlier, which felt like an eternity to Arin.

She soon reentered the room and this was when he first saw her face and it suddenly clicked for him, "Molly..." He breathed, "I should've known." He coughed, eyes narrowed in an angered glare.

"Look at you, figuring it out, all by yourself." Her eyes narrowed to match his.

"Why me? I thought you wanted Jack," Arin hissed.

"I do, but, I chose you for the simple fact that you're weak. If I took Jack or his stupid fucking boyfriend, then they'd fight back, they'd be too much of a struggle to handle. For you though, you don't have anyone that could fight for you. All of your friend's are just as weak as you," She told him.

"I swear to fucking god, Molly. You even touch Danny, even think about hurting him I will fucking kill you." Arin snapped. "You can do anything you want to me, but hurt him and I hurt you," Arin glared at her, fully serious and she knew it.

"Okay, so you give me consent to do anything to you?" Molly knew exactly what she was doing, a huge sneer across her lips.

"As long as Danny doesn't get hurt."

That was a mistake.


Phil placed yet another fully packed box on his bed. He shook his head, frowning. He never thought he'd see this day. He had this ache in his chest that he just couldn't get to go away. 

"Phil, please!" Dan sobbed, 'I'm sorry, I-I was drunk and it-it just-"

"Okay! I've had enough!" Phil shouted finally, making Dan jump, "I don't care if you were drunk, I don't care if you were sober, you still fucking did it, Dan!" Phil shouted, "I'm sick and tired of being fucked over by everyone! I'm done! I can't do this anymore, and you're gonna have to deal with it!"

Dan stood in shock, eyes wide. Phil never yelled, especially not at Dan. He also never swore like that...

"I-I..." Dan stammered, shaking his head as it dropped to face the floor, tears rolling down his cheeks, he knew he couldn't get Phil to change his mind, "I'm sorry..."

"Sorry's just a word, Dan. It doesn't mean, nor does it fix anything." Phil couldn't take this any longer, "I'll send someone for my things."

"I just want one more chance, please, Phil... Please!" Dan pleaded, feeling so pathetic.

"Goodbye Dan."


Felix awoke around four in the morning after falling asleep while waiting for his fiancé to return home.

"Ryan?" Felix yawned lazily, sitting up from his slumped position on the couch. He then realized he'd been awoken by his cellphone and quickly answered, "Hello?" He yawned again.

"Um, hello. Is this Felix, er... Kell-berg?" An unfamiliar voice asked.

"Uh... It's Kjellberg... Who's this?"

"This is Maynard hospital, we are calling to inform you that a, Ryan Terry was brought in several hours ago and is now in the I.C.U... He is in critical condition as well..." The person spoke, which caused Felix to begin having a severe anxiety attack.

"I-I... Uh, um... I-I'll be t-there soon..." Felix stumbled over his words, his brain unable to function properly at the time. He hung up moments later, his phone slipping from his hands to the floor.

Tears streamed down the young males face as he pulled his knees to his chest, shaking violently.

He couldn't lose him.


Ryan laid lifelessly in the hospital bed, hooked up to more machines than Felix could count. The only thing that showed Felix that his lover was still alive was the soft beeping of his heart monitor.

"Please, Ryan... Please don't go..." Felix sobbed, gripping his dying loves hand, "You can't leave me. I couldn't bear to lose you... Not again." Felix pleaded, "I just need more time..."


As time ticked by, Felix lost more and more hope, more of himself. With each passing second, with every beep of that damn heart monitor, a par of him died, along with the man he loved.

"I love you... I love you so, so much, Ryan..."


Ryan entered the small flat that he shared with Matt, he was tired and felt pretty miserable. His day had gone terribly and right then, all he wanted to do was crawl into his bed and sleep for an eternity.

Though, that's not what Matt had planned.

"Hey, Ryan?" Matt leaned his head back to look at Ryan over the back of the couch.

"What do you want?" He snapped, rather harshly.

"I just wanna talk for minute." Matt motioned for the other to sit beside him.

"No, I'm going to bed, Matt." Ryan grumbled.

"It will only take a minute." 

"Fine." Huffed Ryan, dropping to sit down beside the person he hated most.

"What... What are we?" Matt ran his fingers through his blonde hair anxiously. This had been driving him nuts all week.

"The fuck are you talking about?" Ryan groaned, he was not up for this. He  was not drunk enough nor fucked up enough to deal with this right now.

"Like... Like... What are we doing...? What are we?" Matt asked, "Fucking each other like this, it's supposed to mean something... So, what does it mean, Ryan?"

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