Lilac Sky (Sequel To: High Up)


3. Three - I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

He entered the office cautiously, eyeing over the new Grump suspiciously. Ross had always had trust issues, especially after being hurt so badly before.

"Good morning, Ross!" The newbie, Barry, smiled

"Mmh." Ross grumbled harshly.

"Want me to get you some coffee, I was just about to head out 'cause, uh... The coffee maker... 'Broke'... After Arin played some, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2." Barry offered sweetly, hearing a loud groan come from Ross.

"God-fucking-damnit!" Shouted Ross, this was not going to be a good day...

The Aussie spun around to face the door, quickly glancing at Barry, "By the way, I am fully capable of getting my own fucking coffee." And with that, Ross was off.


"What the fuck!? You piece of motherfucking garabge! Suck my fucking chode!" Arin screamsat the game in rage, about to fire the controller at the T.V. Danny quickly caught his friend's arm as it was lifted above his head.

"Next time on Game Grumps!" Danny jumped, quickly shutting the recording off. Arin whined, dropping the controller to the floor, "It's alright, Big Cat, come 'ere." Dan tugged his younger friend into a tight and comforting hug. Arin instantaneously hugged him back, even tighter and letting out a blood-curdling screech into Danny's chest loudly. The larger hushed the other, rubbing his friend's back.

"I can't do it, Dan. I just can't... If I try one more time I'm going to have a damn heart attack." Whined Arin.

"Then let's play a nice, calming round of frolf." Dan smiled and Arin nodded at his suggestion.

"I heard screaming! Did you murder Dan!?" Suzy dashed in, convinced Arin had murdered his co-host/best friend.

"I-I'm fine." Dan tensed. Recently he'd become jealous, he couldn't even look at Suzy without feeling envy weighed down on him, hating every fiber of her being... For doing nothing wrong...

"Okay good... Arin behave, and don't murder Danny... We have nowhere to hide his body." She joked, getting a forced laugh from Dan, "Also, have you talked to Dan about dinner?"


"Do you really love me?" Was a question Jack never could've expected to hear... Especially from Mark.

"Of course I do, Mark... Ye're the only reason that I even kept fightin'..." Jack looked at him with worry in his eyes, "Why would ye ever ask me somethin' like that? Is there somethin' wrong, Mark? Have I done somethin' wrong?"

"No, no, but I mean... T-Then why did-" Mark slammed his mouth before he slipped up.

"What?" Jack's brow narrowed, "What'd I do?" He hated not knowing but he felt as though he were better off being oblivious from the way that Mark had been acting.

"N-Nothing, never mind." Dismissed Mark quickly.

"Okay... Whatever ya say..."


Mark awoke with a start at some time after midnight. At first he didn't quite understand what had caused him to wake but within moments a sound that he couldn't quite place rang out through the quiet room.

He rolled over groping the sheets for Jack before he quickly realized that his lover was missing from his usual place. Mark sat up and rubbed at his eyes, looking around the room, mumbling Jack's name sleepily, getting no response. His eyes landed upon light seeping through the cracked open bathroom door.

"Jacky?" Mark yawed, rubbing at his eyes more as he slowly moved to get from the bed, tossing his legs over the edge, his feet dangling above the cold, wooden floors. Mark got a gag in response from Jack and he let out a tired sight as he stretched and slid out of bed, gasping at the sudden icy touch of the floor.

"Guh! Fuck!" Mark heard come from the other side of the door to the bathroom along side a long crash.

"Jack, babe?" Mark jumped and tossed the bathroom door open to see what had happened.

At first a panic rushed through him, seeing blood all over the place but he quickly saw why and begun laughing hysterically. Jack had been getting sick and somehow had managed to give himself a nose bleed.

"Stop laughin'!" Whined Jack as he stood wearily to get cleaned up.

"I'm sorry." Giggle Mark, "But, I mean, how did you even manage to do this?" Mark hurried to help Jack get cleaned up.

"I was tryin' ta sit up a bit more and I grabbed the seat, which was up, and it came down and hit me in the face." He moaned, " I seriously think I broke me nose."

"Let me see, I broke my nose as a kid so, I understand." Mark said as he gently dabbed a damp face cloth to Jack's skin in attempt to clean the blood off of him. Mark was extremely careful when he went to clean Jack's nose. Almost as soon as the cloth touched him he flinched away, letting out a yelp in pain. Mark groaned softly and sighed, "Yep, let's get dressed and head off to the hospital.


"Scott!?" The loud, high-pitched voice echoed through the practically empty apartment, "Can you come help me with something!?" Called the smaller male.

"What'd ya need help with, short stuff?" Scott chuckled as he entered the room, only to find his roommate, Mitch, stood a top his dresser trying to hang stuff up on his wall, "Get down from there before you get hurt, shithead." Scott groaned.

"You're not my mom... Just make yourself useful and come help me by hanging this around my bed." Mitch spoke and tossed a strand of fairy-lights towards his larger friend.

Scott rolled his eyes rolled his eyes, but did it nonetheless.


While attempting to hang up one of his posters, Mitch somehow ended up plunging the tack into his hand. The male gasped and jumped backwards, tumbling off of his dresser to the wooden floor below.

A loud slam diverted Scott's attention to where it'd come from, rushing to his friend's aid after seeing him sprawled out on the floor, "Are you okay?!" He panicked.

"I'm fine, just in pain." Moaned Mitch, breathing heavily from the ache in his chest from the air being knocked out of him.

"You're not fine! You're bleeding! You have to get to the hospital!" Scott was obviously over-protective, especially over Mitch.

"I'm... Fine, Scott." He wheezed, attempting to sit up only to collapse back to the floor, an immense amount of pain in his chest, he panted heavily.

"What happened? Are you okay, Mitch?" Scott panicked yet again, "You're going to the hospital, let's go."


"My chest hurts." Complained Mitch.

"Shouldn't have been stupid... Maybe next time you'll listen to me." Scott lectured.

"Well, I still would've stabbed myself!" Mitch shoved his hand towards his best friend.

"But you wouldn't have to've come to the hospital and you also wouldn't need surgery now would you?"

"Fuck off." Mitch pouted.

Both jumped when the curtain separating them swished open loudly, revealing the couple sharing the room with them.

"Hello, Mr. Grassi! How are you feeling?" An overly cheery nurse smiled at him.

"Eh." He muttered, unable to shrug.

" I just have to change out your IV bag." She informed, changing the almost empty bag of some kind of antibiotic or pain killer, "I'll be out of your way now, a doctor will be in later to check on you." She spoke before quickly exiting, leaving the curtain open as she did so.

"Excuse me?" A voice spoke up from the opposite side of the room.

"Yeah?" Mitch asked in confusion.

"You're singers right?" One asked.

"Yeah, were in a band called Pentatonix." Mitch saw the injured one look up at the other with a huge smile on his face.

"Yeer cover of valentine is our song." He smiled, "It's such a sweet song, yeer voices are perfect fur it." Complemented the male, "I'm Jack and this is me boyfriend, Mark." He explained.

"Oh! You're Markiplier and Jacksepticeye aren't you!?" Scott jumped, getting a nod from Mark, "I'm Scott and that's Mitch."


Danny bit down hard on his bottom lip, tears threatening to fall due to the ache in his chest. Yet he couldn't pry his eyes away from what was destroying him inside. The man he'd fallen in love with, only his heart was already claimed by somebody else, a gorgeous and way better person than him... A perfect woman.

Danny had to get this off his chest. He felt as though he were about to explode, his heart was already in pieces enough, "Ross...? Could I-I talk to-to you real quick...? Like in-in private?" He stammered anxiously.

"Uh... Sure?"

Dan quickly stood from the table and hurried from the restaurant, Ross in tow close behind. Now Dan was starting to regret his decision to tell Ross, he was never good at hiding things and he'd probably fuck up at some point that night and say something about it. Also if Danny finally said it, he would be finally coming to terms with this, this would make it true.

"What's gotten into you?" Ross' brow furrowed. The older and taller male was shaking, quite violently and felt slightly ill, a bright crimson flushed over his face.

"Uh... Well, I-I... Oh god, this was a bad idea..." Danny squirmed, rubbing at the back of his neck awkwardly.

"What do you mean?" Ross cocked an eyebrow.

"Goddamn it, if-if I admit this than that means it's true, no turning back... I just-... I-I... I feel dumb, I'm sorry." He whimpered, beginning to pace, "But I just can't keep this a secret any longer, it's killing me."

"What the hell are ya sputtering on about?" Ross eye'd him suspiciously.

"I just... I just can't find the right words! Agh, like, this could ruin everything if people found out!" Groaned Dan as he anxiously ran his fingers through his hair.

"Danny..." Ross started, 'Are you, like... Say that you... Erm... Are in love with-"

"Arin...Yeah." He mumbled.

"What?" Ross gasped, "Does he know?"

"Well..." Squeaked Danny, "He doesn't even know that I'm not... Er, f-fully straight."


"Ross... I am so in love with him that just seeing him with Suzy hurts, because I know that he really, really loves her, and also that he'll never be able to love me as much as her... He's so happy and oblivious." Danny's head dropped to face the floor, "I try so hard but he never sees, he just thinks I'm a joke." Ross watched with pity, his heart falling hearing how broken his friend was. He may be a sadist but that doesn't mean he couldn't feel bad.

"I-I... I don't know what to say..." Ross stammered out, "I know that nothing I could say would help at all... I'm sorry, Danny..."

"I am too..."


Stupid Barry, just had to come along with him. Ross was already miserable enough.

Ross was openly gay and he wasn't very well liked around town for that reason. Ross hated going into town but he had to that day, he was assigned to pick up coffee after Arin had destroyed the other one. They'd been switching off between who had to get it and today was Ross' day but someone had also put Barry down for today so he decided he wanted to join Ross. 

Oh good.

"Hey! Faggot!" A man, who was visibly, much larger than Ross called out, everybody lookng around the room except Ross who kept his eyes firmly on the ground. Ross soon felt a large hand placed harshly on his shoulder, causing him to flinch.

"Y-Yeah?" Stammered the smaller, swallowing hard.

"I saw you looking over all the men in 'ere and I wanted to let you know that nobody wants your fucking disgusting, queer ass." The guy spat, "You are worthless scum, thinking you can enter somewhere and just fucking look all the men over, undressing them with your filthy eyes!"

"Well, what's the problem with that, you do that to women, I bet that you've already done that to every girl in here." Ross mumbled cockily.

"Shut the fuck up!" The man shouted, his balled hand colliding with Ross' soft, baby-like face. Ross gasped silently at the amount of pain that stung on his now bleeding lip, "People like you make me sick!"

"And pigs like you that take advantage of women make me sick but you don't see me beating you up and calling you out even though I-" Again the man's fist made contact with Ross' face.

"Just shut the fuck up! You worthless fuck! Do you really think that anyone in here would give you the time of day!?" Ross bit at his swollen lip, that stung a bit.

"What makes you think that he'd ever want any of you homophobic scumbags?" Barry interjected as he saw the scene unfolding. The man released Ross who stumbled off quickly.

"Who the fuck asked you? Are you that little shit's boyfriend?" Growled the man.

"Nobody had to ask me, I'm an adult with a mind of my own, unlike you. Now leave him alone." Snapped Barry, which shocked Ross, seeing as nobody had cared enough before to even attempt to.

"Why the fuck should I?" He now stepped up to Barry, grabbing the collar of his shirt, though Barry didn't even faultier.

"Because, one, he's done nothing wrong. Two, he was minding his own business when you assaulted him and most importantly he's a human-fucking-being, just like everyone else in here." Barry hissed with distaste. The man stood, still gripping Barry's shirt but he was saying nothing, his mouth agape as if he were about to let out another slur, yet nothing came, "Now get the fuck off of me." Barry shoved him back, "And next time, use your fucking practically non-existent  brain to think about who your messing with." 

Barry stepped up to Ross, placing a finger gently beneath the older's chin, lifting his head up. Barry's eyes widened as he saw deep purple markings on Ross' cheek, eye and lips. His eye was almost swollen shut and his bottom lip was two times the size of what it should have been.

"Let's go somewhere else." Barry spoke seeing the fear in Ross' eyes.



"Why did he act that way towards you?" Barry spoke up on the walk back to the Grump office, "Do you know him?"

"Um... Well not really... People around here just don't appreciate me being openly gay, this is quite an old fashioned town, they believe that being gay is wrong... I just can't afford a place outside of here, Cali's expensive." Shrugged Ross, "Oh well, I'll live."

"Do not speak like that, Ross! That man fucking beat you up today, that isn't okay! You aren't safe!" Barry scolded, "You'll live until someone decides that having you around isn't ideal, Ross, you can't stay here, I won't let you and I'm pretty sure that if Dan saw what happened today he wouldn't let you either."

"Well where the fuck am I gonna go, Barry!?" Ross snapped, tears forming rapidly in his eyes.

"Come live with Danny and I."


"Mark!" Called Jack through the silent house, his lover jumping in his seat on the couch where he'd been editing a new video.

"Yeah?!" He called back.

"We need to go out to the store! We've got nothin' ta eat 'round 'ere." Groaned Jack as he entered the living area and crawled into Mark's lap, pushing his laptop out of his lap and off to the side.

"Well, I mean we can't go if you're laying on me." Chuckled Mark, rubbing his hand over Jack's bald head, his mind rushing back to the first time he held the small Irishman like this, he could feel his fingers running through Jack's soft hair. 

'Seasons change but people don't'



"Mark...?" Jack has this grin on his face that was unmistakeable. He wanted to get something that Mark would normally say they didn't need.

"What do you want now, Jack?" Chuckled Mark, Jack presented him with a box of hot chocolate packets and mini-marshmallows, he also had three packs of popcorn with him and Mark's breath hitched in his throat.

"Ya said only three packs of popcorn last time right?" Jack smiled happily, proud of himself for being able to remember.

"O-Oh...? Yeah I did, didn't I?" Mark really wished he could be happy for Jack but all he could think of was a week from that memory.

"Aren't ye happy?" Jack looked at him anxiously.

"Of course I am!" He faked his enthusiasm, just as he'd been faking his happiness and masking his depression.

"I love ye, Mark."

"I-I love you too, Jacky."


"Hey...Um... Babe?" Jack spoke, entering the bedroom from their bathroom where he'd been getting ready to cuddle up with Mark and watch movies.

"What is it, Jack? Are you alright?"

"The real question is, are ye?" Jack sat on the edge of their bed, holding out a bottle of pills with Mark's name on the side of it.

"What are-... Jack, where'd you find these?" Mark saw they were his depression meds, which he had been neglecting to take.

"They were shoved in the back of the small drawer full of yeer hair stuff." He spoke looking up at Mark with sadness, "...Why aren't ye takin' them?" He spoke up after a moment of silence.

"Because, I'm fine now." The taller lied.

"Mark, please don't lie to me..." Begged the love of his life.

"I don't like them." Mark told him.

"But ye'll feel better, babe... I know ye aren't happy... I can tell." Jack told him, "... I-Is it my-my fault?"

"Jack no, I am so sorry you had to find out this way... I really am. I love you so much... There's just something that happened that has made me see the world differently." Mark admitted, pulling Jack to lay with him on the bed, "I learned that nothing lasts forever and nothing stays the same."


His smile and tired eyes. They were so beautiful. Mark reached over into his bedside table, glancing at the clock in the process, 3:14am.

He fished out the small box that had broken his heart so badly before and sucked in a deep breath, "Jack?" He spoke up, making the half-awake boy jump to life.

"Mmm, yeah?" Jack yawned and stretched.

"You know that I love you with all my heart and you're my everything. You are my world, Sean. And well... I want to spend the rest of my days with you, so erm..." Mark fumbled with the small black box as Jack propped himself up to look at Mark better, confused as to what was happening. Until he remembered.

"Sean William McLoughlin, Will you marry me?"

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