Lilac Sky (Sequel To: High Up)


10. Ten - Because Life Can Do Terrible Things

Summer has soon faded, wilting like a flower and staggering into fall and fall collapsing into winter, leaving no trace of the summers warmth or fall's beautiful colors, making life bare. Leaves lay dead on the ground, crunching beneath the busy, bustling feet of people as they rushed around the frozen streets of the city.

 Lately Ross had notices that the air was more bitter cold than normal. He could barely leave the house, the cold air taking his breath away and making it hard to breathe.

The Aussie awoke around 11:30 in the morning, letting out a groan. It was later than he wanted but his bed felt so comfortable that morning, he didn't want to leave it, having a feeling of dread, that feeling you get when you can tell it is going to be a bad day.

He rolled out of bed nonetheless, knowing that Barry, Dan and Arin were all already at the Grump Office. The boy yawned and rubbed at his eyes as he grabbed his clothes to get ready.

After tacking a quick - very hot - shower he slid into his warm clothes, then proceeding to get some cereal before he left.

Stepping out of the building he was smacked in the face by the cold air and by snow. He looked around, seeing mounds of snow everywhere and snow falling heavily onto the already enormous piles, "Snow!" He smiled, pulling his jacket more around him and shivering. He'd never actually seen snow in real life before.

Ross got into his car and pulled out of the parking lot. The roads were insanely icy, making it extremely hard for Ross to drive and it freaked him out, though he just shrugged it off, seeing as the roads were still open so they couldn't be that bad, could they?

As he kept driving the snow got heavier and the roads got worse. The snow making it close to impossible for Ross to see anything.

Deciding it wasn't best to keep driving he tried to pull over, though the roads being as slippery as they were, the task wasn't accomplished as planned.

Ross' car skid on the frozen road, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Cussed Ross as his car flipped over and landed on its side in an embankment. He was pinned inside of the car by the dashboard, and he was sure that his legs were broken from the amount of pain in them. The Aussie was unable to move his whole body stuck, the window that was now beneath him was shattered, stabbing into his side, a small river of water below him that was only partially frozen, had soaked him.

Ross couldn't cry out, he couldn't move, he couldn't get out. He just wished he could die right then, he prayed the car would just burst into flames and kill him. Though he knew that he was just stuck their in agony until he starved to death, bled to death or got found, he didn't know which he wanted more.


The next day came and went, leaving everyone even more worried. Every second that ticked by made Barry panic more. He was scared out of his mind, more than worried about his lover.

It wasn't until sometime past one in the morning, three days later, did Barry finally find relief.

"Hello?" Yawned Barry, though he never did sleep, he'd barely slept at all since Ross had gone missing.

"Hello, is this Mr. Kramer?" A woman's voice came through the speaker of his phone.

"Um...? Yes? Who's this?" Barry asked cautiously.

"This is Maynard hospital, Ross O'Donovan was just air lifted in, he is in critical condition and is having emergency surgery done right now." The woman informed.

"What!? I-I'll be there soon!" 

He may've been terrified but he couldn't've been happier in that moment.


Barry paced the waiting room anxiously. Arin sat, fast asleep, in one of the the chairs, only out of bed because he cared about his friends. Also, he was only there because Danny was away with Brian doing some Ninja Sex Party stuff.

Barry felt like he was going to be sick, or pass out, he couldn't quite tell which. This couldn't be possible, this was something you could never think to ever happen, and Barry sure as hell never thought anything this horrible could happen.

A young, female nurse stepped out from behind the closed emergency room doors.

"Barry O'Donovan?" She called out through the practically empty room. Barry smacked Arin who awoke with a start, going to yell at the younger but he was already gone.

"Yes, yes, that's me!" He spoke quickly, not even realizing the name mix up.

"You may see, Mr. O'Donovan now, but I have to warn you, he is in terrible shape." The nurse bit her lip.

"I don't care, he's my boyfriend and I love him so I just... I need to see him." Barry pressed and the woman just let out a sigh, bringing him to the room.

Barry pushed the door open, his breath hitching in his throat. Ross' face was swollen and mostly bruised, various cuts all along his soft, pasty white skin. He was much skinnier, his skin a different color from being in the cold so long. He looked exhausted.

"Ross..." Breathed Barry, rushing to his lovers' side, "Baby, no..." He cried softly, gripping Ross' freezing cold hand within his own, much warmer one.

Ross' eyes flickered open to meet Barry's, "Hi, Berry." Ross mumbled, eyes half lidded sleepily. How could he still look so adorable like that?

"Ross, babe, I'm so-"

"Shh, no." Ross hushed, "This isn't your fault."

"How long have you been awake?" Barry asked, changing the subject.

"I've been in and out since like ten minutes after my surgery." Ross yawned.

"How did this even happen?"

"My car skid when I tried to pull over and rolled over into an embankment... I was trapped there for the past four or five days? right?" Ross looked up at him with the same tired eyes.

"Y-Yeah." Barry stammered out, "I was really worried... I missed you." He admitted.

"I missed you too... I think, I was awake the whole time but everything is such a blur..." He murmured, "But... Uh..."

"What is it?" Barry asked, knowing that something was seriously wrong, just by the way Ross had looked at him.

"I-I can't walk... I'm paralyzed from the waist down..." Ross' head dropped to look at his lap.

"Everything is going to be okay... I still love you, so, so much." Barry told him, he didn't care what happened, he would still love his Ross.

"I love you too, Bear." Ross closed his eyes, unable to keep them open any longer.

"Get some sleep." Barry half smiled, kissing Ross' forehead.

"Mmmh." Ross yawned once more before dozing off once again. Barry sat by his bedside, still holding loosely onto his lover's hand. Barry's eyes began to droop as well, his lack of sleep finally catching up with him as he rested his head on the edge of Ross' hospital bed, drifting to sleep.


Ryan sat at his laptop, he was editing a new SuperMega video he'd done with Matt. Though this time he realized how much he really did hate Matt, he couldn't stand his voice, his laugh, his anything really. It was all an act and as everyone knows, they were pretty fucking good at acting and if this didn't prove it, he didn't know what would.

The whole thing between them had been an act, even from day one. They pretended for Daniel and now they were trapped. If they did anything about it now they'd lose so many subscribers and even friends. Nobody knew they hated each other, not even Mark and he lived with them at one point.

Ryan saved what he'd done and turned it off, unable to hear another word from Matt. But of course he came home just when he thought he had some time to himself.

"What are you getting, or making for dinner?!" Matt's voice called throughout the empty house. 


"Bleach so I can get away from you!" He shouted back.

"Not sure if that was a threat or a statement about yourself but I don't care cause I'm serious! What's for dinner?" Matt replied

"I dunno! Why don't you, uh, you know, make dinner for once!?" Ryan hollered as he got up, going to find where Matt was.

"Fuck off, that's your job, we agreed on that!" He snapped.

"And what do you even do anyway!?" Ryan yelled as he entered the room, stepping up to Matt who towered over him.

"I fucking, do laundry, dishes, edit ours and Mark's videos and water all the plants!" Matt growled.

"Yeah right! You barely can do the editing part!" Ryan and Matt were now chest to chest, eyes locked in anger.

"Yeah and you can barely cook but you don't hear me complaining!" 

"I just did dipshit!" 

The argument got more heated - as usual - and they were soon screaming at each other, in each other's faces.

"You know what, Matt! I can't take this anymore, I'm sick of you, I'm sick of this and I'm sick of the fucking lies! I want to leave and get away from your pathetic, gay little twink ass." Ryan finally snapped.

"Excuse me, I am no goddamn twink under any definition of the word! I could fuck you so hard you'd never walk again!" Matt's eyes narrowed.

"Yeah right!" Ryan began laughing which made Matt know that he had a point to prove.

Matt grabbed the older by the collar of his shirt and kissed him hard, pressing himself against his enemy, rubbing his hips on Ryan's. The shorter didn't protest, he wanted to know what this scrawny bitch had in him.

Matt and him stumbled to the living area, collapsing to the couch, rough and sloppy kisses being shared by the two, Matt chewing on Ryan's bottom lip. Matt was very pushy, ripping off Ryan's belt and unbuttoning the male's pants. The younger instantly began teasing the other, rubbing his hand against Ryan's crotch, stroking his chode.

"You know you love it, Ryan." Matt muttered deeply in the boy's ear, "You know you want my mouth around your cock, don't you, big boy?" Ryan couldn't help but moan, arching his back.

"Matt, stop."

"What, big papa can't handle his little twink, hmm?" Matt moaned out.

"Either fuck me or get off me." It sounded more like Ryan was begging the taller than anything.

"Will do, Daddy."

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