Lilac Sky (Sequel To: High Up)


6. Six - I'm Choked Up That You're Okay

Morning arose quickly, making Arin wake to the sun streaming through the window, hitting him in the face, "Mmmh." He moaned stiffly, raising his hand - the one that wasn't pinned beneath Dan's scrawny hip - to his eyes, rubbing at them forcefully to wake himself up.

"Shh." He heard beside him as Dan dug his head even deeper into Arin's side.

"Good morning, Leigh." Yawned Arin, ruffling Danny's massive curls, that was tickling his cheeks.

"No, sleep, shh." Dan grumbled. He never liked getting up before noon.

"Awe, come on, Snuggle man! Wake up, I'll make breakfast." Arin persuaded.

"I bet it'll suck, just like you, now shut it and let me sleep." Whined the fluffy-haired male. God, he was cute. Arin's eyes widened, choking on his own saliva at that thought and tumbling off the couch to the hard, wooden floor. He let out a groan, hearing Dan's melodious giggles ring out throughout the room and Arin felt a sweet, butterfly-like feeling fill him, it tingled through his veins and exploded through his body and he didn't quite mind it, "What happened, Big Cat?" He giggled, hanging his head over the edge of the couch, his sleepy eyes landing on Arin's achy body. It took every ounce of will-power in him not to just crash his lips into Dan's. Why did he feel this way all of a sudden?

"I choked on my own spit." Arin forced a laugh, his smile was real nonetheless, Dan was so adorable like this. His fluffy hair, his scruffy face, his scratchy morning voice, his tired eyes, his stupid laugh, his sleepy smile... Him.

"Does this happen to you every morning?" Danny chuckled more, covering his mouth with his large fingers, that Arin could just picture stroking his length, making him moan, "Hey, Big Cat? You okay?" Danny poked at his friend.

"Huh! Um! Yeah! I'm fine." Arin jumped, "I'm gonna go make breakfast! What would you like?"

"Uh, I don't know, nor care." Dan shrugged lazily.

"Waffles it is!" He called, dashing from the room.



"Arin, you seem really jumpy today." Danny grumbled with a mouth full of waffles.

"I'm fine, and you do know that it's not polite to talk with your mouth full right?"

"What are you my mom?" Danny chuckled, making Arin laugh as well, "So... You're our new roomie, eh?" Dan nudged Arin's side with his elbow.

"Uh, I-I don't want to be like any trouble... I mean you already have three people living here, and don't you only have like two or three rooms?" Arin questioned.

"You wouldn't mind sharing a room with me would you?" Dan asked.

"As long as you don't mind me jerking it at three in the morning." Joked Arin.

"Why would I? That's when I jerk-off too." Dan joked back with a smile plastered to his sweet, slender face.

"Mutual masterbation!?" Gasped Arin, faking his drama.

"Yeah." Danny giggled, pushing the plate onto the table more, leaning back on the couch, Arin quickly following suit, "I was supposed to head to Jersey next week to visit my family. Wanna join?" Dan asked, "It's usually pretty boring due to the fact it's my parents and I know the place really well, so it's like two hours of talking and then boredom for a week or two... I'd love to show you around my home town." 

"I'll only go if you promise to come visit Florida with me sometime." Arin looked over at him to see the older watching him intently with this look that Arin couldn't quite decipher.

"I'd love to." Dan smiled at him, turning away.

"Oh! Do I get to see Granny Sexbang?" Arin changed the topic somewhat.

"Yeah, of course!" Danny turned to look at him again, a soft blush on his face that was barely noticeable.

"So we're going next week?" Arin asked for conformation.



Mark stared down at Jack, his body now stiff and pale, his lungs now empty and his life, gone. This couldn't possibly be happening. Mark wasn't ready, Jack wasn't ready either, nobody was. It was so sudden too, he was so happy one minute and the next he was trapped in this hell of a hospital for his last remaining days.

"I'm so fucking sorry, Jack." Cried Mark, "I love you so much... I can't do this without you." He was weak. In his last days, Jack wished Mark hadn't been there and he'd said it countless times. He didn't want Mark to suffer and he was, but he got to say goodbye, "Why'd you have to leave me, Jack?" Mark cried and gripped his love's hand within his own, "Please come back. You can't leave me."

The longer that Mark watched his lost love, the more he could see the vibrant, happy male he once knew. The bright blue eyes that poured life, the fluffy, almost grey hair, his laugh and his smile, he couldn't get them out of his head. Jack really was happy back then. But now, all that was left of him was a sad, cold and broken body, "I'm so sorry, Jack. You really were all I could have ever asked for and more. I really believe you we're the greatest thing that ever happened to me."


"Mr. Fischbach would like to read the eulogy he wrote for, Sean." The preacher spoke and Mark rose, stepping up to the podium, no paper in hand, Jack was too good for that.

"Well, this is one thing I never thought I'd have to do." He spoke, already tearing up, "Sean, or Jack as he is best known, was my best friend in the entire world. We may have started off rough, as enemies but he quickly became the best friend I could've asked for..." Mark swallowed hard, "Jack was always there for me, when I lost my dad and needed a place to stay, he took me in. Without Jack, I wouldn't be here right now, he would've done this for my funeral and I am so glad he doesn't have to." He paused, taking a deep breath as tears fell down his cheeks, "Sean McLoughlin was my world, he was the best, friend, lover and fiancé I could've ever asked for. I just wish the rest of my life could've been spent with him. I will never forget his smile, his laugh or the happiness he gave me. I will never forget the love of my life, Sean William McLoughlin." Mark couldn't continue, he broke down then and there, never before had he ever cried that hard, or felt so horrible.

Jack's mother stood from her seat and rushed to Mark's aid, taking him in her arms and escorting him from the church, "Are you okay, Mark?" She asked, her voice broken from crying as well.

"No... I can't be okay without him..." Sighed Mark, his sobs slowly calming, "I'm sorry, Mrs. McLoughlin, that was a terrible speech and I really apologize."

"Mark, it was beautiful, Jack was a lucky boy to get someone like you." She told him, kissing his forehead, "You don't have to stay, you can go home, Jack wouldn't mind, I know he wouldn't." 

"I need to say my goodbyes."


Mark sat up with a start, his face damp from crying, Jack's hand running through his messy hair, "Hey, what's wrong, I couldn't get ye ta wake up and ye were really upset." Jack spoke gently.

"Thank fucking god." Mark grabbed Jack into a bone crushing hug, "It felt so real, Jack. But you're okay! You're right here, and you're okay." Mark was now sobbing in relief.

"Well, 'okay', isn't the best word for it, but yeah." Jack mumbled in confusion, running his finger's through Mark's hair more, "It's okay, Marky, don't cry."

"I'm sorry, I'm just so happy you're okay."Mark cried, gripping his lover's hospital gown. 

"What the 'ell's gotten into ye?" Jack giggled sweetly.

"I dreamt that I lost you... Like you-you died." Mark whimpered, "And I had to-to read at your f-funeral and I got through only half of my speech and cried so hard I-I couldn't finish i-it." He continued gripping Jack tightly, afraid to let him go.

"I promise ye that I won't ever leave ye." Jack said sincerely.

"And if you break that promise?" 


"Dan!" Ross called, dashing into the kitchen and almost tackling Dan to the floor, "We need to talk! Like now, let's go!" Ross spoke quickly, dragging Danny out of the office.

"Whoa, Ross, chill out, what the hell are you-"

"I'm fucking, fucked man. Help me!" Ross grabbed Dan by the shoulders, shaking him man.

"You need to slow down, and speak calmly." Dan spoke slowly, trying to get Ross to chill out a bit.

"I can't fuckin' 'slow down and speak calmly' ya twat!" Shouted Ross, tossing his hands off of his friend's shoulders, throwing them in the air.

"Okay, what the fuck are you talking about?" Dan gave up on his whole 'calming Ross down' thing.

"I think I'm falling in love with, Barry." Ross spoke, looking Dan directly in the eyes.

"Ooh, OTP!" Danny chuckled.

"Dan, this is fucking serious." Ross snapped at him.

"I'm sorry dude. How can I help?" Asked Dan.

"What's his... You know, uh... Preference?" Ross questioned.

"Like, girls, guys type of thing?" Dan furrowed his brow.


"I'm not sure, I never really asked but I think he's indifferent bro." Shrugged Danny, he didn't really care about Barry's sexuality before, I mean, why would he? They were only roommates. Nothing more, nothing less, sure they've hooked up while they were drunk a couple times, but that was it.

"Why? Does he bring home guys?" Ross was at this point interrogating him.

"We've gotten pretty drunk and hooked up a couple of times, that's why." Dan again shrugged.

"You've had sex with him!? Is he good in bed? Is he like, kinky or is it only an-" 

"I am stopping you right there. We were both so drunk that the only reason that we knew that we even had sex was because we woke up together." Dan spoke, "Nobody knows about this so don't say anything. I don't need anyone knowing that I'm Pans-" Dan suddenly froze, "Fuck!" He shouted, pacing.

"Whoa, what's with you?" Ross jumped at the outburst.

"Arin is gonna be living with us now, and staying in my room with me... This isn't good, I can't let him find out! Ross! I am panicking at the disco!"

"Okay, multiple things to say here... One, why is Arin living with us? Two, why can't he know? And three, panicking at the disco, are you serious?"

"Uh, Arin and Suzy, kinda split up. He can't know because I don't want him to and yes Ross, I am serious, do you have a fucking problem?"

"I do have a problem you, Scrub." Ross rolled his eyes jokingly.


"Now, I think that you should go tell Arin." Ross told him.

"And you should tell, Barry." Dan shot back.

"I will once I know I've fallen for him for sure, you know that you're Pan for sure so you should tell Arin." Ross smirked.

"Fine. I will, but if he gets all weird about it then it's you're fault." Dan muttered, heading back upstairs to the Grump office.


Hey Arin, when are you coming in?

Danny tapped quickly out on his phone and pressed send.

Fuck! I took a nap and just woke up, be there soon!

Dan read and inhaled deeply, he was so nervous about telling the younger about this. He'd never outright just told anyone before.

The door swung open with in ten minutes of Dan texting him, "Hey, sorry." He tried jumping over the back of the couch only to half clear it and tumble over it and land practically crushing Dan beneath him, both beginning to giggle uncontrollably.

"You are crushing me, I can't breathe." Danny laughed.

"Sorry." Arin giggled, sitting up and crawling off of his friend and sitting on the couch beside him.

"It's okay." 

"So what do you wanna play?" Arin asked going to stand but Dan caught his arm and puled him back to the couch.

"Could we just like... Talk... Just for a minute?" Pleaded Dan.

"Yeah." Arin readjusted himself on the couch so he was facing Danny, "You seem upset... What's up?"

"Uh... Well... I-I kinda have something I wanna tell you." Danny played with his hands, his eyes locked on them, refusing to look at Arin.

"Oh no... You're quitting aren't you...?" Arin frowned.

"No! God no. I love being a Grump. I would never quit." Danny spoke, "I-I just... It's something else." He was now seriously considering backing out of saying anything.

"What is it, Danny? You can tell me anything." Arin comforted, putting his arm around Dan's bony shoulders.

"I-I'm not like.... Fully straight." He stammered out.

"What do you mean by 'fully'?" Asked Arin.

"Uh... I'm Pansexual." Dan mumbled.

"That's amazing!" Arin hugged him, "I'm proud of you, Leigh!"

"Wha-What?" He stuttered, "You're... Proud... of me?" Danny gaped in amazement.

"Yeah! I'm proud of you for being brave enough to tell me. Also, I'm really happy you trust me enough to tell me." Arin continued to hug him tightly.

"Oh...? I-I don't know what to say." He murmured.

"It's okay, you don't have to say anything." Smiled the younger, "I just want to see that smile a lot more." Arin said seeing the genuine smile of happiness plastered to Danny's face, only growing brighter at it's mention.

"I l-... Thank you." Danny leaned into Arin more, embracing him back, only less tight.


That night Arin sat awake, Dan's light snoring was the only sound in the room. The clock on the TV stand read, 3:47am. He remembered a quote that he saw on Tumblr ages ago.

3:00am, The only ones awake at 3:00am arethe lonely and the loved.

He frowned, chewing his bottom lip anxiously. Ever since Danny told him earlier that day about being Pansexual, Arin just couldn't stop thinking about it. Could he be pansexualMaybe he's biDoes he just feel this way because he's desperate?

He just wanted to stop thinking.

"Dan?" Arin spoke, "Dan." He spoke slightly louder, not getting a response so he took his pillow and tossed it at him, "Danny."

"Shut up." Danny grumbled into his pillow.

"Wake up." Groaned the smaller.

"What'd you want?" Dan moaned.

"Let's go on an adventure." Arin knew it sounded really dumb and maybe even crazy but he really needed to get his mind straight.

"What the fuck time is it?" The older sat up and looked over at the clock, "An adventure at four in the morning!?" He whisper/yelled.

"Yeah, let's just go for a mini road trip." Arin tried persuading him, "Please, Snuggle Man?"

"Fine! I'm not getting dressed though."

"You don't have to."

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