Lilac Sky (Sequel To: High Up)


7. Seven - Taste The Flesh

Anthony paced his room, his mind running rampant with thoughts of his roommate. This wasn't good, he was falling in love and he hated it. Anthony had never believed in love really, not since Kalel. She left him with nothing and he sore he'd never love again. But yet again he felt that familiar pain in his chest and the stupid sadness you get when you look at the person you love that doesn't love you back.

"Ant! What do you want for dinner?! I'm going out now to get some!" Anthony jumped, almost letting out a yelp but containing himself.

"Uh! Anything's fine!" He called back.

"Wanna come with?" Ian poked his head into Anthony's room.

"Um... Sure?" Anthony slid past Ian in the hallway who smacked his ass. Anthony jumped back anxiously.

"What's wrong?" Asked Ian innocently.

"Fuck you." Anthony muttered, heading out the door.


"I'm tired!" Whined Danny, poking at Arin's arm.

"I know you are, shithead." Chuckled Arin.

"Why so early in the morning, Arin, Why not at like twelve?" He complained.

"Cause I needed to clear my mind." Arin replied.

"What do you mean?" Yawned Danny.

"Nothing. I just needed to get my mind off of things." Shrugged the younger, "Wanna play some music?" Arin suggested, hoping to get Dan to stop asking questions.

"Okay, it's gonna be my music though." He said as he plugged in the AUX cord to his phone.

"I'm fine with that."


After hours of driving, Arin and Dan both decided it was time to go home and were soon back home, it was almost time for dinner once they arrived, both exhausted.

"Where have you two morons been! I've been worried sick!" Barry cried out.

"Road trip." Arin spoke as he collapsed to the couch followed by Dan who landed on top of him.

"You two look like death." Ross commented, seeing Dan and Arin's limp, tired bodies mangled together on the couch.

"We've been driving since three-thirty this morning." Yawned a sleep-deprived Arin, exhausted.

"Mmhm." Dan mumbled into Arin's back.

"Where'd you go?" Ross asked in reply.

"Nowhere." Dan muttered, "We just drove."

"That sounds terrible." Barry entered the room and handed a beer to Ross, cracking one open for himself in the process.    

"What are you two? A married couple?" Arin grumbled sleepily, instantly Ross' face heated up and burned a bright shade of red.

"N-No!" Shut it, Arin!" Ross stammered.

"Jeez, it was just a joke, no reason to flip out... Damn." Arin muttered as he drifted into a peaceful sleep.


Yet another sleepless night had passed by Arin. He needed to escaped, even just for a little while.

The Floridian slid from his bed, getting changed into a pair of baggy jeans that he wasn't sure were even his and a baggy hoodie. Arin grabbed his car keys from his bedside table and went to leave, though his own reflection in the mirror by the door caught his attention.

He'd lost so much weight, he hadn't even noticed that he had been forgetting to eat, - either that or he wasn't hungry. - he looked so frail and weak. His skin was so pale and practically numb.

He wondered how nobody had noticed.


Arin's phone lit up and Dan's stupid scream echoed throughout the quite home of his brother. The boy jumped and groaned, "I've got to change that."

Snuggle Man: Where are you?

Arin typed a quick response, hands shaking slightly.

Goddamn it. He was so in love.

Big Cat: I needed to get away fro a while.

Snuggle Man: Okay, I was just worried.

Arin Stood from where he'd been on the couch. He couldn't take this anymore. 

Tears dripped down his face, crashing to the ground below. The Floridian took his phone in hand again, needing to let this out, he couldn't hide this any longer.

He typed out a message to Ross, that's the only person he could think to talk to.

Arin: Hey...

Arin: Ross... I think I'm falling in love with Dan...

Arin: Is that wrong?

Arin: What do I do?

Now he just had to wait. Ross sucked at texting back .

Arin paced the room, over and over until he heard Danny's ringtone went off. He was now pissed, did Ross tell him!?

Snuggle Man: What?

Snuggle Man: This isn't Ross...


"Mark?" Jack mumbled, glancing up at his love.

"Yeah?" Mark turned to look down at Jack who gripped the collar of his shirt and kissed him hungrily. Jack's fingers got tangled in the floof of hair atop his lover's head. The boy bit at the half-American's sweet, soft bottom lip. Mark moaned in pleasure as the other's tongue slipped into his mouth. The Irishman tasted sugary, almost like chocolate, "Sean." He moaned out, making Jack smirk.

The smaller pulled away for air before quickly going to recapture Mark's lips in a kiss when he stopped him, "What are you doing?"

"Kissing ya, shitbag. Stop ruinin' the moment." Jack scolded and kissed Mark again before he could continue asking questions.

The smaller tugged at Mark's shirt, breaking the kiss only to pull the fabric over his head. Jack's cold fingers traced his perfectly chiseled muscles. The half - Korean shuttered under his lovers gentle touch. Mark ran his hands up beneath the younger's shirt, which was technically his shirt that the other stole from him. 

"Mmh... Damn, Jack." Mark pulled away yet again, "What's gotten into you?" He spoke as Jack attempted to pull his own shirt off, though he got tangled in his cannula and almost fell off the couch while struggling with his clothes.

"What does it matter, Mark?" I'm just trying to be with you like we used to." He frowned as Mark freed him from the mess of tubes.

"I'm sorry babe." He sighed, "I was just so confused as to why you were acting so out of character. It's not like you to be so aggressive." Mark smirked with a fire in his eyes, "I like it."

"Well, the moods dead now." Mumbled Jack, going to pull his shirt back on but Mark caught Jack's lips in a swift kiss. The boy smiled into it as he pushed Mark back, pinning him against the arm of the couch. The Korean moaned in pain at the way his back hit the stiff armrest.

"Ye okay, babe?" Jack pulled away just barely.

"Yeah, just hit my back weird." He mumbled, leaning back into Jack's lips.

Jack's hips grinded against Mark's, to which he earned a moan, "You like that?" Cooed Jack in a dominant voice that Mark didn't know that he was capable, a voice that sent a chill that was bone deep throughout him. The Irishman palmed at Mark's crotch, feeling his lover's jeans grow tight beneath his hand, "Oh, god... Jack..." The older moaned, tossing his head back as Jack took charge. Usually, Mark was the dominant of the two, but he could get used to this.

The smaller trailed his lips down along Mark's sharp jawline, moving down his neck, leaving bruises as he nipped at the thin, sweet skin of his fiancé.

"Who's yeer daddy?" Jack growled, feeling Mark's nails dig into his back.

"Don't tease me like this." Mark whined, arching his back. Jack rubbed faster at the rough material of the other's jeans.

"But it's so fun." Jack grinned, flashing an innocent glance up at Mark, who was biting down on his lip, trying to keep his cool. A moan slipped out at his lips parted, throwing his head back in pleasure.

He looked so good like that.

Jack moved down to the button of Mark's jeans and undid it with the flick of his wrist, pulling the zipper down as well. The Irishman slid Mark's jeans down, running a finger along the hem of the other's boxers, tracing the bulge in the tight material covering his large erection. Jack's other hand firmly cupped the Korean's left hip. Feeling Mark's rock hard cock bulging from beneath his tight boxers was enough to make the younger hard himself.

"Mmh." Jack bit down on his lip, and saw a smirk plastered to Mark's pink lips. Mark loved the sound of Jack's moans, they were deep, rough and loud.

"Moan for me, baby girl." Smirked Mark as Jack tossed his head back let out a moan that made Mark shudder. Jack loved that pet name, especially by Mark, in his hot, low and gravely voice that could make anybody wet.

Mark slid Jack's baggy sweatpants - that were also probably his - off, which left him only his boxers as well. Jack began trailing kisses down Mark's perfect muscular torso, littering love bites all along his toned body, biting gently at the soft, sweet skin of his lover's hips.

"Oh, fuck... Jack, just-just fuck me already! I can't take this!" Mark pleaded for the other, needing Jack inside of him. The Irishman gave in and pulled the other's boxers down, seeing Mark's massive shaft. He soon slid his boxers off, unable to wait any longer.

Upon doing so, he moved to kneel between Mark's legs, "Ye sure ya wanna do this?" Jack reassured.

"Yes! Just fuck me already!" He pressed and Jack smiled, "Wait what about the-"

"Lube." Jack held up a tube of it that he'd just fished out of the drawer in the table.

"I love you." Mark spoke as Jack squeezed the lube onto his fingers. He gently pressed a single finger into Mark, who couldn't help but to let out a moan. The younger soon had four of his fingers inside of his future husband, slowly he shifted his fingers inside of Mark, hearing a gasp come from the other. Jack felt his hard-on twitch, needing to be inside of Mark, he couldn't wait any longer.

 The Irishman, pulled his fingers out of Mark, who let out an involuntary whine at the sudden emptiness he felt. Jack positioned himself at Mark's stretched hole as the older grasped the container of lube and squeezed some into his hand, rubbing it between his fingers, warming the cool gel before he cupped his hands around Jack's penis, coating it in the slippery lubricant.

Mark heard Jack gasp in pleasure at the touch, his cock leaking pre-cum and a shiver ran up and down through him. Jack pressed himself to Mark's hole, slowly he pushed inside, feeling his best friend and the love of his life adjust to fit around him.

Once he was fully inside of the other, he swiftly began to rock his hips slowly back and forth, thrusting into Mark at a steady pace, throwing his head back and letting out moan in pleasure. The half-Korean arched his back, digging his nails deep into Jack's sides.

"Ya like this, big boy?" Jack smirked, his voice deep and gravely as he took Mark's dick in his large, hand, lazily beginning to run up and down Mark's long shaft.

"Oh... Fuck." Mark whined, "Jack!" He moaned out. Jack couldn't help but to smile, knowing that he was capable of making Mark so weak. Jack leaned in, kissing Mark forcefully as his hips picked up speed, fucking his partner much harder.

"Oh, M-Mark!" Jack cried out, voice deep and sexy. His hand moved faster, in sync with his hips.

"Fuck... Jack, I'm gonna cum." Mark breathed and Jack felt his lover's prick get tense between his fingers. Mark's back arched and his head tossed back with pleasure, loud, pleasure filled moans erupted from Mark's open mouth. Jack's hand along with his and Mark's stomach's were soon covered in Mark's warm juices.

Jack pulled out of Mark and looked down at him, running his tongue over his soft lips, biting down on his bottom one, "Hey, would ye do me a favor?" Jack asked with a smirk.

"What is it?" Mark questioned in confusion.

"Will ya give me a blowy?" Jack asked with a rasp in his voice that made Mark wet.

"Of course."  Mark spoke eagerly, sitting up as Jack stood. The older got onto the floor on his knees, he just at crotch height to Jack, he almost immediately wrapped his smooth lips around Jack's cock. His flicked his tongue over the leaking tip of Jack's hard-on, getting a sweet groan from his lover who swayed on his feet. Mark slowly began moving back and forth over the Irishman's length.

"Oh, god." Breathed Jack as he tried to catch his breath and steady his pulse, "Mark, I-I don't think that I can hold back." He whined, thrusting his hips forward subconsciously, "I'm g-" He was stopped by a long moan escaping his lips as he came into Mark's mouth without warning.

Mark looked up at his future husband with a smirk as he swallowed the bitter, salty semen that had suddenly filled his mouth, wiping the excess away from his lips with the back of his bare hand.

"Round two in the shower?"


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