Lilac Sky (Sequel To: High Up)


1. One - Hard Goodbyes

“N-No…” His voice fell, “I’m so sorry, Mark…” Jack bit down hard on his bottom lip, tears threatening to fall, but he couldn’t let them. This really broke his heart, hearing the words slip past his soft lips. He couldn’t stand to see Mark suffer, he wanted the boy to find someone he could fall in love with and live his whole life with. Jack just wanted to see Mark be happy again…

“…Wha-What…?” The male choked after a long pause, “ W-Why?” Mark cried in pain, this crushed him, he really loved Jack, why didn’t he want to marry him?

“I-I don’t think I ever loved you…” Jack lied through his teeth, seeing Mark’s heart shatter through his deep chestnut eyes, “I think I was just in love with the idea of you…” Jack swallowed hard, he couldn’t bear to look at the love of his life, “I think we should… Go our separate ways…” His chest stung and his heart stopped, this hurt more than anything.

“No!” Mark shouted, bawling his eyes out, “You’re lying! This isn’t real! Please tell me this isn’t real!” It took everything Jack had not to burst into tears and try to take back his words.

“I’m sorry, Mark. We have to… I’ll just go pack-“

“No… I-I’ll go…” Mark told him, Jack may have not loved Mark but he was everything to the other male, Jack was his world. Mark kept his word and packed his things and then repacked his things over again, he just needed more time. Where had it all gone wrong?

This is only when Jack realized that he’d made a huge mistake and he couldn’t fix it.


The day Mark left he took Jack’s heart with him, Jack wasn’t himself anymore. Mark was staying with Felix and Ryan… He should be happy there… Happier than he’d been while living with Jack.

Jack had fallen into a deep depression, he needed Mark but refused to call him, Mark needed something better, he needed to be with someone who could love him better than Jack could have ever done.

Jack noticed how hard it had become to breath, his lungs were stinging for more oxygen and his head spun. The Irishman’s hand flopped over the edge of the bed, twisting the knob on the oxygen tank to allow more oxygen flow. He closed his eyes for a moment before getting to his feet and stumbling down the short hall to the living area. Jack had to prop himself against the wall, his body barely strong enough to carry him anymore, “Mark…” Coughed the boy, silent tears rolling down his plump cheeks. Jack missed him and couldn’t live without him, he didn’t want to live without him, the male tugged the small snubs from his nose, letting them drop to the floor with a small ‘clack’. His lungs instantly began to burn, screaming for air but Jack refused to put the cannula back on as he limped into the kitchen, grasping the counter tightly to keep himself from collapsing as he reached for the kitchen knives.

Just as he gripped the handle of the object, his body gave up on him. Jack’s head hit the counter harshly, his limp and lifeless body, smashing to bits on the ice cold tile floors.

He wanted Mark back.


Mark lie awake in his bed, he’d barely slept since Jack had ended things between them, Mark couldn’t sleep without the boy pressed close against him. He could hear Jack’s ringtone fill the silence of the sad, empty room. Mark answered in an instant, needing his lover back.

“Hello!?” He said quickly, praying that it hadn’t been a misdial.

“Hello, is this, Mark Fischbach?” Asked an unfamiliar voice.

“Yes…?” Mark murmured, “Who’s this? Why do you have my boyfriend’s phone?” He asked without thinking.

“This is Maynard hospital and we’re calling you to inform you that, Sean McLoughlin was found in his home unconscious without his cannula but he was also gripping a knife.” The male told him, “We are unsure of the extent of his injuries at the moment and it seems as though he has been neglecting his heath for quite a while.”

“What!? I-I’ll be there soon!” Mark threw the covers back from his bed as he hung up, tugging on the nearest hoodie and pair of jeans before quickly grabbing his keys and dashing out the door. Mark texted Felix just to make sure he wouldn’t get too worried about him.

Mark: Small emergency, had to go out. See you later, no need to worry.

He checked the time, 2:14am, before shoving the device back into his pocket, “Please be okay, I shouldn’t have left him alone like that, this is all my fault.” Mark whimpered to himself as he started his car and sped off down the street.


Mark sat in his car outside of the hospital, crying his heart out and gripping the steering wheel. Mark couldn’t face Jack, especially not like this, not when he was a crying mess and feeling as broken as he did at that moment. He wished he hadn’t loved Jack as much as he had, he wanted to let go of him, he really did but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t forget the small Irish boy. Mark could remember the taste of his lips, the sweet scent of his skin and his warm yet gentle touch. He wasn’t ready to lose this; he knew Jack was the one… but apparently Jack didn’t know that…

Mark slowly calmed himself down, not feeling any happier though, just worse. Mark had thought that the worst pain he’d ever felt was when he had his appendix taken out, but he was so wrong, the pain flowing through his body was unbearable, he ached everywhere and every breath hurt, his chest tight. He never knew that falling in love could hurt this much, it felt as though he was dying and it was honestly so scary.

The small half American male took a deep voice before gradually stepping out of his car, making his way into the massive building that he knew Jack was petrified of being there and to be completely honest, he was pretty scared himself.

He approached the front desk speaking to the woman sat at it, “Hello…” He held back tears that threatened to fall, “I-I’m here to see Ja- I mean, Sean McLoughlin…”

“Okay, let me just look him up.” She said in a sweet voice, seeing how visibly upset he was, “He’s in room 214 but it’s only family allowed, are you related?”

“I-I… I’m his fiancée.” He lied, “We were supposed to get married in two months…” Mark was surprised at how convincing he was being.

“Okay, I guess that’s good enough. Room 214.” She reminded him and he thanked her profusely before darting to the stairway.

Mark weaved through flow of people in the hallways as he rushed to get to the love of his life. He counted the rooms in his head, 202, 204, 206, 208, 210, 212, 214. Mark slowed, almost frozen as he gripped the doorknob, what if Jack didn’t want him here? What if he wasn’t supposed to come? The thoughts flooded him and he couldn’t move. He couldn’t do this. A panic rushed over him, he was having an anxiety attack but he forced the thoughts away as he made himself twist the handle to the door and shove it open. He spotted Jack instantly, he had a single room, and he was fast asleep in the bed. How long had he been out? Mark just wanted to hold him and never let go, but he knew he couldn’t, Jack hated him. That hurt more than anything, knowing that Jack never really loved him. It was so painful.

He moved to sit beside Jack’s bed, gripping the boy’s ice cold hand in his own warm ones, “Oh, god… Please don’t die on me, Jacky…” Mark pleaded as he cried softly. Mark would give his own life to save Jack at this point, he loved the boy with all of his heart and he wanted Jack to be happy with his life. He wanted to know what had happened to the male, why hadn’t he called? Mark was too worried and just needed his beau back.


Mark had been waiting in Jack’s room for hours, he was exhausted from crying and pacing. He didn’t even bother going home, knowing that if he did, he wouldn’t end up sleeping at all. He’d lie awake in agony, he just needed Jack to be his again.

The half Asian boy suddenly felt a tighter grip on his hand, hearing a soft moan come from the boy beside him, “Jack?” Mark jumped, hoping he wouldn’t be mad.

“Marky?” He whimpered, lifting his head to look at his former lover.

“Jack, what happened? Are you okay?” Mark asked frantically.

“I-I don’t know… I only remember coming home from the hospital after we found out I had cancer… Did I overwork myself?” He asked in confusion.

“You-… You don’t remember?” Gasped Mark hopefully.

“No…?” Jack sat up, watching Mark with a quizzical stare.

“Oh…” Mark nodded, although on the inside he was so happy, he had a second chance.

“Wha-What? Is there anything important I should remember?” Jack asked, looking deep into Mark’s chocolate eyes, his head tilted to the side ever so slightly.

“No…” Mark shook his head, “I don’t think so.”

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