Lilac Sky (Sequel To: High Up)


9. Nine - Love Was A Story That Couldn't Compare

Dan watched his lover as they recorded a new video game for the DanandPhilGAMES channel. As the video went on, Phil loved listing to Dan's laugh. Every now and then Dan would begin to laugh loudly, which never failed to put a huge smile onto Phil's face each and every time, something that the younger adored.

Phil was in love with that dumb hyena laugh and the male it belonged to.

Dan leaned in, kissing Phil. He couldn't help it, he needed affection constantly and Phil couldn't protest against it either. Dan knew that he loved it even though he would get scolded each time he pecked his lover on the lips.

"Daniel!" Phil groaned.

"Don't forget to edit that bit out... And this one..." Dan cupped Phil's cheeks in between the palms of his hands pressing a passionate kiss to the others lips.

"I hate you."

"I love you too."


Danny's breath hitched in his throat. This was finally happening.

Arin bit at Dan's bottom lip playfully, feeling the older relax into him. After a long moment, feeling their lips move in sync and Danny playing with his hair, Arin pulled away and smirked.

"Welp, I'm going to bed." Arin stood, patting his friend's head, "See you in the morning." And he was gone.

Danny reached up, touching his cool fingers to his now warm and partly swollen lips, feeling a numb tingling in them, "What the fuck just happened?"


"Good morning, Arin! Dan's still sleeping?" Debbie greeted.

"Yeah, he was up pretty late." Arin smiled, still feeling a fire in his lips from the night before.

"Yep that's him." Laughed Debbie, "He really hates mornings, huh?"

"It's almost impossible to get him into the Grump office before noon." Arin sat at the table across from the woman that he'd always seen as his other mom, "So how've you been mama Sexbang?" He chuckled.

"Pretty good, and you Mr. Hanson?" She laughed as well.

"I'm over the moon!" He beamed, still feeling a major high from Dan's kiss, his sweet, soft lips. His amazing taste.

Goddamn, that boy was some kind of drug.

"And why's that?" She asked, sending a panic throughout Arin.

"Uh, well I-"

"Debbie!" Whined Danny, interrupting Arin and stretching his mothers name, "I need coffee." He spoke, rather harshly as he collapsed to the chair besides Arin. He neither said a word to nor even looked at the younger.

That was odd?

"Get your own damn coffee." She rolled her eyes at him.

"Bite me."

"Leigh Daniel Avidan!" His mother gasped.

"Mmmhph." He muttered in response and the room fell silent.

"Good morning, Danny!" Arin smiled at his older friend.

"Fuck off." The older snapped, his head dropping to the table, his bushy hair falling to cover his face, spilling over the table.

"And I'm the grump..." Muttered Arin, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, stop being such an asshole Dan." Dana tittered as she entered the room.

Dan ignored his sisters comment, groaning tiredly as he again lifted his head from the table. He looked over at Arin for the first time that morning, a glint of resentment and annoyance prominent in his eyes. Arin couldn't figure out where Dan's pissy mood was coming from.

"Mom's coming for dinner tonight, she's really missed you, Leigh, so you better be home for dinner." Debbie scolded her son.

"Granny Sexbang's coming!?" Arin bounced excitedly.

"Yeah." The woman beamed.

Arin went to speak up but suddenly felt someone grip his arm tightly. The smaller glanced over in Dan's direction, "We need to talk, like now." Hissed the eldest.

Dan didn't wait for an answer, he quickly dragged Arin from the kitchen. Danny pushed Arin into a nearby closet, closing the door behind himself.

"What the fuck was that shit you pulled last night!?" Dan whisper/yelled at his friend.

"What do you mean?" Arin asked even though he clearly knew.

"You fucking kissed me and left!" Dan snapped in anger. Though Dan wasn't mad about Arin kissing him, he wasn't even mad that he ran off afterwords. Dan was pissed about how Arin had made him feel, and about how Arin wasn't even bothered by it. All Dan could think about Arin, how sweet he'd tasted, how soft his lips had been, how rough he was. The older could still feel the way Arin's stubbly-rough beard had pricked at his skin and how smooth his hair was as it ran through his fingers and just everything about his friend

This had made him feel something he'd never felt before.

A high he'd never actually reached.

"Did you...not like it?" Questioned the shorter, "I should've known you weren't into that- or... uh, well... me." His head dropped to face the floor.

"No! No, Arin, I-I..." Danny's voice trailed off as Arin turn to look up at him, their eyes locking the same way they had the day that Arin and Dan had gotten in the fight over Suzy. Though this time Danny didn't hesitate one bit, his hand being brought up to cup Arin's cheek as he'd done before. This time he tilted his friend's head up to face him slightly. Swiftly, he closed the gap between them, Arin meeting Dan's lips halfway, their mouths captured in a tender kiss.

Arin tossed his arms around the other's shoulders, pulling him closer. The smaller tangled his fingers into Danny's silky, bushy jew-fro. He pushed harder against the older's lips craving a high.

Arin sucked at Dan's lower lip, feeling a rush flood his body.

Was this what getting high felt like?

Dan stumbled backwards from the amount of force against him, making him slam against the door and causing Arin to fall the opposite way, bringing both down, knocking things over on top of them and pinning them to the floor. The two laid, hysterically laughing, Danny on top of Arin as they both giggled like children.

The door was suddenly pulled open, both Debbie and Dana stood behind it.

"What is going on in here?" Debbie crossed her arms.

"We fell and now were stuck." Dan explained, still tittering with laughter. The two women sighed, shaking their heads as they pried the boys from the mess of supplies.

"I'm not even going to ask how this happened." Danny's mother smiled.

"Debbie!" Whined Dan, dragging her name out.

"I'm joking, you two go off and do your thing." She shooed them from the room.

"Alright, let's go get ready and get some lunch or something."


"What pants should I wear?" Danny asked. At the time Danny was only in his boxers as he picked out clothes, Arin on the other hand, was fully ready.

"Booty-chokers?" Arin smirked, smacking Dan's practically bare ass as he went to grab his sweater from his bag. Dan jumped, letting out a small squeak.

"D-Don't do that!" He scolded, red-faced.

"You know you like it." Winked Arin, making Dan grow even redder.

"Whatever you say, Daddy." Dan spoke casually, smirking as he saw Arin's body freeze in place. Dan ruffled his friend's hair and slipped into his jeans and placed his glasses on his face.

"Fuck you're hot." Moaned Arin, wanting to tear his best friend's clothes off and fuck him right there.

The younger then noticed the bright and adorable blush that was washed over Danny's face which was accompanied by Dan's perfect smile. Arin managed to get a picture of his friend on his phone, unable to wipe the smile from his face at the perfection that was now his own.

"Arin?" Danny spoke up, sitting, legs criss-crossed across from where his friend was crouching.

"Yeah, Danny?" Arin replied, looking slightly down at him.

"What-... What are we?" He asked softly.

"What d'you mean?" Arin raised a brow.

"Like, are-are we just friends or, like...?" The older trailed off in fear of rejection.

"Well... What do you want us to be...?" Arin spoke hopefully.

"Um... I-I was hoping you'd be my boyfriend...?"  Danny mumbled, more as a question than a statement.

"So are you asking me to date you?" The smaller beamed to which Danny nodded, "Of course I will, Leigh." Arin then leaned in, kissing his best friend and now lover, almost falling over in the process.

He was so in love


Jack let a long and tired sigh, he finally could leave this hell hole of a hospital after what felt like an eternity. The only thing about this was, Mark wasn't there. Mark promised to pick him up and Jack had no money with him so he couldn't get a cab. The older also wasn't picking up his phone either. With no money and no way to get home, Jack was stuck out in the pouring rain like that day all those years ago. He could still feel Felix's arm going around him as he sobbed his heart out in the rain. That was the day that he realized that he'd fallen for the man he'd once hated with every fiber of his being. And now, sitting in the rain yet again, all alone, it was then that Jack realized, he was no longer in love with the man that saved his life.


It's only a kiss...

It means nothing.

Though this didn't feel like nothing to him. Barry was biting at Ross' bottom lip, his mouth pushed hard against the older's. Barry's fingers were matted into Ross' dirty-blond bowl cut, which was silky and soft between his fingers. Ross didn't know how to even respond, this wasn't  something he could've ever thought to happen. It was something that he'd never experienced ever before, this was a feeling he'd never ever felt before in his life.

Barry was so rough, forcing Ross down onto his back on the couch, Ross loved it. The younger slid his tongue into the other's mouth, to which Ross moaned softly. He could feel Barry's beard scraping against his smooth, baby-like skin. Ross pulled at the other's hair earning a moan from his friend.

Barry pulled away suddenly, flustered and red-faced, "Fuck, I-I shouldn't've done that." Barry mumbled, "I-I should just-just go..." Barry got up, about to leave when Ross spoke up.

"Do you know how long..." Ross began, causing Barry to whip his head in the direction of the older.

"Huh?" Asked Barry.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to do that?" Ross spoke.


"Do you know how badly I've just wanted to kiss you passionately like that? I've longed for you forever, craving you. How badly I wanted you, wanted to call you mine and-and..." Ross shook his head, "Never mind, I'm just dumb..."

All of a sudden Barry was on him yet again, straddling him, "You are not stupid, Ross. That is probably the sweetest think anyone has ever told me, really it is but, um... I-I'm not gay..." He said, "I don't know why I did it and I really have no idea why I even liked it, because, I really fucking liked that." Ross sat stunned by Barry's soft words."

"I can make you gay." Ross breathed out smugly and brought himself closer to Barry's lips, their nose's touching and their lips brushing together quickly. Ross felt Barry's hard-on swell in his jeans that were now rubbing against his hips.

Ross moaned as Barry dug his nails into his smooth skin. He felt Barry smile into the kiss, which was sloppy and rough but the two loved it. It sent adrenaline throughout their veins, making their hearts pound and their minds go blank.

"No homo." Mumbled Barry against Ross' mouth.

"More like full homo."


"Arin wins!" Exclaimed the younger as they played Kirby golf on the television in Danny's basement.

"Not fair! You cheated!" Danny shouted only to be hushed by Arin who leaned in, kissing him softly. Danny pulled Arin into his lap, the two sliding to lay on the couch, Danny mostly on top of his smaller lover. Arin deepened the kiss, hungry for more, the kissing rougher and sloppier, almost drunken-like. They became so enthralled in the kiss,  and the feeling, and the high it gave them, that it felt as though they didn't know anything other it. 

The pair didn't even seem to notice Dan's grandmother stepping into the room.

"Boys, it's time for- oh!" She gasped as the two jumped apart, "Well, you look like very good friends, huh? Anyway it's time for dinner!" She spun and hopped back upstairs, leaving the pair in shock.

"Fuck, what if she tells my mom!?" Danny bounced off the couch and dashed up the stairs, followed closely by Arin.

They both came dashing into the room, falling over each other onto the floor. Dan's mother at the stove just finishing up the food and his grandmother seated at the table.

"Geez, slow down you guys." Debbie spoke as the two laid at he feet panting heavily. Both slowly regained the strength to stand, neither ever had run that fast in their entire lives. Their tired bodies collapsing almost immediately into the chairs at the table.

"So, who won the game?" Debbie asked, placing the platters of food onto the table.

"Arin did, right?" Dan's grandmother said with a wink and a knowing smirk, leaving the two boys with their mouths hung open.

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