Lilac Sky (Sequel To: High Up)


5. Five - Now You're Gone, But I'll Be Alright

Dan entered his flat late that night, he knew he'd be alone due to the fact Ross and Barry were doing Steam Train till sometime the next morning. He was glad he was going to be alone; it would be easier for him to just be sad. Dan could never really show that he was sad because he didn't want to make anybody else sad, plus he'd already fucked up enough that day as it was.

Danny pushed the door to his apartment open and dropped his stuff by the door before walking down the extremely short hall to his living room. He tiredly rubbed at his eyes, going to turn the TV on and sleep for a while but was startled by a silhouette sat, shaking in the dark on his couch. He jumped back letting out a startled yelp.

"Hey, hey... I-It's okay, it's only m-me." The familiar voice of his best friend stammered out.

"Jesus Christ, Arin! You fucking scared my nuts off... How the hell did you even get in here?"

"Um, you need a better place for your spare key." Arin sniffled in reply as Danny flicked the lights on in the room, making Arin flinch at the sudden brightness.

"Oh my-... Arin? What happened?" Gaped Dan, seeing his friend's puffy, bloodshot eyes and his tear stained cheeks.

"You-You were right about Suzy." He stuttered.

"What?" Danny sat down on the couch beside his friend, placing his arm around Arin's wide shoulders.

"She didn't actually love me..." He whimpered.

"I-I don't understand, Arin." Dan sat in confusion by his friend's words.

"She said no, Dan... She told me that she was only still with me because she was afraid to hurt my feelings... She said I was more of a friend or friends with benefits type deal than a boyfriend to her and she didn't want to marry me, that she couldn't see herself married to me but... Holly..." He sighed sadly, sobbing again. Dan pulled the smaller into his chest and began rubbing at his back calmingly.

"It's okay, Big Cat, I'm sorry." Dan felt so bad, he'd fucked up so much in so little time. Just a few hours ago, everything was fine, but now...

"It's not okay, Dan." Arin cried hysterically into the older's chest.

"Yes it is, it may seem horrible right now but it'll get better, I promise... I've had a pretty rough day too man." Dan told him, "How about if I go out and get some candy and movies and stuff and then we can pull an all-nighter? Just a guy's night?"

"That sounds fun." Arin turned his head up to face Danny, giving him a pained and insincere smile, "We haven't like... Properly, hung-out outside of Grumps in a while." Arin stayed laying on top of Dan, holding him tightly.

"I can't really get any of the stuff we need if you don't let go, Big Cat."

"Why-Why are you calling me that?" Arin sat up and moved off of Dan.

"I always do when you get upset...?" Dan stood and slid his shoes and jacket back on, "Have you seriously never noticed?"

"No..." Arin mumbled, following suit of Dan.

"What are you doing?" Dan eyed him suspiciously, "Go watch some TV."

"I want to come; I don't want to be alone..." Arin grabbed Dan's sweater sleeve loosely in his fist, making Dan blush softly and smile.

"Okay, if you really want to." Dan replied, expecting Arin to let go but his grip held firm as the two left the apartment.


As the two made their way home, music blaring and both Dan and Arin sung at the top of their lungs. Danny's curls bounced around atop his head as he bobbed it to the beat of the song, Arin watched him intently, unable to wipe the smile from his lips. 

Dan's right hand was removed from the steering wheel and was placed on the center console, accidentally being placed on top of Arin's hand and he left it there, seeing as Arin didn't seem to mind it much. The younger's face was florid a bright shade of crimson, his skin tingled in a way that he'd never felt before. He soon fell into mumbling the lyrics of whatever was playing beneath his breath as his mind ran wild with thoughts. He barely noticed when the music had suddenly was turned down.

"Arin?" Danny spoke up, making the boy jump.

"Uh! Y-Yeah?" He stammered out, turning even redder somehow.

"You okay, man? You stopped singing with me and have been staring off in the distance for like ten minutes, also your face is all red... Are you sick?" Dan rambled, worried about his heart-broken friend. Arin frowned as Danny removed his hand from his and placed it to his forehead to check for a fever.

"I'm fine, I was just... Thinking..." Arin shrugged.

"Are you sure? Usually when people say that, they're lying." Danny pointed out.

"I'm sure." Arin said, rather harshly.

"Okay then... No need to be a jerk about it... I know you're upset and all but I mean, I am too but I'm not being snappy with you." Danny scolded.

"What's wrong?" Arin asked, feeling like an asshole for not asking sooner.

"Nothing. It's not important."

"Dan, you just yelled at me for being snappy and plus, you know you can tell me anything." Arin this time grabbed Danny's hand purposefully in his own.

"Uh!" Gasped Dan in surprise, though he didn't recoil, so Arin continued to hold on to it, "I-I've just had a bad day... I've just fucked up a lot of things. That's all." Dan spoke all at once.

"Like, what happened? You sound nervous." Arin begged him to continue, wanting his friend to feel better.

"I just... I fought with you and got you upset. I mean, what kind of friend am I to say such horrible things to you. I made you cry!" Dan sighed, "And, I am so sorry for that... And I fucking ruined an engagement today by-... Never mind, I shouldn't say." Dan's grip on the steering wheel grew tighter and his focus on the road became more intense.

"Danny..." Arin sighed, "You can trust me. You know that I'm here for you no matter what."

"I know but, it's personal, Arin. This is an issue that I have to deal with myself." Dan dismissed.

"Did you get a girl pregnant!?" Arin choked.

"No, Arin... Just drop it." He snapped angrily, turning the music up so he could no longer hear Arin's protests and pleas.

They drove the rest of the way in silence.


"Mark!?" Jack called throughout the small house, not knowing if he were home or not, "Mark!" He continued shouting. as he stumbled around the house. His oxygen was running low and he couldn't find the spare tank, making him extremely light-headed.

Grabbing his phone he attempted to dial Mark's number but his head was spinning so badly he couldn't make out the names in his phone. His legs gave way and he collapsed to the floor, still fully conscious as his breathing constricted. At this point he was desperate and just hit a random name in his phone, hoping that if they couldn't help the could at least find someone who could.

"Hello?" A voice rang through the speaker, waiting for a reply that Jack was trying to muster, "Jack, you there?"

"H-Hello? I-I 'ave no Ide-ea who this is-is I-I jus' really ne-need yeer 'elp." He felt so pathetic and he really hated it. The feeling in his chest was more powerful than his shame at the moment so he he had to fight it.

"This is Anthony, what's wrong?" The person replied, "Where's, Mark?"

"I don't know, I-I can't find me sp-spare o-oxygen tank. I can't breathe." He heaved for air, his lungs were burning and felt as though they were collapsing. He now knew the sensation of drowning and he never wanted to have to feel this way ever again.

"Okay! Uh, I'll call Mark and ask him, I'm on my way over right now, I'll get it from where ever he said, okay?"

"Yeah." Jack coughed, hoping he wouldn't take too long.


"Jack! I'm here!" Anthony dashed into the house uninvited, scrambling to first find Jack and then get the tank, "Jack!" Called Anthony as he rushed from room to room to find the ill boy, eventually finding Jack sprawled out on the kitchen floor, barely alive. In panic, Anthony dashed through the house to figure out where Mark had told him the tank was.

He found it with ease once he forced himself to calm down a bit. He hurried to get it hooked up to Jack, but he still wanted to get him to a hospital, seeing as he was barely breathing.

Gently he lifted the small and extremely light male into his arms and carried him down to his car, placing him into the passenger seat, "Please hold on."


Arin sighed, yawning and stretching slightly while in the middle of their forth or fifth movie, it was some point past one in the morning and Arin could care less. He had Danny laying, curled up in is lap, the two spread out across Dan, Ross, Barry and now Arin's tiny couch. 

Arin chuckled softly at something in the movie, "He-" He stopped, seeing his older friend fast asleep on top of him, he smiled softly at Dan's peaceful expression, tangling his fingers in the boy's massive curls, "So much for staying up all night." He giggled quietly, trying not to wake Danny. 

The Floridian watched with amusement as Danny's nose twitched slightly in his sleep, soft snores slipping from his parted lips. He whimpered in his sleep, clinging to Arin even tighter, dull cries falling from Dan's mouth tiredly along with incoherent words. Arin started tenderly rubbing at Dan's bony back, "Shh, it's okay, Danny... You're alright..." Coo'd Arin, "You're alright little one." Arin was very used to taking care of his younger cousins and such that he was just used to using affectionate and sweet terms, he found it calming at the least.

"A-Arin." Danny whimpered, his eyes fluttering open and his grip growing stronger on Arin's torso.

"Hey, what's wrong, snuggle man?" Arin spoke calmly, playing with Dan's hair comfortingly. 

Dan said nothing, just pressed his face deep into his friend's chest, tears dampening the shirt that smelled so sweet... Like Arin, "Mmmh." He sighed, gently relaxing into the scent.

"Danny, what happened? You're okay, honey." The pet-name just slipped from his lips without him even thinking about it.

"Did you just call me honey?" Danny murmured into the younger.

"Shit, sorry. I just use them when I calm people down. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." Arin's cheeks heated up.

"It's fine, I don't mind... It's sweet." Dan yawned, stretching tiredly.

"Alright... Now, what happened, snuggle man?" Arin asked for the hundredth time.

"I just get really bad night terrors, it's nothing... I'm okay, Big Cat. Don't worry about me." Danny finally looked up at him with his teary, blood-shot, brown eyes.

"Awe, I'm sorry, little one." Arin pulled Dan closer and wiped the tears from his eyes, calmingly playing with the boy's hair. 

"It's okay, go to sleep." Dan yawned yet again.

"Let's get you to bed and I'll sleep out-"

"No!" Danny jumped alive, "Uh... I mean, no... You... You can sleep in my bed and I'll sleep out here."

"You don't want to be alone do you?" Asked Arin softly with a coy smile.

"Uh-Uh." Danny cuddled into him and closed his eyes, "Goodnight, Big Cat."


Mark rushed through the halls of the crowded hospital. He was so worried, he wasn't there for Jack when the boy needed him the most.

"Goddamn it!" Cussed Mark in anger, stopping in the middle of the busy hall, running his fingers through his messy hair. The small, half Asian male felt his world crumbling around him... And he just couldn't deal with it. He'd fucked up and could lose the only person he'd ever been able to love.

"Sir?" A woman tapped him on the shoulder, making him jump and wip his head in her direction, "Are you alright?" She asked him.

"Uh... I-I need to find my fiancé, I-I just can't seem to-to find his room." He stammered anxiously.

"What room number was it, sir?" She was calm, trying to get him to calm down as well.

"Uh... Um... Two Sixty-Eight." Mark informed her and she nodded, thinking silently for a moment before turning to face the nurses station.

"Daniel!?" She called, causing a man to look up from his work, "Could you please help Mr.-" She turned to Mark for his name.

"Fischbach." He stated.

"Could you please bring Mr. Fischbach to his fiancé's room?" She asked and the man nodded, standing from where he'd been working on a computer. Mark met him by the station and he escorted Mark to the room he had been trying to find with ease. 

"Thank you so much, I was panicking and couldn't think straight." Mark told him and he smiled.

"It's okay, I know how you feel. I couldn't find my wife's room when she was in a car accident and nobody would help... I lost her before I got to her room and was never able to say goodbye. I'm happy to help." He smiled sadly at Mark before turning on his heel and heading off.

Mark turned to find Anthony in the chair outside of the room, his head hung low, "Anthony?" He asked and the boy turned to look up at him. Nerves ran through Mark's veins seeing Anthony's tear stained face, "Please don't tell me..." Mark felt this ache in his chest and tears ran down his cheeks.

"He's alive... But... Not good." Anthony mumbled, "I'm sorry, Mark." 

"Sorry doesn't fix any of this." Mark spun and shoved the door to Jack's room open, stepping inside. He knew that he was being rude and harsh but he didn't care at the time.


"Mr. McLoughlin's condition has gotten worse. Today his lungs filled with fluid and one collapsed before he got here. Mr. McLoughlin has had three seizures as well once he was here, we don't know if he had any while at home but the ones he had here were very severe. We also found that more tumors have started growing in his lungs." The doctor spoke sadly.

"No, he has to be getting better!" Mark cried.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Fischbach. We don't believe he has much longer." 

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