Lukes Fav😜

There's a new kid at your school. He's cute and not bringing home to mum material. He's perfect. But, he doesn't even know your name, until your paired up for a school project. Will the power of science bring you together?



1. Chapter 1🐢🎉🐧

I don't know why parents force there kids to go to school. I mean it's useless, who's gonna need this shit in there real life. But at least I get to stare at the new kid all day. He's been the school eye candy snice he got here 2 weeks ago. He's the perfect bad boy with his beautiful lip piercing and ripped skinny jeans. Amazing, but he's not into me, his into no one. He's been asked out by 5 gay guys and 67 girls. And is still single. I don't know why but he'll always say no. As I was daydreaming I heard the bell ring and was waked up by my Science teachers squeaky, Mickey Mouse, voice. " good morning class!!" He's way to hyper for 7:00 am. " today we will be pairing up for a class project!" All the kids moaned thinking they'll be teamed up with one another. After everyone was paired up I heard the words that changed my life forever. "Y/N, you'll be paired up with Luke" I stared at the teacher with wide eyes and turned my head to look at Luke and I saw Luke's beautiful face and saw a sexy smirk across his lips. This was gonna be a long project. I like it. He walked over and leaned in and whispered," meet me after school to get started on the project and make sure you. Bring and pencil and your kissable lips. He stared me up and down and walked away. I could barely breathe.

Hope you enjoyed leave a like for more. Your beautiful. NEVER FORGET!!!!!!


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