Drummer Girl

Ash just moved in next door. What will happen next?������


1. How It All Began

I woke up to the sound of a loud bang and and kids laughing. I hate Halloween. The one day of the year I'm always sick I haven't went out trick or treating since I was 8 because I've been to sick to leave the house. I'm 19 now so I wouldn't get any candy anyways but I would like to go out and egg some people but I can barely get off the couch with out vomiting up a storm. Then I heard a knock on the door, it was a little boy in a batman suit and his older brother. "Hi I'm Ash, and this is my little bro, Nick we just moved in and we wanted to introduce ourselves." (sorry I just made up Nick to move the plot along) the older boy had brown hair and poop coloured eyes (in a good way) his brother had blonde hair and blue eyes. How are they brothers! Anyway u gave the batman a mini twix and they went on there way. But when I went to shut the door I felt a hand on the door I peeked to see who it was and it was the older brother, Ash, " I here's your treat. Happy Halloween" then he shut the door and went to find his brother. I crunched open the paper and read the contents. It was 7 numbers. It must be his phone number! Why did he give this to me? Did he think i was cute? I looked down at my outfit, I was wearing Gray sweatpants, and tee that said you suck go away, no makeup, and my hair was in a messy bun. How did he think I was attractive? Oh well I went back to the couch and turned on ABC. Halloween marathon was on, I'll be here for awhile.

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