Falling in love with a killer..?

My life is horrible a drunken mess of a father. A pathetic excuse of a mother. School doesn't help. And then I met him. Yes he's a killer. But could it be possible for him to love...maybe love me..?


3. when I wake up..

I wake up to Jeff looking at me with his burned out eyes. "Hey" I whispers not being that afraid of him anymore. "Hey" he smirks. I stand up and stretch and he watches me. I feel his eyes burn onto my back. I look at him "what.?" He smirks and replies "what? Can't I looks at a beautiful girl" he smirks and I blush. He stands up n lifts my chin up "oh gorgeous do u like it when I complement you" I rolled my eyes "mhm" I get up n go downstairs knowing that he's following me. "So is there a reson why your still here?" I look at him..and hold my breath. He smirks "well I haven't killed u yet have I" he gives out a chuckle and i sigh while thinking to myself 'of corse it's just that..why would he..a killer like me' Jeff must have caught the sadness on my face "what?" He asked confused. "N-nothing..0///0" then the front door slams open...oh no my dads home early. I look around and Jeff is gone little did I know he was watching from the window. My dad storms into the room and looks at me "WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE U PEICE OF SHIT I TOLD YOU TO STAY UPSTAIRS!!" "I-I was hungry and was getting some Lunch" I whisper then I'm pushed to the ground "YOU EAT?!? YOUR FAT EUNFF AS IT IS" he spits n kicks me repeatedly in the stomach. Jeff starts to hey angrier and angrier. Then he crashes through the window and shouts "GO TO SLEEP!" He chuckles and slices my dads neck n he drops to the floor. Jeff stands there covered in blood and he looks at me. I stand up and hug him. He looks shocked but to my surprise he hugs back. Picking me up taking me upstairs to my room...

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