Falling in love with a killer..?

My life is horrible a drunken mess of a father. A pathetic excuse of a mother. School doesn't help. And then I met him. Yes he's a killer. But could it be possible for him to love...maybe love me..?


1. When I first saw him..

I looked up to the sky..not wanting to go home to the drunken mess off my father , and the useless person of a mother. They don't even listen to me let alone care. My life involves creepy-pasta and anime , also YouTube I make blogs they help me escape. I stand up and sigh while starting to walk home. I walk through an ally way and get the feeling of being followed. I speed up my pace at the thought. I hear a chuckle behind me. I arrive home "who or what was that?" I mumble to myself. I soon forget about it with a noise of a smashed glass...I hesitate as I reach for the door handle and open it "WERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN" my dad shouts in my face , I move away n head for the stairs. "ANWSER ME BITCH" he grabs my wrist and I smell the sent of alcohol on his breath "o-out" I stumbled , I feel a shot of pain run through my right cheek as he slaps it "stop it!" I shout as he slaps me again and I run upstairs. "AND DONT COME BACK DOWN OR ILL DO MORE THAN JUST HIT YOUR UR CHEEK" he shouts as I slam my door and lock it. I sit at my desk and go only laptop.."I should probably sleep" I mumble to myself, I get changed into shorts and a tank-top n lay in bed. I can't sleep because of the loud music my dads playing downstairs..after a couple of hours pass and I feel my eyes closing then a voice mumbles in my ear "Go to SLEEP" my eyes open and I'm face to face with a paled face boy with a smile carved into this face and his eyes burned. Most people would be scared but to me he was he is beautiful. I felt a knife on the side of my neck and it cut me softly. "Why aren't you afraid?" He mumbled in a angry voice. I couldn't answer. He looked at me then smirked "I'm going to have fun playing with you" and then he opens my window and jumped out of this. "What just happened" I whispered...

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