Falling in love with a killer..?

My life is horrible a drunken mess of a father. A pathetic excuse of a mother. School doesn't help. And then I met him. Yes he's a killer. But could it be possible for him to love...maybe love me..?


2. Thinking of Him..

I couldn't sleep I tossed and turned. I wanted to see him again. Why didn't he kill me? Why didn't he end my pain. Did I freak him out? All the questions ran round my mind intill I eventually fell asleep. I woke up. It's a Saturday. No school. Dads out. And so is mum. Great. I've got the house to myself. I sat up to see Jeff at the end of my bed.."j-Jeff?" I mumbled. He smirks n came closer to me "how do you know my name gorgeous" I bit my lip and pointed at my wall it was full of drawings off all the creepy pastas mainly him. Considering he was my favourite. He stood up and looked at them. "Your good at drawing princess" I felt a blush spread across my cheeks. "T-thanks" I said. He winked then froze and looked at my cheek as I opened my blinds. "What happened" he said in a low voice. "Drunken and abusive dad is what happened" I laughs quietly then to my surprise he came up to me and stroked my cheek softly with his cold hands. I relax to his touch. He notices and smiles as I close my eyes. He stares at my lips then shakes his head n looks away. Because of not getting much sleep I collapse on his chest and fall asleep. I sleep. I dream. I forget. It's just us. Me and him. Forever. And ever. He watches as I sleep n he places a gentle kiss on my lips. I swear that was the best sleep I ever had.

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