models; larry

louis was an adidas model, harry a ysl model.

or the one where louis and harry meet by accidental schedule muck ups. (oops, hi moment will be in this story so be ready)

copyright kenneslay on movellas 2015©


2. LoUiS

i MAy oR MaY Not HaVe fOrgOttEn i HaD tHiS StoRY WaS Up wOoPs HeRES aNotHeR ChAPteR


great job baby! you're doing great!! work it beautiful!" louis is doing another shoot for work and this time he's wearing a tight pair of soccer pants that make his ass look great. paired with the pants he has a white shirt that says "adidas" in black letters below a trefoil, the adidas' logo. 

louis moves his arm is behind his head. he then switches and crosses his arms in front of his chest. 

louis continuously switches poses to make the photographers swoon over him. this isn't unusual for louis, he is a very attractive man and gets the attention of both men and women even though he is in fact gay. (a/n: *wink wink*)

when the shoot is over, louis walks behind the camera to take a look at the photos he just starred in. 

he looks very aesthetically pleasing, in his opinion. the stubble on his chin is light but gives him a perfect amount of scruffiness. he swears he can see hearts in the eyes of james, the photographer. 

"lou!! you did fantastic today! the boss man will be happy to see these pics!" this makes louis smile. everyone knows how hard it is to impress zayn, the head of the adidas photography department. but louis has an advantage of not only having amazing good looks, but zayn may or may not have a huge crush on the lad. 

"that's great to hear james, thank you." louis gives james a brief hug before going back to his dressing room to change into casual clothes. 

louis strips out of his work clothes and puts on a white adidas sweatshirt, black and white adidas joggers and black and tan adidas originals. he laughs to himself as he thinks about him wearing adidas after just modeling it. 

after gathering his things, which just includes his phone and car keys, louis leaves the dressing room to go run errands. 

as he makes it to the door, however, he is stopped by his stylist, clarissa.

"'ello lou! how did the shoot go! so sorry i missed it, i was menta be there but my sister finally had her baby! oh, and such a cute little girl she is!" 

"the shoot went really well, thanks. sammy finally had her! wow! do you know the baby's name yet?" louis feels excited hearing about a baby. he likes babies, but could never raise one.

"no, no i don't know yet, quite honestly i don't think they've come up with one yet, ha!" they both chuckle a little. 

"well," louis says, "i will let you get to work before zayn has your ass on a platter!" they laugh as they exchange cheek kisses and a short hug. 

louis finally makes it to the door of the shooting warehouse. he plans to go to tesco before going home to sleep and play fifa before the night comes and he will go out to the most popular club right now, digidance

as soon as he opens the door to the warehouse, louis is bombarded by paprazzi either trying to get a picture of him, asking him to pose, or by fans who want a selfie with him. louis loves the attention and stops for a few minutes to pose with fans. 

when he grows tired of smiling, he excuses himself from the crowd and goes to his shiny black range rover.

once he arrives at home, louis decides to take a nap. he has a long night of partying ahead of him. 


t h a n k s f o r r e a d i n g a l l t h e l o v e

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