Mordor 2


1. Chapter 1

     SHIT! They knew Mom? I'm sooo dead. OH! Hi... Didn't see you there.. You must be confused. I'm Alex, Arya's daughter. You didn't realize she had a kid? Well, she did. Let me explain. The Larelf are back and they want to kill me. Jace, who totally hates me, is now protecting me and I don't know why. Still confused? Ugh, Readers! They know nothing! Okay, so Arya and Luke had a kid-that's me- and as you know they got killed. I got frozen until about 3 days ago. Dad had me frozen so that I would be safe for a few thousand years! I woke up to see Jace, this really cute dude who kills evil crap for fun, totally checking me out! Super cool right? No. It's creepy. When I woke up, it was still my 13th birthday. Jace told me to go with him. His instructor said that I would wake up and the Larelf were gonna kill me or whatever and I needed to be hidden. Well, that plan didn't exactly happen.

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