Selena Gomez:THE TRUTH

How Selena Gomez and Zac Efron fell in love with each other!

Occasional Explicit Language
Mild Suggestive Content

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5. The Man In All Black

Selena' P.O.V

I walked out of my trailer and locked the door behind me...making sure that no one could get into my trailer. I then turned and headed to Zac's trailer that was a few steps across the lot. It was chilling at night. Both in temperature and scary feeling. The lot was dark...the only light provided was from the local trailers around the lot which didn't provide as much light as I would have liked.

I finally reached Zac's trailer. I knocked on his door hard...just incase he wasn't by the door to hear me knock. He quickly answered the door and smiled at me and let me in. He closed and locked the door behind us. I turned to him. His hair was still a little damp, he had on black form fitting jeans and a black shirt that really showed off his muscles well. I on the other hand were in black leggings, a low cut black top, with a green loose sweater over top. I also had on thy high-boots and my hair straightened. Zac leaned against the counter top in the kitchen and crossed his arms...making the muscles in his arms budge and making his toned chest stand out more in his tight shirt.

"So what do you wanna do? The pizza will be ready in about 12 mins" -Zac

"You made from scratch!?"-Selena

"Yea!" Zac said with a weird smirk on his face like I had insulted him, which was not my intentions what so ever!

"OH MY GOD! I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound rude!" -Selena

"Haha yur fine, I understood where you were coming from, and my dad taught me how to bake a lot, so my skills come in handy when shooting movies." -Zac

I'm really impressed that Zac knows how to bake..that's actually a turn on...since I'm not that great of a cook myself...but I'm slowly learning.

"We could just sit down and chat or something, I actually got most of the tour things done earlier that I wanted to get done anyway."

"Yea we could sit and chat if you want...I'm down for that!" Zac said.

"So what's up!? What's new with you?" I asked him since its been a few years since I had talked to him.

"Not to much...just working a lot. Finishing this movie, then doing "BAY-WATCH" movie in March 2016."

"Nice! Congrats on that! I'm glad your getting back to work, the more you work the less you get tempted into bad things. Haha personal experience!!" I said

"Oh what sorta bad have you done?" Zac asked with a suggestive tone. Zac placed his hands behind his head, which flaunted his arm muscles really well.

I couldn't help but smile a cheeky smile when he said and did that. Then I snapped myself out of it because I didn't wanna give him the wrong flirty perception. "oh nothing to bad...just some bad habits and all that I had developed and then broke."

11:30 PM.

"Wow it's getting late." I said

Zac looked at his watch and agreed that it was. We both got up and headed to the kitchen with our dishes. He placed his dishes in the sink and right as I did; I look out the window and saw someone in all black standing facing the trailer just about 8 feet from Zac's trailer. I couldn't help but scream really loud.

Zac turned around and put his hands on both my shoulders and asked what's wrong. I pointed out the window and I knew he saw the guy too.

Zac left my presents by letting go and I saw him head to his trailer door. He opened it and he started to run after the guy calling out at him. I ran to the door so I could make sure Zac would be safe. But then Zac disappeared behind a trailer. I didn't know what to do at this point. So I ran and grabbed my phone off the kitchen counter and dialed 911 as I headed out Zac's trailer. It was a little chilly out. It was very dark as well. I heard a voice on the other end of the line say "hello". I told them all the basic information about where we were filing and who we saw and that Zac went after the guy. As I neared the corner that Zac went behind...I heard a thud and a guy crying on the ground. I didn't want to turn around the corner to see who it was. But I went around the corner anyway and saw Zac laying on the ground on his back. He had a few mark-ups on his face, his shirt was ripped in several places and I bent down and touched his face with my hand. He opened his eyes and looked at me in a way that a guy has never looked at me before. I told Zac medics are on their way and that everything's ok. Then he blurted out suddenly..

"Selena look out!"

I turned around and saw a male figure in dark clothes standing there, and the last thing I can remember was seeing Zac's eyes and the way he looked at me. It was a look of relief and the look of love which was odd, because he's dating Sami. But at the same time really freaking cute because he's really freaking cute.


I hope your enjoying the story...chapters will be coming a little bit quicker this weekend. I hope to have up to chapter 7 at least being worked on and nearing publication.

I would like to take a moment to thank all the readers who are reading this. The last time I checked I had 720 reads for this! And it's the ever growing reads that make me keep going! So thank you!!

I hope you liked the big twist I put in the story with the guy dressed in all black. This chapter didn't actually happen in real life but I'm glad I included it into the story!!

Pleasssse message me what you think of the story! And where you'd hope to see it go in coming chapters and what you like and don't like so far!! It would be greatly appreciated! And see you in chapter 6! 🙂

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