Selena Gomez:THE TRUTH

How Selena Gomez and Zac Efron fell in love with each other!

Occasional Explicit Language
Mild Suggestive Content

#Zelena #Romance #Sexy



Selena's POV:

After getting home from the studio and just announcing my new album on social media; I decided to lay down on my living room couch. I skimmed through the TV guide on tv to see what was won and noticed my show WIZARDS was playing on Disney so I pulled it up.

I heard my phone buzz on the coffee table in front of me and picked it up; my phone said I have 32 missed txt messages. I couldn't believe I have that many; although I haven't had the time to be on my phone much the past few days.

I went through and replied to every and I got to the last message from Zac. I didn't know he even tried to contact me; the message said

"Hey, how come you didn't tell me you were leaving; Dave told me today."

I replied back; "I was in a rush, I passed by your trailer and the lights and all were out, so I assumed you were sleeping." I sent the messages and set my phone down and waited for a reply.

Suddenly my phone vibrated and saw it was Zac; damn that was quick I thought to myself. Zac said: "you should have just came to the door and knocked; and I actually think I was at the gym when you were leaving."

"How when I called you the other day, on set; you picked up my call but didn't answer and hung up?" I replied.

A few minuets passed and my phone buzzed again...

"I honestly don't know Selena, I panicked and hung up." Zac replied.

"What do you mean you panicked?" I replied.

"It's hard to explain; how about when your free. We'll meet up somewhere and talk about it, it'll be easier in person", he said back.

"Ok, well it's Labor Day weekend in 2 days; you gonna be back in LA?"

"Yep! I'll be back on Friday morning and staying till Sunday." He said

"Ok let me know when you get back and we'll plan something then." I sent back. I'm not to sure what Zac thinks is hard to talk about, but we'll see I guess.


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