Selena Gomez:THE TRUTH

How Selena Gomez and Zac Efron fell in love with each other!

Occasional Explicit Language
Mild Suggestive Content

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7. GOOD BYE (x2)

Selena's p.o.v

I was on set the next day. It felt good to be on a movie set again since it had been almost a year since my last movie filming. The costume designer came up behind me and showed my a purple bikini she was holding and said you'll need this for filming today, and I have the flip-flops and sunglasses on the counter top here that go with it, she referenced the counter to my left. She left the room and I got changed into the bathing suite. I looked in the mirror after changing and thought about Zac before they called me to film my scenes.

I wonder what he's doing right now? It's been 24 hours since I tried calling him and was Hung-up on. And 48 hours since the incident happened with the set intruder. I hope he isn't mad at's probably for the best that I don't see him because he's dating Sami and I don't wanna ruin anything that they have together. All of a sudden I heard a knock on my trailer door. I walked outta my room, down the hall and opened the front door and there standing was Seth.

"Hey Selena, how are you doing?" -Seth

"I'm good, just ready to be back on a set again...its been a while!"-Selena

"Well I'm glad your excited...I know your really busy with your new album and other stuff coming up so we're gonna shoot your scenes over the next 48 hours and then we'll be done with you for the movie. -Seth

"Alright sounds good to me." I replied. I'm actually glad they wanna film all my scenes quick, cuz then the sooner I'm done, then the sooner I won't be tempted to talk to Zac cuz I won't be on set anymore.

"Alright Seth..I'm ready if you are!" I said as we headed out to film our 48 hour session.

Zac's p.o.v

I was laying on my bed with the costume from set. Orange shorts, with grey sweatpants on top and no shirt. I looked through my phone to see if Sami view any of my messages from the past few days. I noticed she viewed my texts last night so I decided to call her quick to see if she'll answer.

The phone rang twice..

"Hello?" I heard at the other end.

"Hey Sami, it's Zac!" I replied

"Ohhh uhh-hi, can I talk to you about something Zac? Sami asked

"Uhh yea, sure that's fine. What's up?" I asked with some nervousness to my voice.

"I think we should take a's not you or me in the case of a reason, it's just I'll be in Paris here for an extra 3 months now because Mark Jacobs is coming and he asked me to model in his new season shows coming up and I don't wanna make you feel tied down to me when I'm not even with you."

I didn't really know how to react. So I cleared my voice and said...

"Well if your ok with that then I'm ok with that." I replied.

"Well alright then...I guess we're done. Thank you so much for being so kind Zac, I hope to keep in touch. Cya."...the line went dead and I hung up the phone.

I sat up in my bed and called my manager and told him Sami and I broke up so he knew and then I went to the set gym to go blow off some steam.


SELENA'S p.o.v

I got back from set after a long 48 hour shoot. I can't wait to see the final cut for the movie I thought to myself as I entered my trailer.

I walked to my room and heard my phone ring in my pocket. It was Julia Michaels, the co-songwriter for my new album. I answered it...

"Hey Julia!! How's it going?"

"Hey girl! I got some good-ish news!" She said to me.

"Oh shit! What is it?" I replied

"Well your album is almost done, and we presented it to INTERSCOPE RECORDS today, and they love it!!! But the bad thing is, they want us to finish the album within the next 5 days and they want the first single released next coming Friday."

All I could think about was my album was coming! And I forgot to verbally reply to Julia! "Ohh yea sorry I got distracted. But ok! We can do this! I'm gonna get a flight back tonight. I'll sleep on the plane so when I land we can get right to work. We have 8 out of the 11 songs that I want done so we should be good to go!" I said

"Alright Hun! Lemme know when you land in LA, I'll come pick you up and we'll go right to the studio!" She replied.

I was so excited, I hung up the phone and packed up all my things. After everything was packed up in a messy way sadly, I headed out of my trailer with my stuff and stopped by Seth's trailer to thank him for having me involved with the movie and then I stopped by the directors trailer and thanked him. As I headed to the front gate of the set for my ride, I peeked by Zac's trailer. The lights were out and i couldn't hear anything going on inside, so kept walking to the front gate. I'm better off just leaving instead of hurting myself emotionally. As my limo pulled up out front I opened the door and got inside. As we pulled away, I looked out the rear window and wondered if I'll ever get a chance to talk to Zac again.



So happy to be back y'all. I'm sorry it's taken me so long. But I'm back; and happy to continue the story. Please message me what you think of the story and more chapters to come!!!

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