Selena Gomez:THE TRUTH

How Selena Gomez and Zac Efron fell in love with each other!

Occasional Explicit Language
Mild Suggestive Content

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2. Arriving To Set

Selena's P.O.V

I landed in Georgia after my long 5.5 hour flight. At this point I was ready to just go to sleep. In LA it was 10 o'clock pm, but here in Georgia it's 1 o'clock am due to the 3 hour time difference.

As I got off my plane I retrieved my luggage and headed to my limo that was at the other end of the airport. When I got inside of the airport there were already paparazzi inside ready to take my picture. So I put on my sunglasses and put in my head phones. I played music so I wouldn't hear all the rude things that paparazzi would say to me as I passed by. Luckily there was a body guard to my right, left and one at my back. They pushed away all the paparazzi from getting to close to me. Although I do wish they would be able to shield me from the millions of flashes going off in front of me because of their cameras. As for what they were saying...I don't know. All I can hear was faint mumbling in the background due to my music, which was keeping me calm.

As we made it through the airport I stopped a few times to sign some posters, CDs', and books for fans who saw me as I passed by. They already understood why I had ear-buds in my ears, so I wouldn't hear the paparazzi; and they graciously let me move on when I was finished signing things for them.

As we got out into the front of the airport...I did start to hear yelling over my music that was playing. I looked over my shoulder and saw a mob of people running towards me with their phones ready for selfies and pictures. My body guards did their best to keep me safe by safely holding back all my fans. Not only were fans swarming me but news broadcasters were there as well. My guess they were reporting on something that happened earlier here at the airport...but no doubt their attention has now turned toward me and the crowd forming.

At this point we were about six feet from my limo..but due to the now monstrous crowd around me and my guards; we couldn't get to the car. Everyone now was swarming around us closer and closer. Paparazzi, news broadcasters, fans, my guards and now airport security all trying to get to me. I felt so suffocated by the crowd that I started to panic and I told my guard that we really need to move. I looked over to my right and I saw three airport security guards who now made their way through the crowd. They all pushed fans, and media people out of the way so I could get to my car. When I crawled through the door of my limo I quickly closed the door behind me and sat on the seat and took a quick breather. I decided to pull out my phone and poke out my sun roof to say "hi" to my fans and document it.

I poked my head out the sun roof and waved to everyone who screamed even louder when they saw me and saw that I was recording a video. Shortly after poking my head out I decided to go back into the car because we were getting ready to pull away from the airport.

20 mins latter...

We pulled into set at almost 2 A.M. When the limo parked a guy with a head piece on greeted me and showed me to my trailer..he told me Zac Efron was across from me, Dave Franco was next door to me incase I needed anything.

I went inside and just got ready for bed. When I crawled into bed I checked our schedule and all we have is a full cast meeting tomorrow at 10:00 am. So I put down the schedule and closed my eyes.

To Be Continued....

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