Why me?

Violet Grace Argent just moved to Beacon Hills because her family were murdered and she was the only survivor. So she has to stay with her cousin and uncle till she can afford a new home for herself. Little did her uncle and cousin now that when violet was little she was bit by a werewolf, only her parents new and helped her control how to shift and all that. Her parent were werewolf hunters just like her uncle and cousin, but before they died they retired because try didn't want to kill their only child.
When Violet gets to school there is this boy who takes an interest in her but she has no idea why. His name is Isaac, and he helps her get through all of the supernatural things that she needs to learn as well as her trying to be accepted into Scott Mcall's pack.

(Sorry if this doesn't sound cool it is my first movella and I think it would be better if you just read it instead. Please no judging for my bad writing. Thanx)


1. New chapter

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