High School Diaries

Story about a girls Junior year of high school with flashbacks from freshman, and sophomore year. Read about the daily struggles of a modern day 16 year old as she faces the many challenges life throws at her : relationships, friend drama, secrets are made, and reputations are ruined. Will she survive?


6. The assignment

D​ear Diary,

  Today is a brand new day, and I'm feeling really good. I refuse to let anyone and I mean anyone ruin this day for me. Today will be full of surprises I'm sure but I'm ready to see what's in store. I've been thinking about what Logan said to me yesterday It's going to be okay and he couldn't have been more right.   ~Marnie​     ****bell rings***      I've been trying to keep my distance from Jules ever since I got here this morning, but it is really becoming quite the challenge because we have almost every class together except for drama class. Although she is quite the drama queen she decided to take an extra language class instead of an elective. Today being Thursday and drama on Friday I have to see her at every class. Yay. "Alright everyone please settle down I have an assignment for you all." Great not even done with the first week of school and we already have a project due. I wonder where James is he's usually not late for class. The door opens. "So glad you decided to join us Mr.Dillard." as James is taking his seat he just gives her an apologetic look. "Where have you been." I whispered to James "Sorry Marnie my alarm clock didn't go off." "Class your assignment will be due in 3 weeks and I will give you 3 topics to choose from: Psychology, Biology, and Chemistry." " I know this is chemistry class but I want to refresh your minds from previous courses, you may use this class period for the next 3 weeks to come up with and work on your projects. Discuss this amongst your partners and please try to keep the noise level down. Oh and remember you will be graded on Presentation, How well you know your topic, and how you made it your own." Hopefully this will be an easy first grade. "I think we should do something with Psychology since it would be the easiest." "Yeah I agree." Is it just me or does James seem sort of out of it today? Logan asked me reaching over the tables. "It's not just you something is definitely up!" I turn towards James and ask him is something wrong. "It's Jules." Why did I not see that one coming. " She's given me all these I can't do this if you are my partner and I told her that was stupid. " "yea she basically told me the same thing." "Well I told her she needs to get over it  because I'm not changing partners." Wow I can't believe he said that to her especially since it involves me. ** bell rings**  I'm so happy that class was over you could cut the tension with a knife in there.  I have Geometry next and well I don't know if I'm looking forward to seeing Ian just yet. I haven't told anyone about last night and I hope he didn't either. The last thing I need is for everyone to open their big mouths. "Ohh Marnie.." Oh great the last person I wanted to see today  and I'm not talking about Jules. "hello Samantha." "I know your secret.." she said with a wink and walks off. My heart skipped a beat, but witch secret could she be talking about?       


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