High School Diaries

Story about a girls Junior year of high school with flashbacks from freshman, and sophomore year. Read about the daily struggles of a modern day 16 year old as she faces the many challenges life throws at her : relationships, friend drama, secrets are made, and reputations are ruined. Will she survive?


4. Phone Call

"​Why are you crying my dear?" "Oh hey Logan." remember when I said you either love Logan, or you hate him? Well this is one of the many reasons why I love him he's kind of like my older in a very strange way brother. "What's the matter?" he puts his arm around me. "Nothing really just thinking about the past which is something I really need to stop doing." "Well Marnie,  it's okay everyone does that from time to time." after 30 minutes of deep conversation about what we are doing with our lives I decide to go home and collect my thoughts with yep! You guessed it my diary.

  It's 12:10 a.m. and I hear my phone buzz. It says missed call from Ian. Which doesn't surprise me we used to talk and snapchat all the time. He's easy on the eyes let me just say with his dark wavy hair, tan skin, and deep brown eyes. We were supposed to hangout on New Years last year, but never really got to it.     *** Hey, did you call me?* Ian- Yeah! I did! I want to see you Me- It's really late and idk if I want to leave my house tonight. Ian- Well just sneak out, I need to see you,  I haven't seen you in two weeks!! Now normally I would reject to this kind of thing but for Ian I think I can make an exception. Ian- Pleeaassseee.. for me? Me- fine give me like 30 minutes. **** What did I just get myself into.. I quickly go to the bathroom look in the mirror and "Great I look like shit, and I definitely need to shave." after all that prepping I put on my black panties and matching bra. Just in case.. I put a teeshirt and leggings on and sneak out the window.  Will I regret this? Probably so, I tend to not make the best choices in a rush of things, but I just live for the excitement. For tonight I regret nothing. "You CAME!", "I'm so happy you came."                


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