High School Diaries

Story about a girls Junior year of high school with flashbacks from freshman, and sophomore year. Read about the daily struggles of a modern day 16 year old as she faces the many challenges life throws at her : relationships, friend drama, secrets are made, and reputations are ruined. Will she survive?


5. One Wild Night

I​ walk up to Ian's truck and he immediately wraps me in his embrace. "I'm so glad you came." " Me too." I say with a smirk. On the way to his place he starts rubbing my inner thigh and begins kissing my neck.. When we get to his room he presses his lips with my mine and after 2 seconds I kiss him back.

  ***********MATURE CONTENT***  just a heads up.   I unzip my jacket and he lays me on the bed still kissing me hungrily. He pulls down my pants and I feel his finger inside me. I gasp in his ear. Barely containing myself I finish undressing myself and he does the same. There he is, his beautiful body hovering over mine. I can taste the alcohol on his tongue and it tasted so good he tasted so good.  A few moments later I feel him enter inside me. I stuck my nails in his back and he let out a moan. "Kiss me" and so I did.  I get on top of him leaving him kisses on his chest and neck. I'm grinding on him and his head laid back and let out a moan. "Come closer." "faster, faster" I picked up my pace and he raises up kissing me hard.  "you are so perfect, I want you, all of you, Your ass is perfect, your face is perfect." "I love you, I love kissing you." Did he just say I love you? I can't tell if he is completely wasted or just drunk on sex. But for right now I'm staying in this moment because it felt so damn good. "Do you regret coming here? " "No," I simply reply "No I don't" Two hours later I am back in my room still on this incredible high.   Dear Diary,   What a night. I don't know what to think about tonight. I enjoyed every bit of it. I don't see anything happening between us I think it was just a one night stand or maybe a few more to come, but wow that was something. I wonder how tomorrow will go since he is coming back to school and we have Geometry together.. This should be fun. That was one wild night   ~​Marnie      


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