High School Diaries

Story about a girls Junior year of high school with flashbacks from freshman, and sophomore year. Read about the daily struggles of a modern day 16 year old as she faces the many challenges life throws at her : relationships, friend drama, secrets are made, and reputations are ruined. Will she survive?


7. New Outlook

D​ear Diary,

  People suck, I mean really suck. It's like everyone has their own opinion about how you should live, but maybe we are the ones at fault because we base our lives on other people's opinions. Today at school Samantha said she knows my secret. Well you know what Samantha you can take your caddy attitude and shove it up your ass because I'm done with everyone. DONE   ~Marnie ​     Out of my eleven  years of school and three years of high school I've learned that you can't be a people pleaser. If the world would just worry about themselves we  would all be in a much better place. Today was not a good day. I've had worse but this really tops the list. I am glad today happened too because I wouldn't have learned that I can't go through life worrying about the opinions of others. After this eventful day I decide to go for a walk. I feel my foot slip out from under me (clumsy me) and right before I face plant on concrete I feel someone catch me. "We keep meeting like this," Dylan said with a boyish grin. "I know I guess I like it when you catch me." Oh my God did I really just say that out loud. "I mean thanks!!" of course by now my face is red, but he just keeps smiling not creeped out by my comment. I think I'm starting to like this kid. "Where you going somewhere?" he asked. "No not really just needed to get out of my room." "Well if you don't mind I would love to join you." " I don't mind at all."  Maybe today wasn't a waste after all.    


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