High School Diaries

Story about a girls Junior year of high school with flashbacks from freshman, and sophomore year. Read about the daily struggles of a modern day 16 year old as she faces the many challenges life throws at her : relationships, friend drama, secrets are made, and reputations are ruined. Will she survive?


1. Introduction

Before our story begins let me introduce myself. My name is Marnie I just turned 16 in June and let me just say I can come off  to be slightly sarcastic and when I mean slightly, I mean a lot but it's something I'm working on. I'm a junior at West End High (it's a small private school in New York). I have shit for luck, and everyone at my school is either full of themselves or sociopaths. I go to your basic cliché school where every person is categorized in groups or clicks as I  like to call them: you have your stuck up seniors, horny jocks, gamer geeks, pot heads, sucky cheer leaders ( they actually do suck at cheering) and then there's me Marnie, Oh and my friends somewhat friends anyways our story will begin now...............​
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