High School Diaries

Story about a girls Junior year of high school with flashbacks from freshman, and sophomore year. Read about the daily struggles of a modern day 16 year old as she faces the many challenges life throws at her : relationships, friend drama, secrets are made, and reputations are ruined. Will she survive?


2. Dear Diary

D​ear Diary,

  Summer is over and I'm not ready for school to start because that means having to deal with all the people that attend there. I can't complain to much though I could have it worse, my mom could have gotten custody and I could have been on the streets somewhere because Lord knows she can't keep a job. I love my mom just not a fan of her choices she's made lately. This year I've decided to have a different outlook on things. Not care about what other people think and not worry about the negative opinions that follow. Maybe something mysterious will come out of no where and maybe it'll turn out to be great. well I gotta go can't be late for the first day! Ha imagine that being late for the first day of school how original.   ~Marnie      As I close my locker door I see Jules approaching me. Jules is one of my friends we used to be really close. I used to basically live at her house and she helped me go through my parents divorce, my breakup with my  ex (who I will not name!!!!) and even when my favorite show killed off my favorite character now that was a sad day. I don't know what happened we just kind of faded away. I guess I don't mind to much I mean she's acting like such a bitch lately. She also happens to be dating another friend of mine James. Who is to good for her, I mean she treats him like crap. I have a secret and I have to tell you or I'll be a hypocrite... I'm saying Jules is a crappy girlfriend well I'm a crappy friend. I have a thing for James.. We used to talk before Jules started dating him and I thought he liked me but he didn't at least not enough to date me. We used to talk talk and I mean sext. We never did anything just talked about it and we still do sometimes i hate to say.. Him and Jules fight A LOT and he texts me i guess because he can't tell anybody else. I keep his secrets of course we keep our own dirty little secret from Jules.. I feel bad about it sometimes but I guess I'm still wishing he would come to me. "Marnie are you okay?" Jules asks and I snap out of my thoughts. "Yeah! just tired that's all." "Okay well lets get to chemistry before all the good seats are taken." **** bell rings***   I check the clock for the 8th time and its been a whole 3 minutes. I just got here and I'm already done being here. I guess I lasted longer than I anticipated. Then it happened or should I say he happened!! Everyone's focus was now at the door and our teacher introduced him " Class this is Dylan." " He's going to be joining us this year." I  think my heart just skipped a beat. " please sit here" she points at the only seat opened and its in the front far away from me. "now class we will be getting tables tomorrow so it will be easier to experiment ! that means i will be assigning lab partners." Yes a glimmer of hope appeared! Maybe I'll get lucky and get Dylan as my partner! the bell finally rung and it was time for morning break. Oh God no not now. I see Samantha coming towards me and I grit through my teeth and a muffled "hey" manages to come out.. " HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW GUY" she says and I just reply with "yes Sam I was in chemistry with you when he walked in.." "well I talked to him about picking me as a lab partner since He's good at chemistry and said I needed a little help ;) " "poor him " " what was that!" oops I said that out loud " I said good for you I know hoe I mean how you struggle in some subjects" Samantha is the fakest person I know and a people pleaser which is so dumb and she has no common sense I swear. " yeah well I have to go powder my nose " she says and walks off. " I bet you do" when in fact she goes to her car to smoke weed. If only her mother knew the things her daughter does oh well. I turn to leave the gym when I bump into something hard and almost fall down the stairs when someone to my surprise catches me these piercing brown eyes meet mine. " Thanks that could have really hurt." Dylan caught me this day just got a lot more interesting. " No problem I guess I was just in the place at the right time." " No kidding, I'm Marnie by the way." "I'm Dylan!" "Yeah I know we have chemistry together." "And English, History, and P.E." he said and smiled. Wow that means he noticed me. I like it. "Right! I was just going to lunch want to join me?" " sure!" Alright one step ahead of Samantha HA! after we sat down I ask the basic questions and turns out he is from my neighborhood. Of course I just recently moved into my new house or I would have noticed him. He doesn't really talk much but I don't mind. "Hey, do you have a chemistry partner yet?" did he really just ask me that or am I dreaming.. " No I don't" "but Ms. Parker usually assigns us partners." "well if she doesn't you interested?" yeah I am definitely dreaming. " Yeah! I could be into that." " Great haha." **bell rings** After 3 more classes and school is finally over. I walk into my room and look out my window and notice Dylan lives next to me? How could I have missed this? Oh well.. my phone buzzes and its from James. ** I can't take it anymore Marnie... Jules is always mad at me for something. *** okay okay what's going on this time?** See I told you they fight a lot. This is the fourth time this week he has texted me about Jules I want to tell him to dump her but I can't.. *** She's mad because my parents said I couldn't come to her house tonight but she turns it into I never want to come over and how she always comes to mine. She makes me feel like I'm being a jerk. Idk maybe I am. *** And I always have to tell him ** You're not a jerk. Idk why she doesn't understand you're reasonings, but just don't let it get to you.** ** Thanks, for always listening to me complain and talking to me it means more to me than you'll ever know. I owe you lol.** **Anytime! well I'm going to bed i hope you get everything worked out Goodnight!** *** Sweet dreams.** 10:00 already?   Dear Diary, Well I can honestly say my first day wasn't a total waste. Something mysterious definitely happened today and I hope it does turn out great aka Dylan my neighbor and I didn't even realize it. James texted me again and I want to tell him so bad that  he could do so much better , but I can't... Jules is still my friend and I don't want to be responsible for their break up. Then again if she finds out about our little chats at night I would be the reason for it. Well least I can count on you to keep my secrets.. Well I'm off to bed and maybe Dylan will be a sweet little distraction for me or at least get my mind off James.   ~Marnie​      
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