Monster {On Hiatus, Under Construction}

I became what they made me.


1. Prologue

"I have always been conscious of what people thought about me." I tell the interviewer, shrugging. I take my bottom lip between my teeth and watch. "I just, I don't know why people hate me." I say, sniffling.
"Have you seen the comments then?" The interviewer asks and I nod, wiping my eyes.
"That's all I seem to be seeing. I'm a manwhore, think of nobody but himself, what have I done?!" I raise my voice, looking at my lap, running my palms against the fabric of my trousers. My vision blurs as more tears fall and I wipe them away, watching some fall.
"Do you need a minute?" The interviewer asks politely and I look up at him.
"No, I am fine." I say and he nods and I run my hand through my hair. 
"So what are your plans due to dealing with the hateful comments?" He asks and I bite my lower lip again before letting it go.
"I am going to give them what they want." I say.

Authors Note

Just a little new idea I have been thinking about, I hope you like it. New story because I finished with My Mother's Boyfriend. Tell me what you think ;) -Christyxx

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