Holland was schools good girl. Always had a heart for everyone, she wasn't all that popular but everyone, always came to her for relationship tips. Then there is Louis Tomlinson. He is school's hottest football player. He comes to Holland for a tip but what happens when he falls for her first? Will she fall for him too? or will she just be a regular girl to Louis Tomlinson? Will she end up loving Charlie still or will she end up being Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend for good?


5. This Battle

Holland's Part

I opened my eyes and I didn't wake up in my house. I sat up quickly and I saw louis on the floor sleeping, I stood in his house. I smiled but then got up and tripped over his body, he woke up laughing and he was cracking up, "maybe you should be careful where you sleep" I said smiling, "no maybe you should be awake then walk" he said and I playfully punched his arm. I washed my mouth and he took me home around 7:30. I got dress in my maroon dress then I put my black flats. I left my hair curly down and grabbed my things, I went downstairs and got in my car. I picked up my coffee and headed off to school, I got there and Louis was alone and I saw him on his phone. I got off and he smiled when he saw me, "hey bud" he said and I smiled. "Good morning louis" I said and he nodded. We walked in together and they were just looking at us, we split when we got to class. I sat in the back and he sat in the middle, I was distracted for some reason. But I caught myself looking at Louis case, "Holland?" they called me and I looked up, "You and louis will be together partners for the rest of the year" Mrs. Bella said and I nodded. Louis sat next to me and I closed my case book, "wanna hang today since its Friday?" he asked and I nodded smiling cheesy to him. The last bell rang, me and louis ran to his car. We were cracking up and I loved the way he smiled and laugh, "that was fun" he said and put his football in the back seat. We drove to his house but we had to buy a lot of munchies. We got to his house and sat in his back yard tree house. " This is where you spend more time alone?" I asked him and he nodded. "Your the first girl I ever took up, not even my sisters" he said and smiled. I smiled while I put a Cheetos into my mouth. I threw him one and I ran, I think I was falling in love with him.





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