Holland was schools good girl. Always had a heart for everyone, she wasn't all that popular but everyone, always came to her for relationship tips. Then there is Louis Tomlinson. He is school's hottest football player. He comes to Holland for a tip but what happens when he falls for her first? Will she fall for him too? or will she just be a regular girl to Louis Tomlinson? Will she end up loving Charlie still or will she end up being Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend for good?


2. Louis Tomlinson

Louis Part

I woke up this morning and my head was going to explode I had a game and everyone was yelling at the game. I got up and took an Advil, I didn't want to get dress so I put on my gray and black sweater, then my black joggers. I put on my white and gray vans then left to school. I got there and the boys were inside, I shook their hands and stood on my phone. "Louis, guess who's coming?" Niall said and I shrugged, "Eleanor" he said and I looked up quickly. "Hi babe" she said and I ignored her, "come on babe you know you want me" she said and I walked away. "That was the past Eleanor" I said and she pulled my arm to her, "can we try this again?" she asked and I sighed. "Fine!" I said rude and I went straight to class, I sat in the back and the least person I expected was there. Her name was Holland she was cute but I don't know, what is it about her. I personally never had an advice from her but I heard she was good.-Skip Classes- I was in front of the school and Holland came out. "Hey!" I said and she looked at me, "look I need an advice can you help me?" I asked her and she nodded. "We can meet at Starbucks at 4" she said and I nodded. I got back in my car and left back home. I stood home until it was time, I drove and sat in the window with her coffee that I bought her. She came in and finally realized where I was at, "so what can I help you with?" she asked taking out a note pad with a lot of writing. "Look I am back with my ex-girlfriend but I don't want to be with her and I need your help" I said and she was writing it down. "Ok so listen closely, you need to open up to her and tell her how you really feel. Don't hide it and if she doesn't like it just go easy on her" she said and took a sip of her coffee. "Thanks by the way for the coffee" she said and I nodded. We stood there in silence, "can I have your number just in case?" I asked her and she nodded. She wrote it down and I put it down on my phone, "well I will see you soon hopefully" she said and got up, "wait" I said and hugged her, I backed away quickly. "I'm sorry" I said and left. I looked back and she was smiling getting in her car. She is a good person for advice and I hope she gets her career like a therapist for couples. I drove back home and all I am thinking about is her. But WHY?



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