Holland was schools good girl. Always had a heart for everyone, she wasn't all that popular but everyone, always came to her for relationship tips. Then there is Louis Tomlinson. He is school's hottest football player. He comes to Holland for a tip but what happens when he falls for her first? Will she fall for him too? or will she just be a regular girl to Louis Tomlinson? Will she end up loving Charlie still or will she end up being Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend for good?


3. Just One Feeling

Holland's Part

I finally made it home and I was tired. I needed to do my homework and work on Louis Tomlinson's case. Why doesn't he want to be with her? he wasn't the jerk I thought he was. I sat on bed working on my homework when something hit me. Louis Tomlinson hugged me, why did I forget that, he is the most popular kid in school. It doesn't really bother me but why would he leave?. Anyways I was working on my homework when my aunt came in with coffee. "So how was your day?" she asked handing me the coffee, "I don't know, Mary umm the most popular kid hugged me and ask me for a relationship advice" I replied and she smiled. "Let me tell you something, when someone hugs you hug them back maybe they needed it, especially the popular kids, they need it more then anyone does" she said and left the room. That kept me thinking, does Louis really need a hug?. I put my cup down and I went to the shower, I put on my shirt and pj pants then went back to my bed, I played with my hair until I fell asleep. I woke up and I felt strange for some reason. I took a shower and got dressed up nice, I put on my black skirts, then my white shirt, I put on my black and white vans then left my hair down. I got in my car and left to school, I saw that louis was waiting for me in my locker. "Hi" I said and he smiled, "look I was wondering if we could hang sometime?" he asked and I smiled, "yeah how about Friday?" I asked and he smiled, "my place" he said and I nodded. He left and I was putting my things in my locker, I got to class and there was a little bit of people. I sat on the desk I always sat in when all the boys from the football team entered. I saw my ex-boyfriend Charlie, he smiled then sat next to me. "So I need your advice, I am trying to get something back that I wanted for a long time" he said and I smiled, "well maybe you should try a little more harder boy" I said and he chuckled. They boys where looking at us laughing but Louis wasn't smiling like earlier, he looked at me with jealousy and I don't know why. Does Louis Tomlinson like me? Maybe I like him? I don't know this Is confusing.




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