Holland was schools good girl. Always had a heart for everyone, she wasn't all that popular but everyone, always came to her for relationship tips. Then there is Louis Tomlinson. He is school's hottest football player. He comes to Holland for a tip but what happens when he falls for her first? Will she fall for him too? or will she just be a regular girl to Louis Tomlinson? Will she end up loving Charlie still or will she end up being Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend for good?


4. Just Good Friends

Louis Part

Its finally Friday and today is the day I get to hang out with Holland. I don't know why I am so desperate to hang with her, there is something that draws me to her and I don't know why. I sat in the back of the class and my girlfriend came in. "Awe louis what's wrong?" she asked and I ignored her. "I don't like you and I want to end this" I told her and she stormed out of the room. Why does Holland call my attention for some reason. I do like her and I don't know which way though. I know she isn't all that popular but she isn't that nerdy, she is something more then that and I don't want to tell her, I want our friendship to grow then if I catch more feelings then I need to open up to her. The bell rang and I waited outside for Holland, she smiled and got in my car, "so lets go get you a coffee then we hang out in my place" I said and she nodded. I stopped at Starbucks  and got her the coffee. Its takes like an hour to get to my house so we stood in silence. "So Louis, tell me did you tell her?" she asked and I nodded, "I went easy on her but she took it hard" I said and she chuckled, god it was so cute something about her that draws me to her for some reason. We got there and she was done with the coffee, I threw it out for her and I helped her in. I took her stuff and put it on the kitchen table and she sat. I sat in front of her and we stood there, "so can we be honest with each other?" she asked and I nodded. "I always thought that you were a jerk" she said and I chuckled with her. "No, I might look like one but I know myself and I wouldn't play a jerk" I told her and she smiled. I sat besides her, and I looked into her eyes, I leaned in but then stopped. She opened her eyes and I stood back, "I am sorry, really sorry" I said and she nodded, "we could be really good friends" she said and I nodded my head and brought out popcorn. We ate and laughed about dumb things. I found her sleeping on my couch, "you going home?" I asked her and she shook her head no. I saw her talking to her aunt and went back to sleep, I brought my blanket down and wrapped her with it, I saw her smile and she pulled me with her. I think I was falling for Holland Johnson.

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