Holland was schools good girl. Always had a heart for everyone, she wasn't all that popular but everyone, always came to her for relationship tips. Then there is Louis Tomlinson. He is school's hottest football player. He comes to Holland for a tip but what happens when he falls for her first? Will she fall for him too? or will she just be a regular girl to Louis Tomlinson? Will she end up loving Charlie still or will she end up being Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend for good?


9. Charlie My BestFriend

​Holland's Part

​He held me by the waist but I pushed myself away. "What's your problem?" he asked rudly and I put my hand to his face, "she is just a friend dang" he said and went to hug me but I pushed him away, he grabbed me and I looked at him. "Why are you mad at me?" he asked and I looked at him, "because who wouldn't think wrong that your bae is texting his ex but she sends him loveable emoji's?" I told him and pushed him again, "you need to cool it down its nothing" he said and I gave him my cold shoulder, "you know what we can play this game bby I know it very well" he yelled and I looked at him and tears where in my eyes, "well good but I'm not playing any of your dumb games" I said and got in my car, he walked to his car and I drove. I began to cry and my heart was breaking, I began to cry and I texted Charlie if I could go over to cry for a little. I pulled up in his drive through and I knocked on his door, he opened and the first thing I did was I hugged him and broke down. He closed the door behind him and I cried more, "what happen?" he asked rubbing my back, "we, we got in an argument" I told him and he handed me my favorite coffee he always made for me, "so he's talking to his ex again then I looked at the message but she send him love emoji's" I told him and he sighed, "he better not break your heart Holland because your my bby and I will always have your back" he said and I nodded. I hugged him for a while because I needed it, "when I asked you for help because I wanted something back that something was you Holland" he said and I looked at him, but instead he hugged me and gave me a kiss in my head. I do miss him but its not the same, hours passed Charlie and I have been talking about dumb things and I cried more then 5 times but he gave me that shoulder to cry on. "I think its time for me to go now, thank you" I said but he pulled me to him, "Its 12 am" he said and I nodded. "What?" I asked and he shrugged, "why don't you stay with me?" he asked and I chuckled and nodded. I had received a text from Louis and he apologized to me but I ignored and layed with a blanket. Me and Charlie started to watch movies.  


Charlie is the boy in the picture (Crawford Collins)

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