Sophia Quincy: Strange Magic

Sophia, Phoebe, and Ella are an average set of triplets. On their eleventh birthday, the receive strange letters, and learn secrets about their family they had never expected.


2. Chapter Two

Sophia set the cup of tea in front of the man and sat down between her sisters. Three letters sat in front of them, each one addressed to one of the girls.


Miss S. Quincy

The third bedroom

8 Dewey Drive


Greater Manchester


She blinked. Who was sending her a letter who knew where she slept? It could always be a friend playing a prank, but none of her friends would address her as 'Miss S. Quincy'.

Sophia reached for the letter, but her mother clicked her tongue sharply.

The man in the blue robes cleared his throat. "My name is Professor Terrance Boot," he introduced. "What I'm about to tell you may shock you, but your three daughters are very gifted. They happen to be - in fact - witches."

Their father looked offended. "Excuse m-?"

"I know," their mother interrupted.

The girls looked at their mother and blinked. "What is this?" Ella asked. "Some ridiculous prank? What are you talking about?"

"You know?" Boot asked Mrs. Quincy.

She sighed. "Yes, of course I know," she snapped. "My sister is Penelope Mayweather."

"Oh Penelope is delightful," Boot exclaimed. "Then how are you not magical Mrs. Quincy?"

"I'm a squib," she answered. "I tried to keep magic out of my life all these years, but looks like it's come back to bite me."

"Hold on a minute!" Ella yelled. "Is someone going to explain this to us?! What do you mean we're 'witches'?!"

"I'm from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," Boot said. "I teach magic at a school for young people. Children learn how to channel their magic and grow into skilled witches and wizards."

"That sounds exciting!" Phoebe cried.

"And totally fake," Ella added. "Why should we believe you? This is a load of rubbish."

Sophia grabbed the letter off the table and pulled it open. "Dear Miss Quincy," she read. "We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment…this is a very elaborate prank."

"It isn't a prank," Boot replied. "It's real. Here, watch." He grabbed his empty teacup and pulled a thin stick from his robes. He tapped the teacup twice, whispered something, and it became a living, breathing frog.

Phoebe squealed, half in excitement, half in fear of the frog. Ella sat stunned, and Sophia was the one who caught the frog when it leapt from Boot's grasp.

"Can you change it back?" she asked.

Boot tapped the frog, said the same little phrase, and the frog was once again a teacup.

"Do you think it's a prank now?" Boot asked, just a little bit smug.

Ella blinked. "When can we start?"


"Well, we got to go to London after all," Sophia whispered to Phoebe. "Although I'm guessing this isn't what you wanted to shop for."

"Are you kidding?" Phoebe replied. "This is better than what I wanted!"

Ella shook her head. "I just…can't believe it's all real."

Boot led them to a grubby-looking pub, a creaky sign hanging over it read 'The Leaky Cauldron'.

"I wouldn't have noticed that if he hadn't pointed it out," Mr. Quincy whispered to the girls.

"That's because there's a charm on it," Boot explained. "Stops muggles from seeing it unless a witch or wizard points it out."

Sophia was enjoying people watching as they walked through the old pub. "Afternoon Terry!" A woman shouted to Boot. "Oops," she said once she saw the girls. "I mean Professor Boot."

"That's alright Hannah," he said to the woman. "Girls, this is Hannah Longbottom. The landlady here. Her husband is the herbology professor at Hogwarts."

"What's herbology?" Phoebe asked, her freckled nose crinkling.

"The study of magical plants," Boot answered. "Make sure you remember that."

Boot led them to a brick wall in the back, where he took out his wand and tapped certain bricks. The bricks started to move, forming a huge arch that a giant could fit through.

"Wow," Sophia whispered.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley," Boot announced. "Here's where you can buy everything you need."

"I remember coming here with my sister," Mrs. Quincy said wistfully. "She bought me an owl after I told her how sad I was that I wouldn't get to go to Hogwarts."

"An owl?" Ella asked. "Like…a living, breathing owl?"

Mrs. Quincy laughed. "Yes, a living breathing owl."

"We'll stop at Gringotts first," Boot said. "Wizard bank. Unfortunately, none of these shops take muggle money, so you'll have to exchange everything for wizard coins."

He led them to a large marble building, with small guards who stood in front. "Goblins work here," Boot said. "So be very careful. They won't hurt you, but they aren't the friendliest creatures."

The girls read over their supply lists as their parents exchanged notes for gold, silver, and bronze coins. "Broomsticks?" Ella asked. "So witches really do fly on brooms?"

"Of course," Boot answered. "How else would we get around? Well, there are many other methods of travel, but a broom is the most convenient."

"Well how come we aren't allowed to have them?" Phoebe asked. "I think it'd be wicked!"

Boot shook his head. "Too dangerous. First years have enough on their plate without worrying about breaking their wrist from falling off a broom. Just ask your herbology professor."

The girls blinked. Sophia opened her mouth to ask another question, but was interrupted by her parents walking over. "Where to first?" her father asked, his eyes wide as he watched the people walk down the street.

Her father was a talented artist, and there was nothing he loved more than people watching. They had been to cities all over the world, from Dubai to Asheville (a city in the Appalachian Mountains), where their mother took them touring and their father sat and drew interesting people. Diagon Alley must've been a field day for him.

"Let's head to Madam Malkin's," he answered. "The girls can get a few sets of robes, and I can tell you more about Hogwarts."


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