Sophia Quincy: Strange Magic

Sophia, Phoebe, and Ella are an average set of triplets. On their eleventh birthday, the receive strange letters, and learn secrets about their family they had never expected.


3. Chapter Three

After being fitted for robes, they were led to a shop with all kinds of equipment. Cauldrons were stacked to the ceiling, phials were on a turntable display, telescopes sat in holders, and bookshelves full of parchment, quills, and ink bottles lined the walls.

Ella looked at the items that were closest to what was on the list. She was selective, and took longer than anyone to finish, asking Boot about what made a good cauldron, and how to tell if it was damaged and how it would hold up.

Phoebe had to be dragged away from the expensive, sparkling gold cauldrons and shiny jewel phials. She somehow wormed her way into a silver telescope, but everything else was plain and simple. That is, except for the long, peacock feather quill she bought.

Sophia preferred to be practical. She wasn't materialistic like Phoebe, but she didn't feel the need to follow the rules to a T like Ella. After a good twenty minutes in the store, Boot led them down the street to the book shop, Flourish and Blotts.

Ella took a deep breath as soon as they walked in. She looked truly happy around the old books, and come to think of it, so did Boot. "Here," he said to them. "There's a section specifically for Hogwarts course books."

Each girl grabbed a copy of the books they needed and were soon directed out. Boot had a very short way of doing things. He seemed to believe that "get in, get out" was the best way to do things. "Last thing to do is get your wands," he said. "After having a few brief words with your parents and giving them your tickets, I believe I will be off."
It took almost two hours, but eventually, each girl walked out of Ollivander's with a wand that fit them best. It was funny, Ollivander seemed to think that because the girls were triplets, they'd have similar wands. In reality, they were different as different could be.

As they rode home, Phoebe fell asleep on Sophia's shoulder, and Ella was staring out the window, watching the rolling hills as they drove home.

Sophia just thought about the day that had passed. She discovered she was a witch, she had all her plans for secondary school ruined, and she learned her grandfather was actually a wizard.

Figures why he was so eccentric.

Nonetheless, she was ready to get home and sleep until term started she was so exhausted. She couldn't wait for school to start come September. Too bad it was only June.

The most troubling thing was that she couldn't tell anyone about it, and she still had a few weeks of school left. She'd have to keep it a secret, but it was hard. She had always been awful at keeping secrets.

She had to keep this one though, which meant she had to do a lot of lying. That was going to be tough. She hated having to lie, and she faced enough of Ella's angry rants when she knew someone was lying to her but she wasn't going to say anything because she was too courteous.

"Honestly!" she would yell. "People can't just grit their teeth and tell the truth?! What's so hard about it?!"

Sophia sighed, and made a note to practice her acting skills.

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