The Love Of My Life

HI, my name is Lindsey Renee Clifford. And I'm little sister to the much loved YouTube sensation Michael Clifford. I was born in Sydney, Australia. This is the story about how I met a boy and how he fixed my life.


19. Whyyyyyyy

Lindsey's POV

Everything was fine and lovey-dovey. Until Michael arrived. "LINDSEY! WHAT THE HELL! I WAS WORRIED SICK! HOW COME YOU DIDN'T TEXT ME!?!?!?" "Michael, I really don't wanna argue." He sighs. "I'm sorry Lindsey, I was just really worried. Why are you at Luke's house and not at the house."

"I texted Luke at about 12:30 in the morning because I had a nightmare and couldn't fall back asleep. He called me and I started crying so he picked me up and I stayed the night at his house. I woke up at 1:30 this morning and started vomiting and I had a 102.5 degree fever. Luke stayed home from school today to take care of me."

"Okay, are you feeling any better?" "Yes Michael I feel fine" He sighs and it's not too long before a confused look sweeps over his face and his eyes dart from Luke's hands to my face and back and forth. I look down and see Luke's hands wrapped around my waist. Welp, might as well tell him.


Michael's POV 

(it's been a while, hasn't it?)

"Yes Michael I feel fine" I sigh before I notice Luke's hands are wrapped firmly around her waist. I look confusedly to his hands then to her face and back and forth. Are they together? They can just tell me, I wouldn't mind as long as Luke doesn't hurt her. She's already been through enough of being hurt.

"Michael... umm..." I cut her off. "Lindsey, I know you two are dating. Took long enough. It's been quite obvious that you fancied each other. I was just waiting for Luke to get on with it." "Actually... she made the first move." Luke says. I look over to Lindsey and she has the cheesiest smile on her face.

"Oh, really? Well anyways congratulations" Jesus this is awkward, I'm making it sound like they just got engaged or something. "So what are we watching?" I ask, wanting to join in on movies and ice cream. "We're watching Mean Girls and you know where to find the ice cream" Luke responds quickly. Today was a good day.


Lindsey's POV

Michael didn't really seem to mind me and Luke were dating. He spent the rest of the day with us watching movies and ice cream with us until our mom buzzed us saying we needed to come home and eat real food. I love how she knows that being not home means we won't eat anything but junk and unhealthy stuff. XD


A/N: Sorry that this chapter is short and sucks. I was suffering from writers block but didn't want to let you guys down. It's 1:00 AM (I seem to enjoy writing really late XD) when I publish this so I'm gonna go to sleep now. Love you all! Stay beautiful! P.S. sorry for any errors, if there are any except it to be fixed. :)


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